The Best Bathroom Mirror Options in 2021


In addition to your toilet and shower, a mirror serves one of the most essential functions of your bathroom—helping you look your best. Along with your personal appearance, your bathroom mirror should help improve the overall appearance and appeal of your bathroom as well.

Regardless of whether your bathroom has modern, contemporary, or traditional design features, there’s likely a bathroom mirror that can make a wonderful addition to your existing decor. For help in selecting the best bathroom mirror for your home, read on to discover the different bathroom mirror types, purchase considerations, and top picks in a variety of categories.

  1. BEST OVERALL: HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Homfa Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
  3. BEST PIVOT: Moen Glenshire Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Mirror
  4. BEST FULL LENGTH: KIAYACI Full Length Mirror
  5. BEST TRADITIONAL: Hamilton Hills Large Ornate Gold Baroque Frame Mirror
  6. BEST MODERN: ANDY STAR 30 Inch Round Bathroom Mirror
  7. BEST GEOMETRIC: Umbra Prisma Modern Geometric Shaped Oval Mirror
  8. BEST HIGH-TECH: Bonnlo 32×24in. Dimmable Led Illuminated Mirror
Best Bathroom Mirror


The first step in finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom is determining the type that you need. There are quite a few bathroom mirror types to choose from, so knowing the differences between them will bring you one step closer on your journey to finding the mirror that’s right for you. Whether a mirror hangs securely on a wall, pivots on an adjustable base, is attached to a cabinet door, or rests freely on the ground all factor into your bathroom mirror’s form and function.

Wall Mirror 

Wall mirrors are securely mounted directly to a wall. They’re the most common type of bathroom mirror and are available in the widest range of shapes, sizes, and styles, making it easy to accommodate practically any interior design consideration.

Although wall mirrors have the advantage of being widely available, the difficulty involved in installing them will vary based on whether the mirror is framed or frameless (see more below) and the type of framing material used. Several sub-types of bathroom mirrors fall under the category of wall mirror, like high-tech mirrors and pivot mirrors.

Floor Mirror 

Floor mirrors are freestanding, full-length mirrors that rest on your bathroom floor instead of being hung directly on your wall. As opposed to wall-mounted mirrors that only allow you to see the top portion of your body, a floor mirror can give you a full-body view. They’re often equipped with an easel stand for adjusting the vertical angle of the mirror, so you can modify the reflection to highlight different areas of your body. Floor mirrors are also more affordable than wall-hung mirrors of a similar size, making them more accommodating to the budget conscious. The primary disadvantage of these mirrors is they take up floor space, which might be a limiting factor for small and compact bathrooms. Full-length wall mirrors are also available for those with limited floor space, but they’re harder to install than freestanding

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Watch: New York woman finds empty apartment behind bathroom mirror

March 5 (UPI) — A New York woman investigating a hole behind her bathroom mirror went through the proverbial looking glass and made a startling discovery — an entire empty apartment.

Samantha Hartsoe, who chronicled her discovery in a series of TikTok videos, said she was investigating the source of a cold draft in her Roosevelt Island apartment, and she tracked the blowing air to her bathroom mirror.

Hartsoe removed the mirror and discovered it was hiding a large, square hole into a dark room.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity is going to kill me,” Hartsoe recalled thinking in an interview with NBC New York. “I can’t not know what’s on the other side of my bathroom.”

Hartsoe climbed through the opening and discovered the room was part of a two-story vacant apartment. She said she explored the whole residence, finding only trash bags, an uninstalled toilet and an empty water bottle.

“I was kind of expecting there to be somebody, especially with the water bottle being there,” Hartsoe told Curbed.

Hartsoe said she made sure the door to the unfinished apartment was locked before making her way back to her own residence. She said the front door to the vacant domicile was located elsewhere in the apartment complex from her own home.

She said she contacted maintenance to patch the hole in her bathroom and a representative from the management office is expected to visit her apartment soon to investigate her discovery.

