Indonesian cloud kitchen startup Yummy gets $12 million Series B led by SoftBank Ventures Asia

Yummy Corporation, which claims to be the largest cloud kitchen management company in Indonesia, has raised $12 million in Series B funding, led by SoftBank Ventures Asia. Co-founder and chief executive officer Mario Suntanu told TechCrunch that the capital will be used to expand into more major cities and on developing its tech platform, including data analytics.

Other participants in the round included returning investors Intudo Ventures and Sovereign’s Capital, and new backers Vectr Ventures, AppWorks, Quest Ventures, Coca-Cola Amatil X and Palm Drive Capital . The Series B brings Yummy Corporation’s total raised so far to $19.5 million.

Launched in June 2019, Yummy Corporation’s network of cloud kitchens, called Yummykitchen, now includes more than 70 HACCP-certified facilities in Jakarta, Bandung and Medan. It partners with more than 50 food and beverage (F&B) companies, including major brands like Ismaya Group and Sour Sally Group.

During COVID-19 movement restrictions, Suntanu said Yummykitchen’s business showed “healthy growth” as people, confined mostly to their homes, ordered food for delivery. Funding will be used to get more partners, especially brands that want to digitize their operations and expand deliveries to cope with the continuing impact of COVID-19.

The number of cloud kitchens in Southeast Asia has grown quickly over the past year, driven by demand for food deliveries that began increasing even before the pandemic. But for F&B brands that rely on deliveries for a good part of their revenue, running their own kitchens and staff can be cost-prohibitive. Sharing cloud kitchens with other businesses can help increase their margins.

Other cloud kitchen startups serving Indonesia include Hangry and Everplate, but these companies and Yummy Corporation are all up against two major players: “super apps” Grab and Gojek, which both operate large networks of cloud kitchens that have the advantage of being integrated with their on-demand delivery services.

Suntanu said Yummy’s main edge compared to other cloud kitchens is that it also offers fully managed location and kitchen operation services, in addition to kitchen facilities. This means Yummy’s partners, including restaurants and F&B brands, don’t need to hire their own teams. Instead, food preparation and delivery is handled by Yummy’s workers. The company also provides its clients with a data analytics platform to help them with targeted ad campaigns and making their listings more visible on food delivery apps.

In a statement, Harris Yang, Southeast Asia associate at SoftBank Ventures Asia, said the firm invested in Yummy because “given the company’s strong expertise in the F&B industry and unique value proposition to brands, we believe that Yummy will continue to be the leader in this space. We are excited to support the team and help them scale their business in this emerging sector.”

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The Block Jimmy and Tam’s bathroom was missing one feature but still led them to victory

Can you spot what’s wrong with this Block bathroom? See inside the dreamy pastel pink and gold en suite that lead to Jimmy and Tam’s victory… but there was one thing missing

The Block’s Jimmy and Tam came first for their master en suite on Sunday night.

A dreamy pink and gold bathroom led to the married couple scoring 29 points from the judges, leaving them tied for first with Luke and Jasmin. 

But Jimmy and Tam’s room was missing one feature that all the other contestants included, which almost led to their undoing. 

Can you spot what's wrong with this Block bathroom? See inside the dreamy pastel pink and gold en suite that lead to Jimmy and Tam's victory... but there was one thing missing

Can you spot what’s wrong with this Block bathroom? See inside the dreamy pastel pink and gold en suite that lead to Jimmy and Tam’s victory… but there was one thing missing

Judge Darren Palmer noted that a bathtub was missing during the episode.  

‘That has come because of the size and the floor space they have allocated to this bathroom,’ he said.

But Shaynna Blaze said the bathroom was still sufficient for a couple despite its smaller size.  

‘If we didn’t have the others to compare to, I would say this is absolutely a perfect size for a couple,’ she said. 

‘I, as a buyer, would prefer a big walk-in robe as opposed to a bath in my master en suite because I can have a bath in the other area.’

It's a bathtub! Judge Darren Palmer noted that Jimmy and Tam's bathroom did not have a bathtub, while all of the other master en suites did

It’s a bathtub! Judge Darren Palmer noted that Jimmy and Tam’s bathroom did not have a bathtub, while all of the other master en suites did

Jimmy and Tam included a bath in their upstairs bathroom, so they still have at least one in their build. 

Meanwhile, the en suite featured white terrazzo floor tiles and statement pink wall tiles, which was praised by the judges.    

There was also a gold shower head and tapware, which added a vintage 50s flair.   

