Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack recalls the rocker being invited to the White House: ‘It was a very proud moment’

EXCLUSIVE: At age 71, Ozzy Osbourne is ready to share his story in front of cameras.

The Grammy winner and former vocalist for the metal band Black Sabbath is starring in a new episode of A&E’s “Biography” docu-series, titled “Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne,” which celebrates the life and career of one of rock’s biggest stars.

The two-hour special, which premieres on Labor Day, features the British artist candidly discussing the numerous highs and lows of his life. His children, wife Sharon Osbourne, close friends, bandmates and more also come forward to share their little-known memories of the rock icon.

The special also highlights never-before-seen interviews about his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis. In January, Osbourne announced he was diagnosed with the nervous system disorder that affects movement. He shared that the news came after a fall last year. And while he was forced to cancel tour dates last year due to health troubles, Osbourne insisted he was eager to get well and get back to performing because he misses his fans.


Osbourne’s son Jack Osbourne also participated in the special. The 34-year-old spoke to Fox News about bringing the documentary to life, his father’s decades-long marriage to Sharon, 67, as well as how being invited to the White House forever impacted him.

Fox News: What was it like reflecting on your father’s life and career for a special like this one?
Jack Osbourne: It’s always very weird because, at the end of the day, my dad is my dad. People don’t see him as their dad because he’s not, other than his children. I have a very different view of my father than I think most of the world. This is the second documentary I produced on him. With the first one, I was finding out things that came to light that I had no idea about. So doing this project now, I put it all in perspective.

Fox News: The “Biography” special highlighted the moment that Ozzy was invited to the White House. How much of an impact did that have on him?
Osbourne: He still talks about it often. think it was a pretty big deal for him. My dad and how he was growing up, it was very blue-collar, very working class.

And I think the fact that you’re all of a sudden being invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and President Bush is up there giving you a call out, that was kind of cool. And this was at a time, too, when the White House Correspondents’ Dinner wasn’t really known for inviting celebrities. It was in the early 2000s, so it was still very much press only. My dad was just blown away by it. It was a very proud moment for him.


Black Sabbath lead singer and MTV star British Ozzy Osbourne (C) parties at the 2002 annual White House Correspondents Dinner on May 4, 2002, in Washington, DC. US actor/comedian Drew Carey is the featured entertainment for the dinner with attracts leading political figures and Hollywood stars.

Black Sabbath lead singer and MTV star British Ozzy Osbourne (C) parties at the

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