Hilary Duff baffles internet with bizarre detail in her bathroom

Hilary Duff has let the cameras into her home to give an epic house tour for the latest issue of Architectural Digest.

However, in the photo promoting the shoot, fans have questioned why on earth the Younger actress has a bathtub sitting in her living room.

“A bathtub in the living room??” one fan asked.

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The photo shows Duff sitting on a plush pink sofa, with a silver bathtub behind her.

While the photo seems like it’s in a living room with a random bathtub sitting in the middle, the star has explained the situation.

She clarified, “A bathtub. In a bathroom. I’d say pretty appropriate.”

It turns out this room is Duff’s personal bathroom, which has a gorgeous vibe to it, with wooden floors and the tub that looks out a window.

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As you can see the shower is right next to the bathtub.

Just look how gorgeous and relaxing this looks.

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In fact people were loving the idea of having a sofa in the bathroom.

“Most of us have never seen a sofa in a bathroom before,” another fan commented. “Would have never thought about having a couch in the bathroom next to tub, but now seeing it I NEED it!” another wrote.

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Duff said the bathroom is her own personal space, where she can enjoy a moment of quiet away from her husband Matthew Koma and her children Luca and Banks.

“I will hide from them in my bathroom,” Duff confessed.

“My husband thinks it’s sad that we don’t share a bathroom. He’s like, ‘We miss so much good hanging out time. I want to get ready with you.’

“I don’t think ‘I always want to get ready with you,’ but when I am putting on my makeup, he will sit on that couch. It’s sweet.”

One other fantastic feature Duff showed off in her house tour … in her son Luca’s bedroom.

Hilary installed the slide in her son’s room as the room had incredibly high ceilings, and she wanted to take advantage of it.

Lucky kid!

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This Adult TikTok House is the ‘Worst Thing’ the Internet Has Ever Seen

A new influencer house made up of adult TikTok creators has emerged in Los Angeles and the internet has quickly dubbed it the “worst thing” it has ever seen.

The Honey House is not the first of its kind, though most other influencer houses like Hype House, Clubhouse BH, and the new GOAT House in Ireland, are generally made up of influencers in their teens or early twenties.

TikTok and YouTube content creators move into these houses to collaborate with one another and gain followers and likes by benefiting from each other’s followings. They tend to churn out content and make money from promotional posts and videos on social media.

An AFP collaborator poses for a picture using the smart phone application TikTok on December 14, 2018, in Paris. An LA influencer house made up of models and fitness trainers has irked social media users and has been described the “worst thing” they have ever seen.

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However, the video showing what the inhabitants of the Honey House do for a living has irked social media users.

The adult TikTok house, or the “Honey House,” has caused a stir, primarily because it is made up of adults—as opposed to teenagers—who have jobs outside of TikTok, with one TikTok user saying: “This is the ultimate rebrand. Turning ‘I have nine roommates’ into ‘I’m in TikTok house’.”

The social media-focused jobs the content creators have, like a mindset and motivation coach, an e-commerce consultant, plus models, actors, and fitness trainers, are also a talking point, with another TikTok user commenting: “This is the most LA thing I’ve ever heard.”

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The Honey House, which was established on August 10 and is made up of four couples, has 380k followers and 10.9m likes across its videos, which are predominately made up of challenges, exercise routines, and hopscotch videos.

But it was the behind-the-scenes video explaining what each of the creators does for a living that has sparked a backlash on Twitter. Actor Jack Wagner shared the video and said: “sincerely the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Author Bolu Babalola said: “It took me a while to realize this wasn’t parody.”

Writer Imani Gandy joked: “Alexa how do I street fight a TikTok video?”

Editor Michael Cuby said: “I thought ‘Adult TikTok House’ would be the end for me but what actually destroyed me was the guy lifting a weight with one hand, eating a taco with the other hand, while also reading a script.”

While reporter Jennine Khalik said: “‘adult tiktok house’ I’m having an aneurysm.”

Even actor Seth Rogen reacted to the video and joked: “F*** they cut me out.”

However, the backlash is

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How To Sell Your House on The Internet

Did you know that over 88% of all house buyers search for their house by looking on the internet? The internet has become the primary medium for potential buyers to search for a house. Using the internet to market your house is a comprehensive mass marketing approach to selling a house. And when selling your house on your own you need to take an all out approach so you can distribute the message that your house is for sale to the masses. You also need the message to be loud, clear and appealing. There are many websites that can assist you in selling your house, though some are more effective than others, and these websites will get you as much exposure as any real estate agent will get you. Regardless of what website you do choose to use, make sure you have great pictures and a great virtual tour to upload to the website. Great photos and virtual tours sell houses.

Since 88% or more of potential buyers will use the internet to search for their next house, it is clear you need to focus your attention to internet marketing and make sure you are marketing in all the right places. So where do you market on the internet? Don’t waste your time marketing in places where your house listing will get mediocre or zero exposure. Based on years of experience we recommend you only market on effective internet websites that have been proven to get mass exposure and successfully sell houses. We have many websites to recommend, but there are a few that stand out. Most of which are FREE.

The first place to market your house is Craigslist, which has become an excellent online classified resource used to sell real estate. Make sure your headlines and ads sparkle and the content of the classified is clear and detailed. Make sure you respond quickly to inquiries since internet prospects will continue to look for houses to see what else is around the bend.

The second website is Facebook, which now has over 140 million unique visitors in the U.S. and can give you incredible trustworthy exposure. You can share your listing with your friends or create a separate new page specifically for your house.

The third effective internet resource to market your house is Postlets, which is a website service that automatically posts your house listing on many other online websites. It’s easy to use and gives you great exposure to the masses.

The fourth are for sale by owner websites, also known as “FSBO” websites. FSBO Websites are the Do-It-Yourself option that allows you to market your house listing through the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) system, which was once a place exclusive to real estate agents alone. Marketing through a FSBO website will give you the same exposure 99% of real estate agents have. And if you combine that exposure with the other places we’ve touched upon, you will outshine most real estate agents’ marketing efforts.

Now of …

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