Inside Vicky Pattison and Ercan Ramadan’s Lake District holiday cottage with huge kitchen, log fire and cosy sofas

VICKY Pattison gave her social media followers a glimpse of her romantic Lake District holiday with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories to showcase their idyllic countryside cottage with a huge kitchen, log fire and cosy sofas.

Vicky Pattison shared a glimpse of her romantic Lake District holiday with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan


Vicky Pattison shared a glimpse of her romantic Lake District holiday with boyfriend Ercan RamadanCredit: Instagram

The 32-year-old first showed the outside of their impressive rental in Cumbria for the week and explained that she had organised the trip for Ercan.

Giving an impromptu house tour, she began: “So I’ve brought Ercan away for the week to the Lake District to this little cottage. Super cute.

“I thought we could hike, snuggle infront of the log fire.”

Vicky was sure to give her followers an eyeful of the country bolthole’s stylish interiors when she entered the home starting with the kitchen, which featured a wraparound island with stove.

The reality TV star took to Instagram to showcase their idyllic countryside cottage with a huge kitchen


The reality TV star took to Instagram to showcase their idyllic countryside cottage with a huge kitchenCredit: Instagram
The sitting room featured cosy sofas and an eye-catching painting of sheep


The sitting room featured cosy sofas and an eye-catching painting of sheepCredit: Instagram

The white wash on the walls was offset with two bold statement walls in yellow and blue that complemented the farmhouse inspired wooden counter tops.

The space also boasted a Scandinavian-inspired dining area, which was situated infront of the kitchen’s windows.

“How gorgeous is this kitchen?” Vicky said of the space. “And they left a bottle of prosecco for his birthday.”

Moving into the sitting room, she pointed out: “the log fire, cosy sofas”, while giving a quick glimpse of the grey walls and artwork that adorned the space.

Their 'cottage' was in fact an impressive three-story home


Their ‘cottage’ was in fact an impressive three-story homeCredit: Instagram
Vicky got cosy infront of the sitting room's log fire


Vicky got cosy infront of the sitting room’s log fireCredit: Instagram

Finishing off the tour, she showed the house’s carpeted stairs and explained how the home “goes up and up and up”.

Her latest trip comes months after she revealed to OK! online that Ercan, 27, offered to have children with her earlier than he had planned because of their five year age gap.

In January, she explained: “He said to me, ‘If you want to have kids now we can have kids now but, it’s not the right time and you know that yourself if you’re honest’. I was like, ‘I know’.

“I love the stage we’re at, we have weekends away, we spend time with our families, we’re on about moving house, it’s a lovely stage and having a baby would just complicate that and I don’t know if either of us are ready.

The kitchen also boasted a Scandinavian-inspired dining area


The kitchen also boasted a Scandinavian-inspired dining areaCredit: Instagram
Ercan appeared in the video and teased at the kitchen's statement yellow wall


Ercan appeared in the video and teased at the kitchen’s statement yellow wallCredit: Instagram

“I had be really realistic and there’s part of us would love a baby so much but I know it’s not the right time.”

Vicky started dating the former Towie star in January 2019, just three

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Good samaritans rescue drowning fawn on Interior lake

A small fawn is likely feeling very thankful after it was rescued from a potential drowning incident this weekend.

According to Interior resident Debbie Palmer, her daughter was out at Pavilion Lake with friends enjoying the final days of summer. Tara G Kimberley and her husband Jay Schaly, who are visiting from Vancouver, were out on their pontoon boat when they spotted a fawn swimming frantically in the water.

After some time, they managed to reach and rescue the fawn, pulling into the boat. Following the rescue, they dried off the baby, drove back to shore and let it go on its way.

<who> Photo Credit: Debbie Palmer

“They were on their pontoon boat on Sat, Sept. 5th, with friends when they spotted a fawn swimming frantically in the water,” said Palmer. “They managed to rescue the poor, exhausted fawn, dry him or her off and take it back to shore.”

The pair will return to the coast tomorrow as heroes to a local deer.

