7 Steps To An Organized, Good-Looking Kitchen

Thanks to their role as gathering space and a source of meals, kitchens tend to be the unofficial drop spot for all things life. Think rogue mail, loose keys, discarded backpacks, stacks of schoolwork, you name it.

If all you see when you enter your kitchen are things that shouldn’t really be there, you might begin to wonder if all of those immaculately clean and well-designed versions on your social feeds are simply a figment of imagination. News flash: They aren’t! In fact, it’s totally possible for your space to be just as enviable.

Here are seven ways you can take your space from messy and drab to immaculate and well-styled.

Bust all that clutter

There’s nothing worse than trying to decorate around clutter, says Monique Valeris, senior home editor for Good Housekeeping. First, tackle any excess on the counters as you can, and employ space-saving ways to store the items you use on a regular basis. For instance, a hanging tiered fruit basket gets things up off counters and makes it easy to see exactly what fruit needs to be replenished every week, says Valeris.

You can also utilize the storage space under your sink more efficiently. Hang a tension rod typically reserved for blinds, then drape gloves and rags on it. You can even rest household cleaners on it by their nozzles. Other clever ideas: Add a lazy Susan to maximize space and consider attaching compact shelves to the insides of your cabinet doors.

Finally, make use of your wall space. Opt for a magnetic knife rack, or hang your everyday utensils, like spatulas and spoons, on a wall-mounted rod right where you can see them.

Clean like crazy

clean like crazy

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Disinfectant Granite & Stone Clean & Shine

Once you’ve organized, do a thorough clean to create the perfect blank canvas for weaving in stylish accessories and personality: Dust light fixtures with a microfiber cloth, scrub grout lines with the right brush, wash windows (again, a microfiber cloth is your best friend here), wipe down appliances with the appropriate cleaner (even their knobs!), spritz countertops with a quality disinfectant like Weiman Disinfectant Granite & Stone Clean & Shine, and vacuum and mop floors.

Here’s one way to avoid having to double-back on any work: Start at the highest point — dusting lights and wiping counters, for example — and work your way down to the floors. This way, any dust and debris that falls won’t recontaminate any clean areas, doubling your effort.

Stash countertop appliances away

What’s one thing all of the most well-styled kitchens have in common? Plenty of negative space. Why? Limiting what you have on display clears the line of vision, making the decor you spent so much time selecting really pop.

“Think about the appliances that you use regularly, and commit to only keeping those handy,” says Valeris. “For small appliances, like a waffle maker, that might not be

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‘House Party’ Podcast: A New Voyeuristic Cleaning Trend; Our Honest Review of ‘Get Organized With The Home Edit’

“House Party” is realtor.com®’s official podcast about the overlapping worlds of real estate and pop culture, hosted by Natalie Way and Rachel Stults. Click the player above to hear our take on this week’s hot topics.

This week’s episode of “House Party” is all about tidying up. As promised, we discuss Netflix’s buzzy organizing show, “Get Organized With The Home Edit.” Did we love it? Did we hate it? Did it influence us to tackle the clutter in our own homes? Take a listen and hear our no-holds-barred review.

Other topics we discuss this week:

  • People are watching other people clean on YouTube. Huh? Dubbed “motivational cleaning videos,” they’re supposed to inspire you to get off the couch and clean your own home. Is this trend weird or inspiring? We have thoughts.
  • An update on J. Lo and A-Rod‘s Malibu, CA, beach house for sale
  • Tyler Perry‘s latest addition to his Atlanta estate
  • Justin and Hailey Bieber buy a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA—but we have to say, we kind of liked their old place better!
  • Rainn Wilson may have found a buyer for his suburban farm.
  • Plus, this week’s celebrity real estate winner and loser

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The best mug and cup racks for your organized kitchen

How could your day really begin without your morning cup of joe? Your favorite coffee (and tea) cups deserve a better place to be washed and stored, a way that takes advantage of their shape (and often their handles). Most dish drying racks don’t cut it for these items. Unique provisions help cups and mugs to dry completely and look good while they’re doing it.

a cup of coffee: Always dry and always ready to go.

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Always dry and always ready to go.

Drying racks that are designed specifically for your mug/cups offer safety and optimal space for these special items. Whether you need to dry a few favorites, or require a multi-level tier for many items, we’ve found the best mug and cup drying racks for your home or office.

Holds enough mugs for the party!

© Provided by Popular Science
Holds enough mugs for the party!

This mug drying rack is designed with tiers to support multi-levels of cups. It is capable of holding up to 15 mugs and also has metal arms along the top row to allow for small dessert plates to be stacked (you should place a drying mat under the stand for optimal drying). The rack is made of metal and comes in several color finishes—the look is suitable for farmhouse, country kitchens. Be aware when stacking cups to balance on either side to prevent any tipping.

Portable and durable.

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Portable and durable.

This drying rack is unique because it is retractable, making it easy to store when not in use. It’s made from BPA-free plastic which is heat resistant and durable. The rack comes with a water-absorbing cloth to place under the drying rack. Compact in size, this is a good option for space conscious kitchens. The tree shaped top is added to give cups extra support and balance.

Pretty enough to display.

© Provided by Popular Science
Pretty enough to display.

This drying rack can also moonlight as a display stand for storage on open shelves and countertops. The stand is made from food grade stainless steel and has an anti-rust design. With a drying mat underneath this will dry six of your favorite mugs or cups. Access is made easy with the full rotating lazy susan-style stand.

Best for an angled drip into the sink.

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Best for an angled drip into the sink.

This mug and cup drying rack is designed with function in mind. The frame is made of a sturdy brown steel, but the branch and base are made with non-slip silicone to prevent scratches and sliding. The angled base is unique, and helps speed up drying. Drying mats aren’t necessary because this rack is designed with a drain tray to catch dishwater from the cups.

a wooden table: Hanging around.

© Provided by Popular Science
Hanging around.

This metal drying rack is designed to support six hanging cups/mugs as well as six small dessert or saucer-style plates. This stylish comes in gold, silver, and black finishes. Effective drying would involve placing a drying mat underneath this drying rack. The elegant design makes this a good choice for open displays or

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