‘I’ve got to say the colour palette, which they are using all the way through, is divine,’ Shaynna said.  

Pink is the new pink! The bathroom featured white terrazzo floor tiles and statement pink wall tiles, which was praised by the judges. There was also a gold shower head and tapware, which added a vintage 50s flair

Pink is the new pink! The bathroom featured white terrazzo floor tiles and statement pink wall tiles, which was praised by the judges. There was also a gold shower head and tapware, which added a vintage 50s flair

But Shaynna and co-judge Neale Whitaker were both critical of the lighting in the bathroom, which led to them loosing some points. 

‘The one thing I would mention is the choice of light there, that little sconce is a bit disappointing,’ Neale said.

Meanwhile Shaynna said it was ‘not a good lighting plan’. 

Overall, the positives outweighed the criticisms and the couple were able to take home 29 points and a tied first place position. 

The Block continues on Channel Nine at 7pm on Monday. 

Victory! Overall, the positives outweighed the criticisms, and the couple were able to take home 29 points and a tied first place position

Victory! Overall, the positives outweighed the criticisms, and the couple were able to take home 29 points and a tied first place position



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Four Tips for Choosing the Correct LED Lights for Your Indoor Garden

Whether your outdoor space lacks the room you need to grow everything on your list, or you simply prefer to bring a bit of the outdoors in, one of the most important parts of maintaining an indoor garden comes down to lighting. Frank Petricoin, Gardyn’s lead grower, shares everything you need to know about picking the right light system for your interior growing space.

Getty / RoBeDeRo

© Provided by Martha Stewart Living
Getty / RoBeDeRo

An indoor garden expert shines a light on what it takes to help your plants thrive.

© Getty / RoBeDeRo
An indoor garden expert shines a light on what it takes to help your plants thrive.

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First, understand your plants’ needs.

Indoor gardening gives us the ultimate control over our plants, explains Petricoin, which means it becomes our responsibility to provide them with everything they need. That includes soil, hydration, and even lighting. “When considering any light for your indoor garden, the three most important things are spectrum, intensity, and efficiency,” he says. “Typically, full-spectrum lighting produces the best growth and is most identical to natural sunlight.”

Since indoor gardeners can manipulate light intensities, spectrums, and photoperiods to control the shape and stage of their plants, they need to first understand what their particular varieties need. “For example, light intensities can be increased for shorter, squatter plants or dialed back for new seedlings or to slow growth on mature plants,” he says. “Increasing photoperiods past 16 hours generally keep short-day plants in a vegetative state and encourages flowering in long-day plants.” If you shorten them to 12 hours you run the risk of reversing that effect, he adds, so choose your lights (and their settings) accordingly.

Use LED lights correctly.

When using LED lighting, it’s important to make sure the intensity and spacing is set up in such a way that no “hotspots” form, notes Petricoin. These put your plants at risk—in these zones, the light is too intense for them to handle. This is also why “efficiency is so important,” he says, “because lighting and cooling are the most energy-intensive aspects of indoor gardening, and inefficient lights turn electricity into heat instead of light.”

Invest wisely.

Petricoin says a lot of people have sticker shock when they first see the price of high-grade LED lights. “Indeed, it is the most expensive light most of us will ever purchase, so many try to cut corners by buying a cheaper model for a lower cost,” he says. “However, cheaper LED lights often do not produce spectrums, coverages, and intensities for plants to thrive happily.” Think of it this way: Since light sources are a part of your plants’ food, it’s important to be sure you’re feeding them the best “ingredients” possible.

Don’t sacrifice form for function.

Additionally, Petricoin points out that many indoor garden setups can be aesthetically displeasing. “People are typically forced to choose between dedicating an entire room to their garden, installing a big ugly grow tent in their living room, or dealing with intense light that can be annoying and burdensome,” he explains.

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FAA, Boeing cultures led to 737 Max disasters

The report was released on the same day that the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation is scheduled to take up a bill introduced by Commerce Chairman Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and ranking member Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., that would overhaul the FAA’s aircraft certification process by, in part, giving the agency authority to hire or remove Boeing employees tasked with FAA certification duties. 

Ranking member Sam Graves, R-Mo., and Aviation Subcommittee ranking member Garret Graves, R-La., said they will listen to nonpartisan reports and investigations as they work to address the accidents but said the Democratic staff’s investigation “began by concluding that our system was broken and worked backwards from there.”

“We continue to focus squarely on the nonpartisan reports and investigations and the improvements they have identified, and none of them have concluded that the U.S. certification system is fundamentally broken or in need of wholesale reform,” they said.

