Fresh off a major summer comeback, Bed Bath & Beyond ebed xecs say they are doubling down on e-commerce and decor for homebound holiday shoppers

bed bath & beyond
Bed Bath & Beyond is winning with shoppers stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Chief Brand Officer Cindy Davis spoke with Business Insider about the company’s stellar summer sales, as well as its plans for winning during the holiday season.
  • Davis said the brand’s strategy includes a $29 annual loyalty program, enhanced e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment services, and earlier-than-ever holiday offerings.
  • The Bed Bath & Beyond executive said the company plans to remain “close to the customer” to continue to glean insights on consumer trends for the holidays.
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Bed Bath & Beyond pulled off a major back-to-school sales coup this summer, despite many colleges across the United States going remote due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now the retailer is looking to apply those lessons to its holiday strategy, according to its Chief Brand Officer Cindy Davis. Back-to-school and holiday shopping are the biggest traffic drivers for the brand. 

Davis credited the company’s positive second-quarter sales — which soared above analysts’ estimates, according to — with Bed Bath & Beyond’s ability to “pivot” to better suit customers’ needs during the pandemic. The company saw  89% digital sales growth compared to the same time period last year, although this was partially offset by a 12% decline in comparable-store sales.

“We had a plan in place for second quarter that was really different for us,” Davis said. “It was customer-inspired, data-driven, and really focused on our omnichannel services. It was a fully integrated plan and it really helped us deliver on Q2.”

The result was two million new customers flocking to Bed Bath & Beyond’s website.

Davis said that those new shoppers tended to be six years younger on average than the company’s existing customers. While Bed Bath & Beyond is known for inundating customers with 20% off coupons in the mail, this new crop of shoppers is less discount-focused and more engaged with e-commerce, she said. They also have a heightened interest in home decor.

“So it was a lot of excitement, because even though our stores were closed early on in the quarter, connecting with those new customers digitally really helped us deliver those results,” she said.

With so many universities only offering remote learning, fears over a dearth of back to school spending spread throughout the retail industry. Bed Bath & Beyond responded by analyzing how consumer needs might change in a virtual or socially-distanced learning environment. Those insights were then applied to different stores based on proximity to schools opting for virtual or in-person teaching.

When it comes to pandemic-era back-t0-school shopping, Davis said that items like coffee makers, cookware, cutlery, drinkware, and other kitchen electronics saw a bigger spike than expected, as pandemic-conscious students eschewed campus dining halls for dorm cooking. And with new customers eager to decorate for the holidays, that trend of surging interest in home goods is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“Home has been the

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This Pink Kitchen Is Major Renovation Inspiration

Location: Though the address is technically on the bustling Brixton Road, the house is set back as a refuge from the action. “When you come off the street, which is really busy and hectic and polluted, and there’s this very quiet, high-walled, green garden out the back, it really does feel like a little oasis,” Rosie says.

The before: Prior to the renovation, the kitchen and living room were combined in a cramped, gloomy box. With just a single barred window, the area was so dark that Rosie needed to keep all the lights on during the day. The finishes were also rather cheap.

The inspiration: “The building itself is Victorian, but because it’s a basement flat, there are no original features—no cornicing, no historical fireplaces. If I had had those things, I probably would’ve gone for a more classical look, but I thought it would be quite nice to go for something that had echoes of modernism. I wanted it to have a slight midcentury feel, but also be quite contemporary.”

Square footage: 4 square meters (approximately 43 square feet)

Budget: £70,000 (approximately $89,700)

A smattering of artwork hangs above Rosie’s dining table. She isn’t embarrassed to confess that the California image is just the picture that came in the IKEA frame.

Main ingredients

Cabinetry: Pluck Custom Birch Plywood Cabinets with Ruskin Blossom Laminate and London Plane Veneer Fronts and Pill-Shaped Recessed Handles. “I went for the pink, which is obviously an incredible millennial cliché, but it is really lovely, soft, and easy to live with,” Rosie admits. “The wooden-fronted ones are London Plane, which is a native tree that’s found all over the city. They have a very beautiful lace grain.”

Countertops: White Corian. “I was obsessed with having really bright things because my last kitchen was so dark,” says Rosie. “I wanted it to feel really clean and fresh.”

Flooring: Granorte Cork Tiles. “The cork floor is very ’70s, but I love it,” Rosie says.

“The really lovely thing about a cork floor is if you drop something, it doesn’t break,” Rosie notes. “I was originally going to go for a poured concrete, but I’m so glad I didn’t. The cork is really soft underfoot and always feels quite warm.”