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Eight Tips On How To Choose The Bathroom Mirror – Press Release

The mirror you’re looking at every day is a big deal!Good bathroom mirror not only shows clear, reflect true, service life is long, return not easy bad. A stylish, clear bathroom mirror will make you feel better. So, what kind of mirror should the bathroom choose? Following the bathroom mirror factory to understand:

Bathroom mirror selection:

Framed or unframed bathroom mirror who is better

Will tell from the convenience that use and maintain, the bathroom mirror without a frame is better than the design that has frame, because the inside of the bathroom often is in wet condition, material of frame such as woodiness, leather uses time after long easy occurrence changes; and tell from beautiful angle, the bathroom mirror that has a frame has an advantage over rimless mirror again, but the moistureproof quality that has taller requirement to the material of frame, the plating film circumstance that should notice frame when buying.

Anti-fog bathroom mirror is it necessary to buy:

Special antifogging bathroom mirror, the price is expensive and the practical to the bathroom is not big, do not have the necessity that buys commonly, the mirror of high grade has basic antifogging antirust function commonly.

If the bathroom environment is too much water vapor, you can choose and buy an anti-fog film flat paste in the bath mirror;We can also be dishwashing liquid or soapy water daub on the mirror, can effectively prevent water vapor in the mirror condensation, play the role of anti-fog.

On the discrimination of two-sided mirror:

The perspective direction of the double-sided mirror is determined by the intensity of the light.At night, when the indoor lights are turned on, the outdoor can see the indoor, and the indoor can’t see the outdoor. Some people like to do floor mirror in the bathroom, also can use this kind of mirror.

Distinguish bathroom mirror is double sided mirror to have very simple and effective method, stick small make up mirror to go up to this mirror contrastive the face that sees oneself (or same object), the word of double face mirror image can compare small make up mirror brightness is much darker.

Bathroom mirror size:

Install the mirror in toilet had better choose dimension as far as possible big dot, because if people are in when looking in the mirror, the upper part of the head has very big space if, mean career piece is bright. But also should not be too large, too much space will easily make people in daydreaming. Absolutely cannot choose the kind of mirror that can see a face only, it is very disadvantageous to the development of the career of reside. From geomantic say, go up, on certain level, the mirror in toilet is bigger, the more good luck to the person that reside.

Shape of bathroom mirror:

The mirror in toilet suggests everybody had better choose square most appropriate, this is because the thing of square represents balance and orderly. Remember not to use a mirror with sharp

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Mirror House unveiled in New Canaan

As a drone circled above, a blue plastic cover was lifted off the Mirror House at the corner of Maple Street and South Avenue, a new venue to promote plans for a future New Canaan Library.

Inside the 224-square foot three-sided mirrored building, visitors will learn about plans for the 48,000-square-foot library designed to echo mid-century modern architecture.

“This Mirror House, inspired by our own Glass House and designed in Europe, is going to be our headquarters for sharing the plans and meeting with people to build support, doing education and hopefully a lot of fundraising,” New Canaan Library Executive Director Lisa Oldham said at Tuesday’s ceremony.

The coronavirus pandemic forced changes to the project, reducing the number of people allowed inside at any one time.

“The incredibly clever people who work at the library have devised a way to use technology — augmented reality — so that people can do self-guided tours of the project inside this space,” Oldham said.

Visitors are encouraged to download the library app to cell phones, then by directing their cell phones toward either the poster near the entrance or one of eight posters inside, can watch videos about the vision for the new building.

People can watch explanations delivered by architects, staff, volunteers involved in planning, and Margaret Russell, former editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest.

“I am so excited that this library celebrates the legacy of the Harvard Five and the best of mid-century modernism that flourished in New Canaan,” Russell says in the video.

“I think that the new library plan is so beautiful in that it references modernism of the past, but absolutely navigates everything we need for the present and is incredibility prescient to what we need for the future — a very anticipatory building in terms of its materials and it flexibility,” Russell says.

The Mirror House was designed by OOD, an Estonian design team strongly influenced by Philip Johnson’s Glass House and mid-century modern architects, including the Harvard Five, whose work is also echoed in the new library design, according to a press release distributed by the library.

