That Kitchen Aid You Use Twice a Year Can Also Make Pasta, Stuff Sausages, Spiralize, and Juice

At the risk of dating myself here, I have had a KitchenAid stand mixer for more than 16 years. My wife and I got it as an engagement party gift, as one does. Truth be told, for the first decade-plus of our marriage, the rather large, clunky mixer spent most of its time in a kitchen cabinet. It only saw the light of day to mix up the occasional cake batter or to mix together ingredients for muffins, bread, and other rarely-prepared eats.

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Then we started reading up on the thing — it turns out that calling this thing a mixer is akin to calling a Swiss Army Knife a blade. Sure, it mixes, with multiple speeds, the capacity for more than 100 cookies in a single batch of batter, mixer attachments for all types of batter, dough, sauces, and you get it. But if you never use all the other stuff in your Swiss Army Knife – scissors, bottle opener, and corkscrew most often, I’ll wager – you’re doing it wrong. And man were we ever.

See, it’s not really about the accessories that go into the mixing bowl, but rather about all the attachments you can connect to the front of the unit while the bowl is removed. These include a pasta press with the ability to make six different types of pasta, including spaghetti, fusilli, and large macaroni. There’s a slow juicer that can process everything from apples to berries to carrots or even kale. There are multiple blades that can slice, dice, shred, or spiralize. There’s a grain mill, because of course there is. This thing can even be outfitted with a meat grinder or sausage stuffer.

If you love preparing food, be it baking, making juice blends, prepping fancy salads, or grinding and stuffing your own bratwurst, you need one of these in your life. And a bunch of its add-ons, too.

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White House Rolls Out Tons More COVID Tests to Juice Reopening

President Donald Trump announced Monday that his administration would hand out 100 million coronavirus tests to states across the country, free of charge, for community distribution but stressed state leaders should use the additional resources to reopen schools.

The administration plans to ship the Abbott BinaxNOW point of care tests in batches and will distribute them on a per capita basis, according to officials working with the White House coronavirus task force. It’s unclear which states will receive the tests first

In a private call on Monday morning, Vice President Mike Pence pleaded with governors directly, saying that while they are free to use the tests as they see fit, the administration is distributing the tests with the “hope” that state leaders use them to reopening of schools.

The testing rollout comes as scientists, including those working with Trump’s own coronavirus task force, warn that Americans could face a significant risk in the upcoming months if governors continue to allow their residents to socialize in crowded indoor settings, including bars and restaurants, and if they do not adequately control the spread of the virus on college campuses. Even Pence, the leader of the task force, said Americans should expect the situation to worsen in the coming weeks. “Cases will rise in the days ahead,” he told reporters Monday in the Rose Garden.

Despite those warnings, Trump and his advisers in the White House continue to downplay fears of another COVID19 wave by overpromising the reach of the new infusion of testing supplies. Trump has repeatedly told the American people that a vaccine is just around a corner even as top officials say the public will not have access to the remedy until well into next year. On Monday, Trump deployed a similar tactic, saying his administration would send 100 million new COVID19 tests to help governors safely keep students in the classroom, a move he hailed as a significant accomplishment. But officials working on that effort said states would receive only 6.5 million tests in the first round and gave no indication of when the other 94.5 million tests would be distributed.

Trump has consistently praised his administration’s coronavirus response even as the nation’s death toll has climbed past 200,000 and his handling of the pandemic has been heavily scrutinized by officials. The president has also proudly flouted state’s coronavirus restrictions as he returned to full-fledged rallies in recent weeks.

That disregard for state restrictions has been further coupled with him continuing to lash out at Democratic led states, demanding that they reopen even though the virus continues to spread and kill.

The president continued that approach Monday when it came to “lockdowns,” saying such a move “can be very harmful.”

“And we have too many states that are locked down right now, the governors are, nobody knows what the governors are doing actually,” Trump said during his speech.

Trump’s message was echoed, as usual, by Pence. After touting the improving coronavirus situations in the sun belt states that

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From the Kitchen: Punching it up, with or without some ‘joy juice’ | From The Kitchen

In 2018, a trio of experts gathered in my kitchen to determine which of three children’s fruit punches rated the top three stars.

Sisters Tori and Jaida and their cousin, Annabella, were the three grade school-age judges.

They put their heads together and taste buds on alert and today’s fruity punch was declared the winner. The judging was very mild mannered. They saw eye-to-eye with no arguments, skirmishes, or arm-wrestling.

I thought someone might be getting thirsty after the pasta-chili recipe from last week. It’s been a while since I’ve given any particular drink, so now is as good a time as any.

There may be youthful birthday parties in the future and you might want to go a few steps further with a festive beverage other than the already prepared pouches and boxes. Although there isn’t anything wrong with them. I never downplay their taste and convenience.

After the younger set is satisfied, I haven’t forgotten adults. For any grown-up occasion you could mix up the fruity punch, adding your favorite joy juice.

Or give yourself a relaxing time with good company and today’s refreshing beverage that still has a hint of summer from the lemonade, yet provides a taste of coming holidays by way of the cranberry juice.

Look for the sparkling lemonade where the soft drinks are sold. It’s usually in a two-liter with the Pepsi, Coke, etc., and generally a store brand. Omitting the vodka in that punch makes it acceptable also as a children’s punch.

I tossed in one more possible go-to for an adult party. Some years back, the wine punch was unfailingly mixed and served by a member of the Sons of Italy at every festive occasion of the lodge.

The author of the simple recipe called it her “substitute for champagne.” It was always well-received. The lower-than-champagne cost of ingredients made it most inviting.

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