House Democrats prep fallback option on stopgap funding

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, without quick reimbursement, the CCC may be unable to make regular payments for farm bill programs as early as next month.

A similar issue temporarily held up stopgap funding talks last year, when the Trump administration had rolled out support programs for farmers affected by the president’s trade dispute with China.

One person familiar with the discussions said Democrats might agree to the commodity program funding if Republicans backed off their opposition to extending the census deadlines, including a Dec. 31 deadline to deliver population counts to Trump.

That would essentially put the redistricting process in his administration’s hands, while Democrats want to extend the process into next year when Biden might be president. Some Republicans also want to extend the census deadlines so the agency has more time to complete its work, citing fears of a rushed count in remote parts of the country like Alaska.

Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agreed weeks ago that they would keep the CR “clean” of extraneous bills and provisions that could slow down talks or create political issues for either party. But as with any must-pass legislation, jockeying for late additions, particularly with the campaign’s home stretch around the corner, was an issue.

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New dining option Roselily at L Street Kitchen in South Bend to open soon | Market Basket

Family has always been at the forefront of chef Eamonn McParland’s mind and, in his family, the restaurant business has intertwined with it.

“Food and restaurants and cooking has always been a part of us,” McParland said.

McParland grew up in a cooking family, with his mother and stepfather Meg and Mike LaCarrubba previously operating and cooking at diners in Staten Island and North Carolina through the years.

So, after years of honing his skills and gastronomy at Render Kitchen and Bar, it’s no surprise that when McParland decided to leave his partnership at Render earlier this year, part of that consideration was because of family. In August 2019, twins Liliana and Mariana were born prematurely and, during their time in the NICU, McParland had time to reflect on how he wanted to be there for them and also what his own future looked like.

“The break happened and I felt like it was time to create a life of my own,” he said. “As much as I was a part of Render, it wasn’t mine alone. Now, I have the opportunity to control the experience the moment (customers) walk in the door to the moment they leave.”

During the five-month hiatus, the identical twins have grown strong and so has McParland’s appetite in creating his own restaurant. And now that he’s ready, his family is with him at every step.

“It is funny how things come full circle, because when they moved up here, I helped Mike open up this place,” McParland said. “But now, I’m back here and he’s helping me.”

The new restaurant will be “familiar, simple and approachable without being boring or sloppy,” McParland describes, with a warm ambiance curated by Sandra. McParland will be leading the kitchen, offering familiar items like burgers and fried chicken sandwiches along with more upscale options like steak tartar and pork belly.

The menu may change frequently, depending upon what is seasonal, local or what is available for McParland to create with, but burgers and chicken sandwiches will become staples. A seasonal vegetarian and vegan menu will also be available, and McParland said the kitchen will be considerate of food allergies. Since the business doesn’t qualify for the riverfront liquor licensing, only beer and wine will be served at the restaurant, but McParland said he is working on a specific list.

“I wanted to still do the fun food I’ve done in the past like at Render,” he said. “But I also wanted to have more approachable options.”

The space itself will also see some transformations, with Sandra and mother Meg combining the two ambiances of a diner by day and elevated restaurant by night.

New butcher block table tops will replace old tables, and black metal chairs will be swapped out for old wooden high back chairs. New wood-laminate floors will also be installed, as well as greenery and homey decor placed around the space. The restaurant also plans to create an outdoor patio space just in time for

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Square Shower Enclosure – Stylish Option to Upgrade or Transform Your Bathroom

At present life is running faster than ever. Everybody is in a hurry to finish their daily based tasks. Do you want to relax after a hard day at work? Are you so much conscious about your health and for this purpose you want to relax? The best option for your body after the tiring day is a nice bath in a Square Shower Enclosure.

The best place to relax:

Bath is not only considered to be the best place for hygiene, but also the place where you can easily relax and recharge yourself for the next working day. This enclosure comes with the modern look to make your bathroom looks good, permits you to relax and spend some good spare time.

