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Banjong Jongthep has always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. After working at Tuptim Thai and co-owning A-Hann Thai, she has branched out and decided to run her own kitchen.

JongThep, along with co-owners Nimm and Derek Ragsdale, has opened Jong’s Thai Kitchen at 800 S.W. 12th St. Many will recognize the Thai restaurant’s new home as the former location of Cafe Holliday and, for a short time after that, La Casita Cafe.

While small inside, the restaurant offers customers a warm and inviting feel. Large windows at the front of the restaurant are framed by trees and offer a nice view of the park located across the street.

The restaurant, which opened Sept. 21, specializes in Thai dishes that are handcrafted by Jongthep herself.

Jong’s Thai Kitchen is open 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 8 p.m. Saturday. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

The dishes are packed with flavor and Jongthep will cater to her customers’ needs. If someone comes in and wants an item that isn’t on the menu and she has time, she will cook it.

“A lot of people say, ’Banjong, I don’t know what to eat or what I want.’ I say, ’OK,’ ” Jongthep said. “I want you to come here and get what you want and make you happy.”

Her ultimate goal is to make sure her customers leave happy and serve them unique and fresh food.

The menu items are meals that the three owners like to eat and Jongthep has adapted them.

Melissa’s Chicken is stir-fried chicken breast marinated in a house seasoning with a touch of white rum, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion and basil in a brown sauce.

Ross’ Curry is made with a Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, bell pepper, Thai egg plant, bamboo shoot, peppercorn, krachai and Sriracha.

Linda’s Sweet Chili Noodle, which has been named after Derek Ragsdale’s mother, is pan-fried noodles with egg, mushrooms, onion and bell pepper with a Thai sweet chili sauce and Sriracha.

Derek Ragsdale said that since opening, business has been good.

“The community is really supportive and we’ve got people that kind of follow Jong’s cooking,” Derek Ragsdale said. “Family and friends definitely come in a lot.”

While Jongthep is excited to see her dream become reality, it makes her happier to see others enjoying her food.

Nimm Ragsdale said it also makes them happy when customers return after their first visit.

“I’m happy if you like my food. When the customers clean up their food, that’s when I’m happy,” she said.

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Interior decorator Desiree Busnelli shares 4 things to keep in mind when

Designing a home comes with a whole lot of ‘must-haves, dos, and don’ts’ to worry about. A lot of people have clarity of what they like or don’t like, but simply lack the idea of where and how to begin the process of designing their interior. Here’s when the maestros of the craft, the interior decorators, step in to guide the clients in the right direction and give the needed confidence to create a dream home. One such expert interior decorator designing and beautifying homes of celebrities, industrialists, and high-profile is the Seattle-native Desiree Busnelli. 
When it comes to comprehending the personal style of her clients, the interior decorator and entrepreneur, takes a customized approach. Through her years of experience and observation, she realizes that people may or may not want to necessarily do a huge house makeover but simply update their spaces. To help them and many others, Desiree shares a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing a home.
The key to interior design is preparation, believes Desiree. As someone who’s decked up not just homes but also hotels, restaurants, and office spaces; she believes that formulating a plan for how and where things will go, gives an instant clarity of mind to not only the decorator but to the client as well. When it comes to her own projects, she considers everything in her plan – be it the color schemes, layout, plumbing, electric, storage, or all the way deep into minor details like furnishings and accessories. 
Accept and enhance what’s already there
When seeking inspiration, it’s easy to get caught up with the interiors of other people’s homes, says Desiree. However, replicating the same in a different space with other features isn’t always possible, she adds. Therefore, she recommends embracing the present room or space and then highlighting the available features either by adding a splash of color, changing the texture of fabrics, or transforming the overall mood of the area. 
Lighting is a game-changer
As an expert herself, Desiree heavily relies on lighting and states that it is the most crucial factor to consider. She also adds, “We often side-line the fact lighting can either make or completely break your interior scheme. Lighting is essential for enhancing focal points and creating moods. But this is something that needs to be planned in advance since it’s one of the primary elements that we need to tackle.” In her personal view, a room that contains the right amount of light looks great on its own, without too many aesthetics. 
With countless sources of recommendation and an infinite supply of inspiration, Desiree says it’s easy to deviate from the original design as the process progresses. When it comes to her clients, she encourages them to stick to their guns and have confidence in their plan. “Of course, there’s always a lot of development in the design which gets modified with time. In fact, it’s common to witness issues arise that compel us to take a
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Mind Your Garden — The Seeds You Plant Today Become the Realities of Tomorrow

