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If you’re trying to cook healthier meals at home, you’re probably already stocked with olive oil. But this healthy fat, popular in the Mediterranean diet, is only healthy in moderation—and it can be hard to tell just how much you need when pouring straight from the bottle. That’s where this oil sprayer comes in.

An Even Coat for Even Cooking

Whether you’re roasting, air frying, or baking your meal, this oil sprayer allows you to evenly coat meat or vegetables with a thin layer for a crispy finish without unnecessary calories. The simple pumping action provides a fine mist and keeps your hands clean and free from messy oil while you cook.

It’s Not Just for Olive Oil

This olive oil mister is so handy that you might need two—one for cooking and another for topping off your dishes with salad dressing, soy sauce, or lemon juice. It also handles other healthy oils including sunflower and avocado oil.

Why Customers Love It

With more than 1,400 reviews, this olive oil sprayer is maintaining an outstanding 4.9 out of 5-star average rating on Amazon. Customers love this sprayer for air frying their meals while avoiding excess oil. They also liked that the oil came out in a fine mist rather than a heavy spray. Customers loved this as an alternative to disposable cooking spray bottles since it cut down on waste and cost. At under $10, this was also the perfect housewarming or thank you gift for foodies.

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Candidates race to win oil industry support in key Oklahoma House race

Democratic Rep. Kendra Horn and her Republican opponent, state Sen. Stephanie Bice, are racing to prove their devotion to Oklahoma City’s dominant, but wounded, oil and gas industry, in a one of the most fiercely fought House contests.

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The coronavirus pandemic forced people to stop driving and flying, stomping out demand for fuels and causing an oil price crash, pushing Horn to occupy an unusual position for Democrat in the final months before Election Day.

“I have spent a great deal of time as a Democrat in an energy state working to educate my colleagues on the importance of oil and gas,” Horn told the Washington Examiner in an interview.

Whether Horn can establish herself as an fossil fuel industry ally in the face of skeptical attacks from Bice and House Republican leaders will be a key factor in whether she can hang onto Oklahoma’s 5th district.

President Trump won the district by about 13 percentage points in 2016.

“I certainly think jobs and the economy are the big issue, and when you talk about Oklahoma, oil and gas are a big part of that,” Bice, 46, told the Washington Examiner in an interview.

Horn, 44, won a 2018 upset over incumbent Republican Rep. Steve Russell. She was among the “majority makers” that gave Democrats control of the House for the first time in eight years.

Election prognosticators Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball both rate the 2020 race a toss-up. Horn hopes to get a boost from a recent endorsement by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a rare break from the business group’s usual alliance with Republicans.

“The Chamber recognizes my sensible, thoughtful approach to policy, business, and job creation, and I am very proud of that recognition,” Horn said.

But GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy singled out the endorsement of Horn as proof that the Chamber had “sold out” Republicans, and accused her of supporting the liberal “Green New Deal” to tackle climate change. That’s a mischaracterization of Horn’s position (she did not sign on as a sponsor of the Green New Deal). But it’s representative of the attacks Horn will face being a part of a Democratic Party that with Joe Biden atop the ticket is proposing the most progressive climate agenda in history.

For her part, Bice notes business leaders in Oklahoma opposed the Chamber’s endorsement of Horn, with the state’s oil and gas industry accusing Horn of voting with Democrats most of the time on energy issues.

“Her voting record speaks volumes about her lack of support for the oil and gas industry,” Bice said. “She may have received the endorsement, but I don’t know if Oklahomans put weight in the endorsement from a D.C. group.”

Bice is not running as a diehard Trump devotee. In the primary, she didn’t mention him as frequently, seeking to appeal to moderate suburban women and even enduring attack ads from the conservative Club for Growth.

Trump got 54% of the vote

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