Will Karen Handel take back the House seat she won in 2017 and lost in 2018?

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has seen one of the hardest turns left of any House seat during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Karen Handel et al. standing next to a knife

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Longtime GOP Rep. Tom Price easily won reelection in 2016 before being plucked as Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary in what turned out to be a short-term gig. A June 2017 special election to replace Price ended in victory for Republican Karen Handel, a businesswoman who was once the deputy chief of staff to second lady Marilyn Quayle.

But Handel’s House tenure was short. She lost 18 months later to Democratic challenger and gun control activist Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, who at 17 was shot and killed following an argument at a gas station in Florida about loud music.

Now, Handel is seeking a rematch in a district that includes many of Atlanta’s affluent northern suburbs, once a GOP stronghold. The area was once represented by House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rep. Johnny Isakson, who later became a senator. But like the state of Georgia, the district is now much more mixed politically, with an influx of professional-class workers, immigrants, and retirees from the Northeast and elsewhere who once flocked to Florida.

The campaign of Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, is heavily targeting the district, as are two Democratic Senate candidates in search of swing voters. That’s all likely to help McBath as she tries to prove she’s not a one-term wonder in Congress.

Officials with the House Republicans’ campaign arm aren’t particularly enthusiastic about Handel’s comeback bid, but they’re backing her as the GOP nominee. Handel’s views on social issues are deemed too conservative for the district. However, she does have name recognition, having been Georgia’s secretary of state from 2007 to 2010 before pursuing a gubernatorial bid, which she lost.

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Original Location: Will Karen Handel take back the House seat she won in 2017 and lost in 2018?

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‘As a chef I feel lost without my kitchen’

The Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Marcus Wareing considered quitting the kitchen for a role in farming, such were his concerns during lockdown for the future of his business.

‘Over the last six months I’ve thought about a different career,’ he admits in the latest episode of the podcast Biting Talk, in which he talks candidly of his fears for the restaurant industry.

‘During lockdown I watched as my bank account went down and down, and I’ve had to ask myself how much energy do I want to put into [my business], should I look at new things or take an early retirement?’

Wareing, who owns two London restaurants, Marcus at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge and The Gilbert Scott at St Pancras, says he experienced ‘some dark days,’ adding that ‘life is full of lots of challenges. I’ve had some great highs and some really weird lows and some tough times. As a chef I feel lost without my kitchen.’

His ‘burning desire’ was ‘to get back in my chef’s jacket. I’m tired of the doom and gloom. We’ve come together as an industry, we’ve got choppy roads ahead but we have to manage that and welcome our guests with smiles and a glass of champagne.’

Wareing re-opened his restaurant Marcus this week after a closure of six months but has warned that ‘the gamechanger will be another lockdown. It would be catastrophic for the industry [and] restaurants would close like dominoes.’

Listen to the full interview with Marcus Wareing on the latest edition of Biting Talk presented by William Sitwell by clicking on the audio player above. This week’s guests include the UK Hospitality spokesperson and government lobbyist Kate Nicholls who reveals ‘the iron fist’ in her velvet glove, East London baker Francesca Strange of The Proof, up-and-coming chef Olivia Burt, and Biting Talk’s mixologist Farhad Heydari.

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Looking back at a Hell’s Kitchen lost to time

The cast glowed with stars. The shadowy Manhattan streets crackled with violence. And the stakes for cops and crooks grew higher as the mobster story approached its bloodstained crescendo.

a couple of people that are talking to each other: "State of Grace," which starred Sean Penn, offered a window into a very different New York City.

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“State of Grace,” which starred Sean Penn, offered a window into a very different New York City.

But the window to see Hell’s Kitchen ignite like a tinderbox on the silver screen was devilishly narrow. “State of Grace,” a film with actors Sean Penn, Gary Oldman and Robin Wright, lasted just two weeks in cinemas in September 1990.

It’ll be 30 years Monday since the movie opened and then quickly receded in the shadow of Martin Scorsese’s classic tale of Italian-American “Goodfellas” released days later.

The film about the Irish mafia was relegated to the dustbin of history — not unlike the old New York it so vividly brought to life.

But it also has assumed the mantle of a cult classic, a vestige of a gangster genre that slipped away and a window into the period when Midtown’s mean western blocks gentrified into today’s posh playground.

“I don’t even recognize the place — a bunch of yuppie condos,” Oldman, who plays the character Jackie, says indignantly in one scene. “They could’ve left 10 blocks for the Irish. You know, they don’t even want to call it Hell’s Kitchen no more. Renamed it Clinton. Sounds like a f—–g steamboat.”

Phil Joanou et al. standing around each other: Gary Oldman (right) proved a major get for Phil Joanou (center). "The whole thing started with Gary," the director said.

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Gary Oldman (right) proved a major get for Phil Joanou (center). “The whole thing started with Gary,” the director said.

Gary Oldman (right) proved a major get for Phil Joanou (center). “The whole thing started with Gary,” the director said.