Successful entrepreneur Coach Tony Taylor shares his secrets in the shortest, most colorful, powerful personal growth book ever to hit the market

OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It’s not every day that a successful self-made entrepreneur coming from nothing, is willing to share his secrets in an easy-to-read book that shows you how to achieve your dreams. 

“I believe we are here to be a contribution to one another. I hope my book will teach people how to create a life they truly love to live,” said Mind Your Garden author and life coach Tony Taylor.

“The less time we spend judging, being jealous and all the other stuff that robs us of our energy, the more we can focus on what really matters in life. I literally came from nothing and it took me more than 30 years to discover the secrets that have worked to fulfill my dreams.”

“I’m revealing it all in a five story series beginning with Mind Your Garden, which is a concise colorful 38-page cartoon illustrated book designed to be read and reread,” said Taylor.

His mother was a single parent and couldn’t afford to send him to college but he somehow made it.  He has his a MBA with an emphasis on marketing and is currently enrolled in a master’s program in divinity. 

“I am constantly hungry for information that can help stuck people become unstuck,” said Taylor.

Besides being a life coach, he owns several businesses, cares for his 77 year-old mother, who resides with him and his husband of nine years along with their three fur-babies.

“I didn’t know that a person coming from my background could have the ability to create anything that they wanted. I have learned through the years that what you think about, you bring about. In my first story I want everyone to understand that thoughts are an important foundation of getting what you want in life,” said Taylor.

This colorful story illustrates how to turn your thoughts into actions, so you can achieve what you want to be creating in the world. There are many 250+ page personal growth books out there but Taylor has created the smallest version, inspired by children’s books, that tells a story in a fun way.

The ultimate goal of the book is to let people tap into their potential and live a life they really love. The reason Taylor became a life coach is because when he looked around, he saw people resigned and stuck within the status quo.

“They’ve stopped asking questions, stopped challenging themselves and just settled into a boring existence. We all have ceilings made of glass. This book is about breaking through the ceiling. The more you dream, the bigger your actions and the more you’ll get out of life,” said Taylor.

The character in the book is Daniel, who’s always hurting people by being mean even though he doesn’t want to be that way. When he realizes that it’s possible

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3 Modern Small Bathroom Ideas – Great Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

The bathroom is your domain of relief. It should bring comfort and joy to your life and should welcome your daily necessities in style and personality. Having a small bathroom seems to have no room for style, but with a little motivation and creativity, you can transform this important room. If your bathroom is in need of a remodel, or just a slight makeover, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas that will improve any boring or out of style washroom.

The Eclectic Bathroom

To be eclectic is to just take from various sources or ideas. If you're looking for small bathroom ideas, a great way to do it is to take from different styles and add them all together. One great eclectic design idea is to have a ceiling mounted shower head. Just add an awesome looking circular shower curtain and you'll have a unique style others will admire.

The Contemporary Bathroom

A great modern look to your bathroom can really add to the style and creativity of its look. Modern design is all about finding your personal style and just letting go of your inhibitions. To add an elegant, modern look, add a bathroom pedestal sink. They're especially convenient for small bathrooms, because they take up way less room.

The Traditional Bathroom

While a traditional look may seem less modern, you can add elements that will really emphasize modern design. Adding a walk-in glass shower will maintain the traditional look and add a modern edge that will impress any bathroom enthusiast.

Don't let your small bathroom prevent you from expressing your creativity. Pick a style (or lots of different styles) and go wild!

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