Still, DeFazio on Tuesday said he is working with Republicans to craft legislation responding to the report’s findings. He said the legislation would examine an FAA process that allows Boeing employees to certify parts of its aircraft, but he does not plan to “scrap” the process altogether. 

The 737 Max has been grounded since March 2019, and Chicago-based Boeing, which faces lawsuits and a criminal investigation, has reeled in the aftermath of the crisis, which has been worsened by the steep drop in airline ridership caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Virtual Kitchen led by ex-Uber execs raises $20 million from Founders

Seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, Uber has largely turned into a food delivery company. Former Uber employees, meanwhile, are finding another way to benefit from the dramatic change in the restaurant industry.

Virtual Kitchen, a start-up founded by two ex-Uber executives, has just raised $20 million of fresh capital, according to a filing on Tuesday with the SEC. The company provides technology to set up commercial kitchens designed for delivery, allowing restaurants to get food to customers without the expense and hassle of running a dining room or storefront — a model that’s especially attractive in the age of coronavirus lockdowns. One of its customers, Poki Time, said late last year that it was converting all three locations to virtual kitchens.

The company was founded in 2018 by CEO Ken Chong and Matt Sawchuk. Chong was previously a product manager for Uber’s marketplace business, and Sawchuk was a group manager at Uber Eats.

The partners are going up against their former boss. Travis Kalanick, who was the CEO of Uber until he was ousted in 2017, is the founder or Cloud Kitchens, which reportedly raised $400 million from the from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund last year. According to market research firm Reports and Data, the global market for cloud-based kitchens will grow from about $650 million in 2018 to $2.6 billion by 2026. 

Restaurants that partner with Virtual Kitchen or Cloud Kitchens can still use delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub. Uber has come to rely on its delivery business since the pandemic closed down much of the economy and led employers to convert to remote work. Uber said last month that gross bookings for Uber Eats jumped 113% in the latest quarter, while its core ride-hailing business plunged 73%.

The round was led by Keith Rabois, a partner at Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, and comes just over a year after a $15.3 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Base10 Partners.

Virtual Kitchen didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

WATCH: Uber and Lyft continue service for now in California

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Salon Owner’s ‘Political Leanings’ Led To ‘Setup’


  • Nancy Pelosi’s hairstylist said the owner’s political leanings led to Monday’s setup
  • The stylist said the owner had been violating health orders since April
  • A law firm said they had evidence showing Kious working without a face mask

The stylist involved in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s salongate controversy has spoken in support of the Democrat after she accused the establishment of setting her up during Monday’s hair appointment —  a visit that was widely criticized by Republicans. 

Jonathan DeNardo, the stylist who served Pelosi at the salon, released his statement on Thursday. He said Erica Kious, the owner of eSalon San Franciso, permitted him to go forward with the appointment even though local ordinances prohibited salons from operating. 

It is unclear whether DeNardo was aware that the appointment violated the city’s coronavirus restrictions as Pelosi said she was told the salon was allowed to serve customers one at a time. 

In the statement, DeNardo accused Kious of purporting responsibility for the salon’s temporary suspension of operations. He also claimed the owner’s political leanings led to the setup, which was done “for her own vain aspirations.”

“The fact that Ms. Kious is now objecting to Speaker Pelosi’s presence at eSalon, and from a simple surface-level review of Ms. Kious’ political leanings, it appears Ms. Kious is furthering a set-up of Speaker Pelosi for her own vain aspirations,” DeNardo said.

Soleiman APC, the law firm representing the stylist, said they collected photographs, footages, and witness statements that prove Kious had been violating the health order by operating indoors despite stay-at-home orders since April 2020. 

The original story, which was published by Fox News, has gone viral in conservative media circles. CCTV footage of the incident has been replayed and covered by major outlets. It was also played on loop at a White House briefing on Thursday, as reported by NPR.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy, slamming the House Speaker for becoming the victim of a setup. Donald Trump Jr. also called Pelosi the Marie Antoinette of the 21st century, in reference to the queen of France who was known for hosting extravagant parties that lasted for nights. She became the symbol of the monarchy’s excessiveness. 

Pelosi responded to the video on Wednesday, telling reporters that she was set up by the salon owner. In her statement, she said she takes full responsibility for falling for the setup, but believes the salon should apologize for the incident

In response, Kious appeared on “Tucker Carlon Tonight” to dismiss the accusations.

