Get Christmas decor, ornaments at the Fantasy of Trees warehouse inventory sale

Get Christmas decor, ornaments at the Fantasy of Trees warehouse inventory sale

The Fantasy of Trees is canceled this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still bring home a piece of the beloved event.

The annual fundraiser for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has become a family tradition for many in its 35 years, but while it won’t be the same,

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Avoid Too Many Garden Ornaments – They Create Visual Distraction

There is more to a garden than just neat rows of plants. Birds and insects are also an integral part of it. However, man-made components too have equal importance in lay out of any garden and the benches or other sitting arrangements, water bodies like fountains and lily ponds are just a part of them. That is not all; there are various other types of garden ornaments available today. A visit to the garden shops will give you a clear idea about them.

However, have a look at your own garden first. Does it have any distinct character? The garden ornaments you buy must go with it. A Zen garden for instance, cannot have a classical European statue or an urban style of garden cannot have country furniture in it. It does not of course, means that you cannot mix styles. You can, but in such cases, it requires a good amount of expertise to bring out desired results. Whatever you put should add to the ambience. It should not create any visual distraction.

Too many garden ornaments too create visual distraction. They often turn a garden into an outdoor museum and so keep the size of your garden in mind as well. Under some circumstances, too little is better than too many and this is just one of them. However, beautiful garden requires thorough planning. You just cannot make a flowerbed here and another there, put a statue here and a balustrade there and expect your garden look its best. You must plan your garden first and while you do that, think about the garden ornaments too.

Another way to do is to complete the landscaping first and then decide on the garden ornaments. It is easier process, but if you have planted too many trees, you may not of enough space for such things. Therefore, it is wiser to make a complete plan before you start working on the garden. However, it is not always essential to place the garden ornaments prominently. If have chosen carefully, some look better if they are nestled among or against the plantings. Remember, such items are meant for adding a personal touch to your garden and so choose with care. Do not try to follow others blindly.

Any kind of decoration, indoor or outdoor, requires you to visualize the setting before making any kind of purchase. Before you buy an expensive painting, you ought to know where you can put it. Alternately, if you have a blank wall, you ought to know what kind of painting is going to be suitable for the place. It is not really hard to visualize before hand. Therefore, if you try you can visualize your garden as well. If you cannot do that, you will have make cardboard cutting of different garden ornaments to see what looks best on a particular spot.

However, going to such extent may not be necessary if you have undertaken a thorough market research and at the same time have a …

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Traditional Russian Christmas Ornaments and Decor

Russian Christmas ornaments come in almost every shape and design imaginable; making any Yuletide décor more festive. Many Russian Christmas ornaments are made from durable plastic, but many are still hand made and hand painted in delicate wood and blown glass. Some are designed not to grace your tree but to beautify every room in your home with traditional images of the Christ child and Holy Family, keeping the true spirit of the season alive in eye-catching adornments that will become heirlooms in your family.

Ornaments popular around the world are also popular in Russia, including angels, Christmas trees, snowmen and, of course, Santa Claus. They come in many sizes and painted in every color of the rainbow. Many of the ornaments are uniquely Russian: Pieces patterned after the famous nesting dolls or “matryoshkas” or the Snow Maiden of Russian literature. The magnificent onion-shaped domes of Russian Orthodox church steeples, like Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, are also popular. Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcraker” will always be the traditional performance of the season and nutcracker Christmas ornaments are a perfect reminder of that beloved classic.

Taking their cue from the fabulous Faberge Easter eggs, some Russian ornaments are eggshell shaped and painted in minute detail with Grandfather Frost, angels, rabbits and snow-covered dachas. Even a whole village might find itself hanging among the needles in miniature.

Whatever your personal preference in Christmas tree decor, a Russian ornament will add a distinctive flavor to your Christmas scene that family and friends will remember. In fact, don’t be surprised if their next tree looks a lot like yours did this year!

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