Masterchef critic reviews The Station Kitchen in West Bay

A popular west Dorset restaurant is celebrating after receiving a rave review from a restaurant critic for The Telegraph and Masterchef.

The Station Kitchen in West Bay, owned by Ross and Claire Moore, was visited by William Sitwell after he had heard good things about the train carriage restaurant and contacted them.

Ross said: “He was a very nice guy and super friendly and so was his partner. He asked lots of questions about the history of the station and the carriage. He even asked why we were called Sausage and Pear. I explained that this was the name of our catering company and also our nicknames.

“After dinner he came into the kitchen and spoke to Claire and I. He said he loved what we had created and was going to bring the whole family back next time he was in Dorset.”

He described The Station Kitchen as ‘a happy place, with great service, and is a breath of fresh air’ and gave an impressive four out of five stars.

The couple were thrilled with the review, but it was touch and go whether they would actually be able to get a copy of it.

Ross added: “When the newspaper went to print, it just so happens that Extinction Rebellion were doing a protest outside the printing factory. This has never happened before and it meant that multiple national newspapers weren’t able to be distributed to most parts of the country, including The Telegraph. This happening the one time we are in it is the embodiment of sods law.

“Not only were our supporters on The Station Kitchen Facebook page happy to help, but after contacting William directly, he duly obliged on sending a copy of the newspaper out to us.

“A very nice guy and we are chuffed with the review.”

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MasterChef Judge Jock Zonfrillo Is Suing The Australian For Defamation

MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo has filed suit against The Australian over claims of defamation.

Zonfrillo, who shot to public prominence this year as one of the new judges on the refreshed MasterChef, has launched the Federal Court action against the News Corp paper, over claims the publication defamed him in an article and Facebook post published in August.

That article, published both online and in print on August 9th and 10th, asserted that Zonfrillo “dishonestly claimed” to offer support an Indigenous-run prawn farm in a bid to boost his chances of winning the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize. The article – headlined ‘Chef Jock Zonfrillo offered support, farm comes up empty’ – claims Zonfrillo visited the Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation in Western Australia and offered to help out with their prawn farm operations. The article asserts the visit took place “a few months” before the Basque Prize was awarded in 2018. Zonfrillo was ultimately awarded the prize in August of that year.

Lawyers acting for Zonfrillo steadfastly deny the allegations, asserting that Jock was not even aware of the farm’s existence, and did not visit it, until a month after he was awarded the prize.

A statement of claim filed by Zonfrillo’s legal team asserts The Australian defamed him by “cynically pretended he had a genuine commitment to assisting an Aboriginal community for the purpose of obtaining an award and prizemoney.” Additionally, the claim asserts The Australian defamed Mr Zonfrillo by insinuating that he failed to deliver on an Indigenous food database, for which he received a $1.25 million Government grant. On that charge, lawyers assert the database was completed by Zonfrillo’s Orana Foundation in May, and that the document was now being subjected to a legal review process.

Per court documents, Jock Zonfrillo is seeking damages and aggravated damages, as well as interest and costs. The claim also seeks to have the article in question retracted, and the subsequent Facebook post promoting the article deleted.

Representatives for The Australian have yet to file a defence in this matter.

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