San Francisco has ordered hair salons and barbershops to cease operations since March due to the COVID pandemic. The city lifted the restrictions this week but only for outdoor services. 

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said some progress had been made in stimulus talks, and while both sides are far apart on some issues, markets expect a deal will eventually be done House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said some progress had been made in stimulus talks, and while both sides are far apart on some issues, markets expect a deal will eventually be done Photo: AFP / MANDEL NGAN

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Bathroom LED Lighting: Make Use of Your Bathroom for All Its Purposes

It is always advised that the light above the mirror is soft (but not very soft), enough to see your reflection properly. If the illuminance is very low, while using it for vanity purposes, there might be shadows on your face. The light should equally illuminate your face, so instead of having one it is advisable to have multiple bulbs. At the same time, you shouldn't be using fixtures as this also makes the lighting uneven.

If the light comes from different angles, all parts of your face will be illuminated equally. For example, while applying makeup, you should be sure that both sides of the face are equally made up, but if the light falls differently on both the sides you will never be sure if it isn't really even or the light is showing it as such.

If you have a bathtub, then you should light the area with soft lights. You draw a bath to calm your nerves and relax and with minimum lighting, you can gain the feeling of being in a spa. In case you have a shower, it is better to have lights away from the water, preferably in the ceiling. It should never be a naked bulb, recessed lighting is a good idea as well.

There should be a lot of lights in the bathroom, but you should be sure that you don't put it in an unplanned manner. Plan what use every corner will serve and light it accordingly. LED lights are helpful in this as they are cost-effective and bright.

In terms of colors, it is always better to use yellow light since it isn't harsh. It adds to the aesthetic and makes the bathroom warm, a place to relax. You can also install a dimmer switch to change the light according to your mood and time of the day.

The mirror should also be placed in a way that during the day you have natural lighting. Design the interiors of the bathroom accordingly. There should be ample bright light, it is always great to have an option. Some people also prefer lights over the mirror, so make sure the size of the bulb is proportional to that of the mirror.

Shades over the light may obstruct its illuminance, so if you'd still rather have them, then you should use light color shades with bright LED bulbs of a higher voltage, probably 60-80 Watts. But the most important thing to keep in mind is all bulbs in the bathroom must be energy saving and cost-effective. Nobody likes to pay an exorbitant electricity bill after all.

While making a bathroom in business places like restaurants and hotels, the interiors are slightly different. People frequent restaurants and hotels to break away from their mundane lives at home and office.

Places like restaurants, clubs and coffee shops require lighting that are long-lasting and can run long hours in the day cost effectively. Since they require lighting at all times and only seldom are they …

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All About LED Garden Lamps

Setting the outdoor décor of a home, a garden or a park is a common trend in our society. These have been done during different occasions such as wedding parties or even done for the general purpose of decoration. One of the major ways it is done is by use of garden lighting; This is the landscape setting of the light bulb in a unique theme or technique to create a creative artistic ambiance by way of these lamps.

Led light bulbs are significantly used in this sort of activities since they have an advantageous edge over any other type of bulb. They are energy efficient; They provide much light which is brighter and can be set to illuminate in different colored beams. The setting of the garden lamps requires a good décor designer experienced in the outdoor setting to bring about the much-needed experience outside the house.

Types of Garden Led Lamps.

Solar LED lamps, these are mounted outside with a built in solar panel that harnesses and stores light energy from the sun at day time, and at night the light up the place. These sorts of lamps can be used for both general purposes and security reasons.

Electric low voltage lights, these LED bulbs utilize approximately 12 volts of energy from a transformer connected to the main power grid and are used to illuminate gardens and parks as well as entrances.

Battery LED lamps; They have their source of power being a battery that can be recharged whenever they are drained off energy and example is a LED lamp candle. They are usually small in size and are placed on the tables surfaces or hang from the wall.

Motion sensor LED lights. These are commonly security bulbs fixed with a motion detector device in them such that they switch on at the slight detection of movement. They are set on garden entrances or at areas that require security.

Tips to consider when shopping for LED lamps for a garden.

The type of fixture available, different garden fixtures can be used and they, include tree hanging, wall mounting, or rope installations.

The direction and purpose of lighting, different angles can be employed such as down lighting and unidirectional lighting. For security reasons, directional illumination is best while for ambiance purposes, any form is best as long as it creates the desired scene.

Weather or the surrounding conditions, LED lamps are widely used in both extreme and normal conditions and thus its best to have lights that can handle outdoor conditions like rain and sunny conditions.

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