A megachurch pastor who attended the Rose Garden event has tested positive.

The California megachurch pastor Greg Laurie is the latest prominent attendee at the Sept. 26 Supreme Court nomination ceremony at the White House to test positive for the coronavirus. He announced the test results Monday and said he was in isolation.

“If the president of the United States can get it, obviously anybody can get it,” Mr. Laurie said in a video posted on social media. In an interview with Christianity Today, Mr. Laurie said he was not sure he was infected at the Rose Garden event, and urged Americans not to blame the White House for his infection.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus has become very politicized,” he said. “I wish we could all set aside our partisan ideas and pull together to do everything we can to defeat this virus and bring our nation back.”

Mr. Laurie was one of many high-profile Christian leaders who attended the ceremony. Another — the Rev. John I. Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame —  announced on Friday that he tested positive.

Several of the attendees have since preached in person at church services or have been photographed at other public events, suggesting that they are not following C.D.C. recommendations for quarantine after their exposure in the Rose Garden.

Jerry Prevo, the acting president of Liberty University, announced on Friday that he and his wife had both tested negative. He posted photographs the next day in which he and his wife are seen mingling closely indoors with people not wearing masks.

A representative for Robert Morris, a Dallas-area megachurch pastor who preached in person last weekend, said on Monday that he “does not have any Covid-related symptoms,” but he declined to say whether he had been tested.

Another Dallas-area pastor, Jack Graham, also preached in person at his church on Sunday morning. “I am ridiculously healthy,” he told his congregation, who responded with applause. “I don’t have Covid, let’s just put it that way.” A spokeswoman for Mr. Graham said that he has been tested twice since the Rose Garden event and that both tests have been negative. The spokeswoman said he has consulted with his personal physician about his activities since the event, but declined to offer information on the timing of his tests.

Mr. Graham said during the service that he flew to Atlanta last Wednesday to meet with Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke at an indoor event hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition that was attended by some of the same evangelical leaders. A spokeswoman for the group’s head, Ralph Reed, said he tested negative on Wednesday before the vice president’s arrival. The spokeswoman said seating at the event was arranged in consultation with local health officials, and that attendees were encouraged to wear masks.

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California megachurch pastor Greg Laurie tests positive for COVID-19 after attending Rose Garden ceremony

Greg Laurie, pastor of the Riverside-based megachurch Harvest Christian Fellowship, confirmed Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting Washington, D.C.

Christian Broadcasting News reported Monday, Oct. 5, that Laurie, 67, attended several prayer rally events in Washington, D.C., with Vice President Mike Pence more than a week ago, as well as the White House Rose Garden ceremony on Sept. 26 to announce the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

President Donald Trump and several members of his inner circle who attended the White House event have tested positive for COVID-19.

Attended Prayer March 2020

Hours before the Rose Garden ceremony, Laurie attended Prayer March 2020, organized by evangelist Franklin Graham and held on the Mall in Washington. Video from the event shows thousands of participants, many of whom were not wearing protective masks or practicing social distancing, kneeling in small prayer groups and waving flags.

In a separate video, Laurie is shown offering a prayer during the march while standing next to Graham. Neither man was wearing a face covering.

Many other faith leaders who attended the Rose Garden event have said they have since tested negative for the virus, but not all are adhering to Centers for Disease Control guidelines, which recommend quarantining for 14 days after spending more than 15 minutes within 6 feet of someone who tests positive for COVID-19, according to Religion News Service.

In quarantine since Friday

In a Facebook post, Laurie said he tested positive Friday and, since then, has been in quarantine with his wife, Cathe.

“I am happy to report that all members of my family have tested negative for COVID,” Laurie said in the post Monday. “My symptoms have been mild so far, and I expect to make a full recovery. I have always taken the coronavirus seriously, and it has tragically taken many lives.

“At a time like this, we need to pray for those that have it and avoid politicizing it. If our President and First Lady can get COVID-19, clearly anyone can. I chose to first tell those I was directly in touch with and the congregation I pastor. Thank you for your concern and prayers. I hope to see you all soon.”

In the video message, Laurie said his symptoms include fatigue, aches, pain, difficulty tasting food and boredom.

“I want to get out again doing what I’m called to do,” he said. “It’s important as Christians for us to be reminded that God’s in control of our lives. I don’t know why he allows me to get it but I got it  And I know he will get me through it as he has always been faithful to me in the past. Ultimately, I also know my times are in his hands. When that moment comes for me to leave this world I’ll leave. And I won’t leave a moment before and I won’t leave a moment after.”

Harvest officials did not immediately comment on Laurie’s diagnosis.

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