 “The great pleasure of having a glass roof is that the plants are so happy and grow really well,” Rosie says.

Windows and Roof: Futureglass.“There’s an aluminum frame with panes of triple-glazed glass, so it’s got really good heat retention. It’s quite cool as well,” says Rosie.

Wall Paint: Little Greene French Grey Mid

Lighting: Hans Due for Fog & Mørup Pendant. “That is an eBay find,” Rosie reveals. “It’s a ’70s Danish light. The half-mirrored bulb gives it an interesting element.”

Faucet: Nivito RH-300 in Brushed Steel

Appliances: Bosch Electric Range and AEG Oven

Most insane splurge: The custom Pluck cabinetry system was Rosie’s most expensive purchase.

Sneakiest save: “I try to never buy new furniture,” Rosie says. “Obviously the appliances were new because

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2021 Jaguar XF Mid-Cycle Refresh Revealed With Major Interior Updates

a car parked on the side of a road: 2021 Jaguar XF Front

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2021 Jaguar XF Front

Minute changes on the outside, improved tech on the inside.

Jaguar gives its midsize luxury sedan a mid-cycle update for the 2021 model year. The second-generation XF, internally coded X260, was revealed in 2015 so it’s high time that the British marque put it under the knife to make it more attractive to the executive sedan market.

The 2021 Jaguar XF gets minute changes on the outside, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find them unless you own one or you’re a fan. The panels are largely the same – the LED quad headlights are a tad slimmer plus the grille gets “diamond detailing” with a chrome finish.

If chrome isn’t your cup of tea, Jaguar throws in a Black Exterior Pack for the 2021 XF that replaces all shiny things with noir. The bevy of updates is rounded out by a new set of 19-inch five-spoke wheels in silver or glossy black, or a set of 20-inchers in satin or glossy black.

Gallery: Buick Electra Concept (motor1)

While the updates on the outside are marginal, the cabin gets the heft of improvement for the 2021 model year. The outgoing XF’s small infotainment gets replaced by a curved 11.4-inch high-definition touchscreen. A new Pivi Pro infotainment system supplements the massive screen, promising intuitive usage and simplified structure. It comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, as well as over-the-air updates and surround-view cameras.

Other 2021 XF updates include a new fully-digital instrument cluster and a convention gear lever replacing the rotary knob of the outgoing model – similar to the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace updates.

The Refreshed XF Sportbrake Is Coming:

Buyers of the 2021 Jaguar XF will have two engines and powertrain options to choose from upon its arrival in showrooms by the end of this year. These choices include a rear-wheel-drive, 246-horsepower (183 kilowatts), 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder; and an all-wheel-drive 296-hp (221 kW), 2.0-liter turbo four-banger. These mills allow the executive sedan to bold from 0-60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in 6.5 seconds and 5.8 seconds, respectively.

Pricing for the 2021 Jaguar

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There’s A Major Shortage of This Essential Kitchen Appliance

With stay-at-home orders forcing people to stay at home and cook more, naturally, they needed places to put extra food. According to NPR, freezers were a hot commodity in March, April, in May. Then people began buying refrigerators more. And now there’s a refrigerator shortage.

Just like meat, flour, eggs, disinfecting wipes, and other items, manufacturing plants can’t keep up with the demand for appliances. Factories assembling refrigerators had to close due to safety measures and to limit the number of people inside. With the economy in sudden turmoil, companies assumed demand would be down so slowing operations wouldn’t be a problem, NPR says.

However, that was the opposite of what happened. Leaders of major electronic companies like LG and Electrolux told the news organization they are seeing “unprecedented demand.” (Unfortunately, this trend isn’t one-size-fits-all — these are the 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

It is fair to say that if something gets more use, it is more likely to wear down and break. Additionally, NPR says, when travel was restricted people “began obsessing over their immediate surroundings” in their homes. So without vacations or other expenses, a new fridge seems like a good thing to buy during the quarantine.

Products like machinery, appliances, and even some common household items contain many parts that come together during manufacturing. The CEO of Clorox says the reason their disinfecting wipes are in such short supply is due to a sharp increase in demand. But that’s not all — one substance in the wipes is also in protective gear. And when essential workers need masks, medical gowns, and medical wipes, the supply chain gets tricky.

If you’re in need of an appliance during the refrigerator shortage, you may have to wait a little while for supply to catch up. Experts say that like Clorox wipes, appliances might not be in stock until 2021.