“The best libraries today, moving forward, reflect that communities that they serve,” Oldham said at the event. “In the past, every one (library) looked

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Grout, Mirror, Lighting, Tile, Flooring, Faucet

When you watch remodeling shows on TV, you can get the impression that anything’s possible. A shower big enough for a farm animal, an increase in home value that’s higher than some lottery payouts, a window-​facing jacuzzi tub with “Best House on the Block” printed on the side in diamonds. All of that is potentially achievable—and probably the reason you want to renovate your bathroom—but you should be aware that a gut renovation is a big, ugly job. The bathroom may take up the smallest footprint, but it’s the most complex room in your home, served by vents, water lines, waste lines, and electricity lines—most of which will try to kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing. (The vents are probably safe.)

If you want to tackle a bathroom reno, you’ve got two options. OK, three, if you’re a professional plumber, or a home flipper with a television show: Put a dumpster on the lawn and have at it. Otherwise, you can buy your new bathroom by hiring a contractor. Or, you can dramatically improve the appearance and function of your bathroom by cleaning, repainting, or focusing on key projects that require only basic plumbing and electrical skills. Here’s how.



1. Regrout and Recaulk


Tools and Materials

  • Grout saw
  • Carbide-tip scoring tool
  • Grout Grout float
  • Grout and tile sealer
  • Plastic brush
  • Sponge
  • Tub and tile caulk
  • Caulk gun
  • Utility knife

    If the grout in your bathroom is discolored but sound, you don’t need to replace it. It just needs a thorough cleaning with a pro-grade tile and grout cleaner, such as the Aqua Mix line by Custom Building Products. If it’s truly foul, the nuclear option would be to scrub dingy tile and grout with a white Scotch-Brite pad, and a mixture of two products from Custom Building Products: Aqua Mix NanoScrub and Aqua Mix Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner. If this won’t clean it, nothing will. After cleaning, seal with Aqua Mix Grout Sealer.


    (1) If grout is flaking out of the joints, rake them out with a carbide-grit grout saw or a carbide scraper. For a narrow joint, less than 1/8 inch, you can also use a carbide-tip scoring tool, a type of knife normally used to score cement board. In either case, sweep dust out of the joints with a clean plastic brush, then wipe the surface with a damp sponge or clean cloth and let dry. (2) Apply fresh grout over the whole area, moving your float over the joints at a 45-degree angle. Wipe off up any excess. (3) When the grout has dried, use a tile sponge and water to wipe any grout haze off the tile. When all is clean and dry, reseal the entire surface.


    To replace a caulked joint, use a

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    Man Used Mirror To Spy On Bathroom In Gloucester Twp. School: PD

    GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ — A man who recently performed HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School in Gloucester Township has been arrested after police say he installed a secret mirror in a girls’ bathroom.

    The mirrors were discovered by staff at the school on Wednesday, one day after students in the Gloucester Township K-8 district went back to school.

    They had become suspicious that someone was peering through an air conditioning vent located overtop of the bathroom stalls and contacted Gloucester Township police, police said.

    Police said they arrested 51-year-old Gregory Mahley, of West Deptford, in connection with the incident.

    Mahley was an eight-year employee of Multi-Temp Mechanical, Inc., located in Westville. The company was contracted by the Gloucester Township Board of Education to perform HeatingVentilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC) services at the school, according to police.

    After the incident, the Board of Education ordered a full inspection of all schools and facilities that Mahley may have had access to. As of Thursday, no other suspicious activities have been uncovered, police said.

    “I am very disturbed to learn of criminal charges filed today against an employee of an outside contractor who was performing HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School,” Gloucester Township Superintendent of Schools John Bilodeau said. “Upon notification of suspicious behavior, the school’s administration immediately contacted local law enforcement authorities. The investigation is now with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and the Gloucester Township

    Police Department. The district has been instructed, due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, not to comment further at this time. The Gloucester Township Public School District remains committed to providing a healthy and safe learning environment to its students and staff at all times.”