Expensive Rates:

It is a myth that shower enclosures kits are very expensive, but in reality, it is not like that everybody has his in the bathroom. The price for these can vary according to the design, volume, and the material. Buying cheap version of these bath accessories doesn’t mean that their designs are very simple, in reality, expensive ones have a high level of designs and they also performing more than the affordable ones.

Why people gives importance to Shower Enclosures Quadrant:

Wanted to know that why people wanted to buy these? First of all, these Shower Enclosures are not costly at all and suits to every person budget. Second, it gives a modern and unique look to your bathroom. You can choose these in a wide variety of designs. Third, it saves the space, grasps the shower accessories, and easier to clean after many years.

Which is one famous more?

The most popular on the market today are offset quadrant shower enclosure. It is a great solution if you have small sized bathroom because make your bathroom looks bigger. Along with space, this enclosure will give a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom. When buying these then make sure that you choose the suitable one, which integrates your overall bathroom design, not disturbing from any point of view and its glass makes you capable of seeing clear. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have a lot of space in the bathroom, then you can think of buying it. These are normally located in the middle of the bathroom so that the glasses surround it from four sides.


When it comes to the Budget, they are available in the various different price range, but you have to choose the one according to your budget. If you like a shower which exceeds your budget, then you have to wait for the sale or choose any other design. Once you have installed it, they will stay for many years.

And for the end, this bathroom accessory are easy to clean, all the sides of it are made of glass and dirt can be realized easily. When it comes to the material of Shower Enclosure, it made easy for taking care of and spotless.…

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Travertine Tiles – Best Option for Natural Home Decor

Are you thinking of giving your home a natural look? Have you thought about an innovative way of decorating or renovating your house? Travertine tiles may be the thing you have been looking for. Go through this article to learn more about these type of tiles and their usage.

Travertine tiles are a form of limestone that sediment around mineral spring deposits. They are usually porous and rough textured, which gives it a more natural look. When sanded and sealed, they become smooth which makes them appropriate for flooring your shower, kitchen, etc. They are available in different colors and finishes.

They are mostly of warmer shades like cream to brighter ones like red. They can be polished or kept naturally rough textured with the saw-cut finish or a tumbled look and more. These tiles are used for flooring and as pavers for ages because of their natural availability. This gives a dominant energy and prestigious feeling to your surroundings.

Travertine tiles draw attention to your floor or wall with its bright swirl design on a neutral colored surface. Their design is earth formed, which gives your home more of a natural effect and uniqueness. These are available in different shades of tan, white hues and gray and they avoid those dramatic colors from overwhelming your floor and surroundings.

Before sealing and polishing travertines, they offer a high friction surface which is capable of avoiding slips and trips. This feature allows their installation along pavers and pools where slipping is often a problem. But if not sealed, they absorb more debris which penetrates the tiles and causes damage. Also, they may be too rough to bare feet without a small amount of sealant.

Once they are sealed and honed, they are too easy to clean and wipe. They are naturally durable to scratches, wear and tear to an extent. Highly polished and honed tiles are more risky to damages and initial cracks and scratches are often considered an added attraction.

Travertine tiles are strong enough to last for a decade without high damages and blemishes. They are long-lasting if maintained regularly with periodic sealing and polishing with the stone sealing agent. If one of them is broken, it can be replaced easily as they are in the tile form. There won't be a need of removing and replacing the entire floor.

Travertine tiles are porous which makes them absorbent to liquids and stains, which makes them difficult to clean at certain times. This can be avoided by using the best penetrating sealant while installing these tiles. Their natural availability does not make them less expensive and their installation also costs more than the average amount.

Installation of these tiles need an extra effort, as they are heavy, and the floor structure should be capable of holding this load. They may feel uncomfortably cold on chilly mornings too. They are mostly used in bathrooms and for wall decors, but their rough texture makes them suitable for outdoors as well.


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