Kristin Cavallari’s New Kitchen Pantry Is Every Type-A Organizer’s Dream Come True

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Kristin Cavallari gave us a tour of her brand new home kitchen and her pantry, and the items she keeps around are perfect for cooking, baking, and snacking. The Very Cavallari star has plans to change some things around in her new space since she just moved in about three months ago, but so far everything looks like an absolute dream.

The main alteration Kristin hopes to make for her kitchen is turning the stovetop into a full stove range so she can have another oven in her space. She cooks every day, so the extra space would be helpful when she prepares meals. Kristin also makes it a point to leave some things out and about her space.

“I love when kitchens look lived in because that’s real life so I always kind of have stuff out,” she said as she showed off the countertop next to the stove. This is where she keeps olive oil, coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt, truffle salt, a copper tea kettle, and a her Dutch oven.

Her pantry is one of her favorite spots, though, and there’s even a ladder so she can reach the top of her shelves for whatever she needs. There’s a sweetener section where she keeps everything from maple syrup to real honeycomb (the latter of which she likes to add to charcuterie boards). Right beside that, Kristin keeps her vitamins and minerals, chickpea and buckwheat pasta, and black rice.

Things you’ll never find in her pantry include white salt, white sugar, and white flour Instead, she’ll cook with substitutes like oat or coconut flour and natural sweeteners. One of her favorite alternatives is the Birch Benders paleo banana pancakes. Kristin likes to cook with these sorts of ingredients and keeps a lot of her meals gluten-free, and thankfully she’s sharing some of her gluten-free comfort food recipes in her recently released cookbook True Comfort.

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Neglected Allison Hill garden will grow food and nurture neighborhood again, organizers hope

Harrisburg residents will get a preview Friday of a soon-to-be restored garden in the Allison Hill neighborhood.

“Our effort is to restore the entire area and return the whole thing into a functional use,” said Chris Nafe, the city’s sustainability coordinator. “We’re working on gathering resources to make it happen.”

Members of the Greenhouse Working Group have been spending hours preparing the land, raising funds, and educating nearby neighbors on their efforts to bring back the urban garden and eventually a new greenhouse to provide an option for healthy living in the city.

A virtual town hall on the “Greenhouse Transformation Project” is scheduled at noon Friday. It will be streamed to the city’s Facebook page, where residents’ input is welcomed. Some parts of the garden’s plans will start to take shape on Friday.

Planners said there’s an urgency to grow food now. The plot of land has sat near Reservoir Park off Whitehall Street in the city unused for two decades.

“If there’s one thing that COVID-19 taught us, it’s that we don’t eat healthy in Harrisburg,” said Rafiyqa Muhammad, a member of the group.

Muhammad spearheaded the project. She’s been a member of the city’s Environmental Advisory Council and is the owner of Sustainable Human Environment.

“In 2012, I and small groups of people would come up here to clean it up,” she said. “I had some farmers come up here to test the soil [and also] the USDA do some soil science testing, just to see what the ground was like.”

Through tilling and sampling, she said she feels confident that the garden will not only grow vegetables such as lettuce, cauliflower, and peppers but also produce flowers that are indigenous to the area.

Her vision of it includes garden beds, compost beds, raised garden beds, and more that can regenerate large amounts of fresh vegetables to help feed a good portion of the estimated 10,000 people who live in the Allison Hill area.

An existing greenhouse remains sitting on the land, but Muhammed said she’s not yet specifically seeking funds to build a new one.

“The goal is to make sure this is totally off the grid,” she said. “It shouldn’t be a burden to the city or the residents. Everything should be self-sustaining once it’s done.”

On Tuesday, while walking around the location, Nafe received news that the project received another $25,000 from the Whitt Family Foundation. So far, about $80,000 in cash has been raised toward the garden part of the project.

Around $100,000 has been given to help maintain aspects of the greenhouse for now. But, at least twice that amount is going to have to be raised to build a new greenhouse. Private investors have also given Muhammad the nod but are watching as the project develops.

“We’re looking at the future, the use of the greenhouse building, and restoration,” Nafe said. “Whatever money received so far, though, is going to be focused on the garden beds, and teaching classes to residents

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Best Kitchen Organizers From Wayfair

Keeping your kitchen neat and tidy, is a lot easier said than done. If you’re on a mission to finally declutter, then you’re in the right place. To help make the most of your space, a few handy organizers can help inspire you to clean up your space once and for all, and most importantly, keep it that way. In order to find the best of the best, we turned to Wayfair. The site has thousands of bestsellers that customers love.

To give you a head start on shopping, we curated a list of 24 top picks for your home. Whether you’re looking for pantry organizers, a cool spice rack, or a way to keep your fridge in order, there’s no shortage of good finds here. The best part: everything is less than $50, so you can get more than just one thing. Keep reading to shop them all and find the ones you can’t live without.

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Best Bathroom Organizers and Caddies 2020 | The Strategist

Photo: Retailers

My bathroom is particularly difficult to keep neat. Put simply: I have a lot of products and barely any space. By the end of my first week in my current apartment, bottles of all shapes and sizes were scattered everywhere — along the rim of my sink, stuffed haphazardly into cabinets, and tossed into random toiletry bags. Back then, I tolerated it. But when we started working from home, I knew something had to change.

After hours spent scrolling on Amazon, Ikea, and the Container Store, I found a selection of affordable and easy to install bathroom organizers that have made keeping everything in order a whole lot easier. I am no Bobby from Queer Eye — these caddies, drawers, and shelves take no effort to install and are an excellent way to keep your bathroom space immaculate.

These mesh two-drawer organizers are what I use to keep my under-the-sink area organized. They’re big without being bulky, easy to pull out, and are where I like to store my more “practical” bathroom essentials: extra toilet paper, washcloths, and my eczema-care body treatments, which I buy in bulk. I love these so much that I bought another set of them for my kitchen cabinets to keep cleaning supplies in.

This little mini-caddy is a true sleeper hit, and I recommend it to all of my friends. It has an over-the-door hook that hangs on the back of my cabinet and is the perfect place to store all of my bulky hair products and brushes. More impressively, this thing was designed specifically with oddly shaped blow-dryers in mind. [A note: While this can be purchased online, it is currently only available for in-store pickup.]

I keep all of my daily go-tos in this open-top Lucite cosmetics container — my RMS concealer, my Glossier Lash Slick, and my Make Beauty Bisou Bisou blush. I tend to keep some of my more special or “evening” makeup in the drawers — fun-colored eye shadows, for instance, and red lipsticks and glitter. If you’re an avid lipstick or multi-stick wearer, this kind of vertical storage is so helpful. I’ve had the very same one since college, and it’s held up beautifully.

If you just want drawers, without any kind of makeup organizer up top, these are excellent, affordable, and reliable.

If you have no medicine cabinets or under-the-sink cabinets (I’ve been there), I cannot recommend these little adhesive pocket shelves more. All you have to do is peel back the backing, stick it to the wall, and done: You have a brand-new, small-but-mighty pocketlike storage unit. These little storage tubes can hold a decent amount of weight (I’ve piled them high with products, and they’ve never snapped off).

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