This isn’t the only item you can’t get right now, There’s a Worldwide Shortage of This Beloved Hot Beverage.

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Interior awards its last major EIS task order for $483M

Written by

Dave Nyczepir

The Department of the Interior has largely finished the procurement portion of its transition to the new, governmentwide contract for information technology and telecommunications, following the award of a nearly $483 million voice services task order.

Interior awarded the task order covering telephone and conferencing services to the economically disadvantaged, women-owned small business Core Technologies under the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract on Sept. 17.

The department was only 33% of the way toward transitioning off the expiring Networx contract by the General Services Administration‘s deadline of Sept. 30, 2022, as of early August but can now focus on fully on modernization.

Interior awarded Core Technologies a $1.6 million EIS task order for telecom support for the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency on Aug. 28. Together the two task orders represent Core Technologies’ first under EIS.

The department’s largest task order was a $1.6 billion award to CenturyLink for core network services and access services like Wi-Fi in January.

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CEOs of all major U.S. airlines ask White House for $25B in new aid

Sept. 17 (UPI) — The heads of all major U.S. airlines met with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Thursday to ask for more federal aid amid ongoing hardships in the aviation industry.

Attending the meeting with Meadows at the White House were American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, United CEO Scott Kirby, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, Delta CEO Ed Bastian, Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram, Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden and Airlines For America President Nicholas Calio.

Airlines worldwide have taken significant losses since the pandemic began early this year and virtually all have made cutbacks in some fashion to offset the lost revenues from declines in passenger traffic.

Meadows told the CEOs Thursday President Donald Trump would support $25 billion in additional financial aid for the industry to save thousands of jobs.

U.S. airlines can begin laying off employees on Oct. 1 when a moratorium on job cuts expires, which was attached to the first round of federal funding in the spring.

“I never thought I’d say $25 billion was a small number, but compared to $1.5 trillion, it’s a rather small amount of additional assistance that could potentially keep 30,000 to 50,000 workers on the payroll,” Meadows said. “If we’re going to get something separate prior to that deadline, it’s going to have to happen next week.”

“We had a very good meeting with the chief [of staff],” Kelly said. “The first CARES Act kept this country out of pandemic and I think the only mistake that was made is that it didn’t go far enough and long enough.”

Without further federal aid, American said last month it will cut 19,000 and United said it will dismiss 16,000.

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Morven Museum & Garden undertakes major preservation project


PRINCETON – The Morven Museum & Garden will undertake a major preservation project with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a National Park Service “Save America’s Treasures” grant.

“In these extraordinary times, we are able to fulfill our most primary public charge, to preserve the National Historic Landmark known as Morven in perpetuity, thanks to a $210,000 grant from the Save America’s Treasures program of the National Park Service coupled with a gift from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,” Morven Museum & Garden’s Executive Director Jill Barry said in a prepared statement.

Competing against preservation projects from across the country, Save America’s Treasures, administered by the National Park Service, Department of Interior, awarded Morven its full request to facilitate much-needed repairs on the landmark structure including exterior woodwork repair, interior floor repairs, interior storm windows, and a new energy efficient lighting system, according to the statement.


“At a time where operating funds are so limited, we are fortunate to have funders that understand the importance of caring for the infrastructure of the 260-year-old physical building in a timely manner or risk suffering irreparable damage,” Barry said in the statement. “As Robert Wood Johnson’s home from 1928-44, the foundation generously supported the project.”

Notably, additional matching funds were provided by the New Jersey Historic Trust and the Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund, along with the sponsorship of the Princeton chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution for the first phase of the project, the repair of 52 windows and corresponding 104 shutters, according to the statement.

Most historic sites celebrate one notable resident, Morven is unique in that it was home to many remarkable people. Built in the 1750s and home to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Morven is New Jersey’s first governor’s mansion and home to five New Jersey governors, their families and staffs, witnessing nearly 300 years of history, according to the statement.

Morven is located at 55 Stockton St., Princeton, and is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The gardens are open daily until dusk.

For more information, visit; Instagram @morvenmuseum; or Twitter @MorvenMuseum



Morven Museum & Garden presents the online exhibition, “Portrait of Place: Paintings, Drawings and Prints of New Jersey, 1761-1898.”

The International Day of Peace: Roosevelt Poets Read at Morven will take place at 5 p.m. Sept. 21. Free for Friends of Morven, or $10.