Oldman’s Jackie and Sean Penn’s character Terry, an undercover police officer, pulsate with intensity, and both actors garnered gushing reviews for the portrayals.

The story follows Terry, a local kid who moved to Boston, when he returns to New York City on a sting operation to shake up the Westies, an Irish crime gang. He unravels, discovering he’s too close to the people he’s working to bring down: Jackie was his best friend growing up. Jackie’s sister, Kathleen, was his first love.

Penn plays Terry as a stoic, hard-drinking creature of the street, while Oldman’s combustible Jackie explodes into rages. Ed Harris scowls his way through the film as Jackie’s older brother, the head of the Irish mob. And Robin Wright steals the show as Kathleen, who’s torn by emotions as she seeks distance from her brutish brothers.

(Penn and Wright met on set, and sparks flew. They later married, and divorced.)

Sean Penn, Phil Joanou are posing for a picture: Sean Penn, Phil Joanou and Gary Oldman pose at a cemetery on the set of "State of Grace."

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Sean Penn, Phil Joanou and Gary Oldman pose at a cemetery on the set of “State of Grace.”

Sean Penn, Phil Joanou and Gary Oldman pose at a cemetery on the set of “State of Grace.”

Director Phil Joanou said he lucked into the film’s high-wattage cast, which also includes John C. Reilly and Brooklyn actor John Turturro. As

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Father Creates Sunflower Garden to Honor Late Teen Daughter Who Lost Battle With Cancer

One man has taken his grief and turned it into new life as he has planted a garden to honor his daughter and wife who both passed away. Tony Brawner endured two heartbreaking losses. First, the passing of his daughter, Amy, from cancer when she was just 14 years old in 1997. Then, 12 years later, Brawner lost his wife.

He planted Amy’s Garden just last year to help him cope but now the sunflowers are now helping comfort Tony’s community.

About 40 people a day come by “Amy’s Garden” in Tennessee.

“I don’t want to be bitter, I have been at times, I’m not gonna deny that,” he admitted to Inside Edition Digital.

The garden was one way for him to process his loss and keep his loved ones close but also helping others enjoy the flowers with his daughter as the part of nature coming from the ground and her mom always close by as the butterfly in the area.

“I have a lot of faith and trust God’s plan is the way to go,” he said.


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Paradise Lost – The Garden Of Eden

John Milton was born on 9th December, 1608 in London. Milton very nicely blends the Renaissance and Reformation movement in his great literary works. Some of his literary contributions are "Ode on The Morning of Christ's Nativity," Paradise Lost, "" L'Allegro "and" II Penseroso "(1633)," Comus "(1634)," Lycidus "(1637)," Paradise Regained, "" Samson Agonisttes. "

Milton's "Paradise Lost" is a great epic. It is one of the greatest English epic of all ages. It brings out the poet's strong intellectual and creative energy. "Paradise Lost" mainly deals with God, Satan, Adam, Eve, battle for heaven between God and Satan, creation of our first man and woman – Adam and Eve, their happy hours in the Garden of Eden.
We get a very vivid and accurate description of Garden of Eden in Book 4 of "Paradise Lost". Milton very nicely shows the beauties of Paradise. We get to know that Milton's Garden of Eden and earthly Paradise are planted by the Almighty God in East of Eden. He writes:

"Eden stretched her line
From Auran eastward to the royal town
Of great Seleucia, built by Grecian kings,
Or where the sons of Eden long before
Dwelt in Telessar "

Ever single object of the Garden of Eden is nice, full of freshness and natural. Every trees of Eden is full of fruits and flowers. There are very beautiful. We get to know about TREE of KNOWLEDGE and TREE OF LIFE. Different kinds of trees like cedar, pine fir create a very nice picture. These trees form a natural boundary for the Garden of Eden. Each and every tree is fruit laden. Every trees of the Garden carry fruits and flowers which are shinning brightly as sun's rays' fall on them.

The trees of the Garden are full of fruits which are really tasty and full of richness. These trees are not planted artificially. They are full of natural richness and qualities. Eden is full of natural treasures. There are lawns, glades, valleys, where cattle are grazing freely and happily. The whole nature has given all are treasures to decorate the Paradise. There are various flowers of different colors and smells. Adam and Eve often take rest in the shady caves of the Garden.

Even the caves are decorated with fruit laden trees and grape vines. The water-falls provide a soft and murmuring sound. The water is clear like mirror. The birds are singing very sweetly from trees. The air of the Paradise is pure and full of sweet fragrance. In the lap of such beautiful nature God's two most beautiful creation are nurturing their relationship. They are unaware of every odd plans of satan.
Milton has given a vast description of the world of flora and fauna. The whole world of flora contributed in the decoration of the Paradise. There are different species of roses and jasmines are peeping from here and there in the Garden. These flowers are of different smell and color. Crocus, hyacinth decorate the floor of the …

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