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Dear Annie: Lake house owner makes a distinction between ‘visitors’ and ‘vacationers’

Dear Annie: My husband and I are 77 years old. Our lake home has four bedrooms and plenty of space for family visits. During the summer, the family knows they have to make “reservations” to visit. Sometimes, we will have seven immediate family members here, and once we had 18 nephews and nieces and their families. They have use of our boats and always replace the gas they used. We feel fortunate that we can allow them to have a family vacation that is relatively inexpensive for them. Many have thanked us for the memories they have made over the past 20 years.

However, we plan several breakfasts and lunches and most evening meals. All but one family will bring extra food, including snacks and their own drinks (we never know what everyone wants). Some will cook an evening meal for us while they are here. All groups will treat us to an evening meal at a local restaurant. One family also leaves us gift certificates to local businesses. We do ask that they change the beds before they leave for the next group of visitors. All are willingly do this.

We never expect all the help, but it is greatly appreciated. When one adds up the cost of extra food, disposable cups and plates and utilities for 10 weeks a year, it can be expensive.

Over the years, we have learned there are two kinds of guests: visitors and vacationers. Visitors come to see us, enjoy the lake and surroundings and help in any way they can to make their visit easier and more enjoyable for us. Vacationers are those who come to our “hotel” and restaurant and expect to be waited on while they are here. Needless to say, we don’t have “vacationers” more than once. — Visitors and Vacationers

Dear Visitors and Vacationers: I love your classification of guests as visitors and vacationers. I would take it a step farther and say that most people fall into two categories — those who are considerate of others and how they are feeling, and those who have a sense of entitlement and a lack of gratitude.

Want to know a secret? The considerate ones, the visitors, are happier people.

Dear Annie: I married a man with a son from his first marriage, who was 12 years old when we started dating. What really attracted me to my husband was the fact that he and his ex-wife were wonderful co-parents. As far as I knew, they were never mean, cruel or vindictive to each other, and it was quite apparent that they both loved their son (my stepson).

His ex was always included in family gatherings and my in-laws provided childcare for their grandson while his mother worked weekends as a nurse at the hospital. My stepson grew up knowing that he had an extended loving family. He had his mother’s family, his father’s family and my family who all welcomed and supported him. My stepson came to our state

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Miller Lite turned a Michigan lake house into a ‘groovy’ pad decorated like it’s 1975

MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI — There’s no other way to say it, 2020 is a bit of a downer.

Fortunately, Miller Lite has provided an opportunity for a weekend escape to 1975 through its Miller Timeshare, a Midwest pad dripping with 70s décor. Miller Lite was introduced nationally in 1975.

The property, which could be rented exclusively on for $96 per night, is located in Muskegon County on Mona Lake.

“End of summer travel looks a little different this year,” said Courtney Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite. “But it’s still time for Miller Time, so Miller Lite created the Miller Timeshare, a groovy space for a small group to get together, put on a record, crack open some beers, and escape 2020 for a couple days.”

Miller Lite took what once was an everyday lake house and completely overhauled to take people back in time to 1975. The Miller Timeshare is complete with mod furniture, a bomb avocado-colored kitchen, groovy shag carpets, nifty house plants and funky wood paneling.

The pad also features a stellar game room with a pinball machine, old school record player and throwback ’70s board games. The Wi-Fi is also cut “because Instagram can wait, authentic connections can’t.”

Unfortunately, rentals for the timeshare sold out very quickly when they became available on Friday morning. However, you can see some photos below.

Miller Lite Timeshare

The groovy master bedroom features funky patterns and a retro mini bar complete with Miller Lite and old school snacks.Miller Lite

Miller Lite Timeshare

The party doesn’t stop indoors… your crew can hit the patio for some fresh air and fireside hangs.Miller Lite

Miller Lite Timeshare

The kitchenMiller Lite

Miller Lite Timeshare

Mona LakeMiller Lite

Miller Lite Timeshare

1970s decor in the Miller Lite TimeshareMiller Lite

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