    Multi-Temp Mechanical, Inc. has been cooperating with the investigation, police said. The company performs non-residential, commercial HVAC services only. Detectives are continuing to contact other businesses and governmental entities for whom Mahley may have worked.

    Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Mahley, or has additional information that could aid this investigation, is asked to call the Gloucester Township Police Department at 856-228-4500 or email [email protected]

    You may also call the GTPD Anonymous Tip Line at 856-842-5560, or send an anonymous tip by texting the keyword “TIP GLOTWPPD” and your message to 888777. You may also click here to leave an anonymous tip:

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    School contractor accused of using mirror to spy on young girls in bathroom, police say

    A contractor working on a Gloucester Township school was arrested after allegedly installing a mirror inside bathroom stalls to spy on young students, police said.

    The mirrors were found inside one of the girls bathrooms at Glen Landing Middle School on Tuesday, police said. School staff then became suspicious someone was looking through the air conditioning vent located overtop of the bathroom and alerted police.

    Gregory Mahley, 51, of West Deptford, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child by manufacturing and possessing child pornography, and invasion of privacy, police said.

    Mahley is an employee of Multi-Temp Mechanical, Inc., located in Westville, which had been contracted to do work on the schools HVAC system, police said.

    “I am very disturbed to learn of criminal charges filed today against an employee of an outside contractor who was performing HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School,” Superintendent John Bilodeau said in a statement.

    “Gloucester Township Public School District remains committed to providing a healthy and save learning environment to its’ students and staff at all times,” Bilodeau added. He declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation.

    Police inspected all schools and facilities Mahley had access to, and did not find any additional suspicious activities, police said. Police are continuing to investigate any other buildings Mahley might have worked in.

    Multi-Temp Mechanical, which only does commercial work, has been cooperating with the investigation, police said.

    Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Gloucester Township Police Department at 856-228-4500 or email the department at [email protected].

    Thank you for relying on us to provide the journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting with a voluntary subscription.

    Katie Kausch may be reached at [email protected]. Tell us your coronavirus story or send a tip here.

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    How to Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    There are different elements which make up part of a well designed and well organised bathroom, and a bathroom mirror cabinet is one of these essentials. Not only do these fulfil several practical roles at once, but they can also add more light and an element of style to any space that they are placed in.

    One of the key reasons to invest in a bathroom mirror cabinet is that these items combine a mirror at a convenient height with a storage facility, which is very useful for storing various products such as toothpaste, face creams, cotton buds and anything else that will fit in there. However, there are some important things that you should consider when shopping for one of these items.

    The first thing that you should think about is how much room you need inside the cabinet, depending on what you plan to store in there. Some people use these cabinets to store smaller items or their essential skin care items, of which there may only be a few or there may be many. The important thing is that you should make sure that you have enough space for your products.

    You should also take into account how much space you have in the rest of your bathroom for storing items, including in cabinets beneath your basin or elsewhere in the room. If you have limited options when it comes to other storage – which is often the case when the bathroom is quite small – consider investing in larger bathroom mirror cabinets to meet your needs.

    Another thing to consider is how large the mirror is, as this will affect how much use you get out of it. Some people only need small mirrors to fulfil a minimum of basic tasks, but others prefer a large mirror in order for them to carry out their cleansing and skin care routines effectively.

    If possible, view mirrors in an offline store to work out what you think is too big or too small for you, and then do in taking measurements. You can buy your cabinets either at the store that you are looking in, or can instead go elsewhere, such as to an online store. You will then be able to buy something that you are sure is the right size for you.

    The next thing to think about is what you are going to do for lighting your bathroom cabinet. The reason for this is that if you have a mirror on your cabinet – or indeed a mirror anywhere else in the room, you are going to need to light it appropriately so that you can see what you are doing. In many cases an overhead ceiling light is not enough, casting a shadow on your mirror.

    There are many great bathroom mirror cabinets on the market now that have integrated lighting, which is great for a number of reasons, the first one being that this economise on space, as you will not need to …

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