A virtual Victorian Pressed Flower Wreath Workshop will be held at noon on Sept. 25. Cost is $35, or $25 for Friends of Morven.

Celebrate Richard Stockton’s birthday with a tulip planting workshop at 4 p.m. Sept. 29. Free for Friends of Morven; or $10.

A replica of the Justice Bell will be on view from Oct. 20-31 in the Stockton Education Center.

A Roosevelt String Band Concert featuring music of the 1960s will be held at 2 p.m. Oct. 25. Cost is $15, or $5 for Friends

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What Are the Major Characteristics of a Great House Painter in Suwanee?

Are you looking for the best interior and exterior house painters for your home project? If yes, then you should know that fresh paint can transform your home and that’s why you should make sure that you consider taking help of the well-experienced painters. The painters who have been working in this field from a long time should have a reputed name among the customers and this can assure you that it will be easier for you to get the best services at reasonable prices. Here you can check out major characteristics of a trusted house painter:

Good communication

When you are looking forward to hiring a house painter in Suwannee for your home painting, then you should make sure that the painter has good communication skills so that you don’t have to face any issues while taking help of the expert. You must decide to enhance the quality of your project and what can be done if you can ensure proper communication with your painter.

Always on time

The painter who is punctual and can provide the best services to customers on time should be your first choice when it comes to painting your home. If your work is getting done on time, then nothing can be better than that. They don’t make your project frustrating by extending the period of work but they finish it on the given time.

Focused on detailed work

You must focus on your work with full detailing. The people who don’t want to have imperfections in their walls should only call well-known and trusted painter who can get the work done efficiently.


The best thing about the house painter in Suwanee is that he can handle multiple painting related tasks easily. Whether it is exterior painting or interior painting, they can get it done without any difficulty. You can get the best plastering, siding repair, and surface preparation if you will consider taking help of the well-known painting services.


If you want to hire well-experienced painters, then you can decide to take help of the professional house painter. It is crucial that you don’t apply this paint on the go but you should hire a house painter in Suwanee who can ensure that your wall is in good condition before getting the painting done.

So, these are the things which you should consider before hiring the painter in your area. There are no chances that you will regret hiring the painter who the qualities have given above. You can take help of the online platform to find the best painter in Suwanee. You must ensure that you can get affordable services with high-quality work. There are no chances that you will regret taking the help of professional experts because they want to provide satisfaction to their customers.

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Facts About the Four Major Feng Shui House Types

Classical feng shui students learn about the four major house types within the first few days of instruction. These house s are described in broad brush strokes. Two of the four are supportive for health and relationships and two are not. Two of the four are supportive for financial luck and the other two are not. But to place too much emphasis on these four categories of house types, is like judging a book by its cover or a painting by its frame.

In the 20th century, these four house types were given catchy descriptions, translated from more non-literal Chinese terms, whereby we have one house type that is now labeled "good for people / good for money" (aka Wang Shan Wang Shui). The exact opposite house type is referred to as "Reversed," as in the reverse of the best house. Then there are the two mixed house types, with one being deemed "good for people / bad for money (Double Sitting) and the other one" good for money / bad for people "(Double Facing.)

In reality, we know that life is more complicated, and yet we all know someone who is wealthy, but unhealthy or wealthy but very unhappy. We also know of people who are strong physically and mentally, with loving family members and close friendships, but maybe chronic financial struggles.

So it is easy to assume that these four major house "personalities" cast their influence on the occupants to create these real discrepancies. In studying Xuan Kong Fei Xing, there are actually 144 different house charts, but these 144 "flying star charts" can all be grouped into the four major categories. These categories are determined based on when a house was built and what direction it is sitting or facing, so it is not like seeing a house with certain physical characteristics which would be so obvious.

One of the most frustrating things I encounter frequently is a prospective client who wants me to assist them in house hunting and they have heard about this "good for people / good for money" house and they only want to live in that house type and no others. This is a very myopic way to go house hunting since what qualifies as good Feng Shui overall is based on a lot of criteria which is not determined based solely on the house's orientation or year built. In fact, there are so many instances when a floor plan lay-out is flawed, that it seriously undercuts or over-rides the nature of the so-called best house of these four major categories.

For example, I had one client whose house was deemed this "Wang Shan Wang Shui" (good for people / good for money house type.) Meanwhile, the actual floor plan demonstrated that the bedrooms, entrance and home office were in the worst parts of the house. To backtrack a little, it should be understood that no house on the planet has all inherently positive areas. On average, there are about four of …

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