Top Vancouver Realtor, Mahsa Babaie, Uses Her Interior Design Skills to Stage Homes and Impress Buyers

Vancouver has a costly and competitive real estate market. A homeowner cannot merely list their property for sale and expect to find a buyer for their preferred sales price. A successful sale can only be achieved with the assistance of a licensed realtor that has the right experience and skills in more than one trade.

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Mahsa Babaie is a top-selling real estate agent in Vancouver with her real estate company, Mahsa Babaie Personal Real Estate Corporation. She utilizes her interior design background to offer a concierge service to sellers that add value to their properties by staging, repairing, redesigning and improving the appearance of their homes so they can sell for more money. That way, buyers will be impressed and amazed when they step foot inside these homes and see how attractive and appealing everything looks.

“I work with all sorts of sellers and buyers from different walks of life,” said Mahsa. “The quality and standards of my services are consistent with every client. Budgets or circumstances are irrelevant. I’m a perfectionist, and I work hard to help my clients as best as I can.

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Mahsa was a professional interior designer before she was a successful realtor. She has extensive education, work experience, and credentials in the interior design industry. She has also taken construction and technology classes at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, so she has a lot of knowledge about the homes her clients buy and sell.

Together, these skills taught Mahsa how to increase the value and integrity of a structure from the inside out. During her interior design career, Some of her biggest clients were real estate agents who needed help staging their own clients’ homes. She made several connections in the real estate business while doing these interior design projects. Most of the relationships consisted of realtors, sellers, buyers and investors.

“It got to the point where my entire interior design career revolved around the real estate business,” said Mahsa. “I grew to love real estate so much that I decided to become a realtor myself rather than keep working for other realtors. So, I switched careers from interior design to real estate. Then I offered my clients something that other realtors were not offering, a concierge service of interior design, repairs, and staging, which boosted my number of sales almost immediately.”

Since 2015, Mahsa has worked as a full-time realtor. Her main areas of focus are Downtown Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. These locations have some of the wealthiest real estate properties in Canada. Many buyers come to her looking to upsize from downtown urban living to a bigger home to support their lifestyle or growing families. People trust Mahsa the most because of her charismatic personality and plethora of experience in real estate and interior design.

“I am

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Homeowner wakes to find two male pythons fighting in her garden to impress another female snake

Ssssssurprise! Homeowner wakes to find two male pythons fighting in her garden as they try to impress another female snake

  • Bridget Dowdle posted two snakes fighting at her home in Brisbane on Tik Tok 
  • The snakes are vying for the attention of a female to mate in breeding season 
  • Comments on the video were horrified at the carpet pythons aggressive display
  • Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie warned Queenslanders of big snakes this season 

A woman has captured two male snakes fighting in her backyard in Queensland. 

Bridget Dowdle upload the terrifying footage from her garden in Brisbane to her Tik Tok page on Wednesday.

The video shows two large male carpet pythons vying for the attention of a hidden female snake.

The snakes can be seen swirling around each other in a spiral trying to avoid each others bite to earn the right to mate with the female.

Bridget Dowdle captured two snakes fighting (pictured) at her home in Brisbane on Tik Tok

Bridget Dowdle captured two snakes fighting (pictured) at her home in Brisbane on Tik Tok

‘And not one wink of sleep was had that night,’ Ms Dowdle captioned the video.

Comments on the video were horrified by the snakes aggressive display.

‘I would die if this happened in my yard,’ one comment reads.

‘This is why I’m never going to Australia,’ another post says.

Other commentators noted there was about to be many more snakes on Ms Dowdle’s property after mating season.

‘There’s going to be about 20 more eggs in your backyard soon,’ one comment reads. 

The two carpet pythons can be seen in the footage vying for the attention of a hidden female to mate with in snake breeding season

The two carpet pythons can be seen in the footage vying for the attention of a hidden female to mate with in snake breeding season

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers issued a warning to the public on Wednesday after capturing a huge red belly after it slithered through a school.

Mr McKenzie said his last few weeks have been ‘ridiculous’ after catching several enormous reptiles in snake breeding season.

The experienced catcher told Daily Mail Australia he had seen a number of large adult snakes on the move through the region.

‘It’s been hectic,’ Mr McKenzie said. ‘It’s that time of year. All the big adult snakes are out and about and mating and all the boys are fighting each other.’

Stuart McKenzie (pictured) caught this huge red belly black snake from the back of a school on the Sunshine Coast on Friday

Stuart McKenzie (pictured) caught this huge red belly black snake from the back of a school on the Sunshine Coast on Friday

Mr McKenzie was called to relocate an enormous red belly black snake on Friday after it snuck its way through the playground to the back of a school.

‘It was very big for a red belly,’ he said. ‘A good four-and-a-half to five foot and fat and chunky.

‘The teachers did a great job of keeping the kids away.’

Mr McKenzie estimated the snake was around eight-years-old and among a wealth of elder snakes travelling about on the Sunshine Coast lately.

‘Everyone’s coming out to play,’ he said.

Mr McKenzie and his team also relocated an enormous carpet python (pictured) underneath a garbage bin in Nambour

Mr McKenzie and

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10 Interior and Tech Features That Impress Us

Whether or not you think the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 is the S-Class of SUVs might depend on the added luxuries and features your money can buy. Then again, the multi-contour front seats with massage function, Burmester sound system, Airmatic suspension, and twin-turbo V-8 that come standard do conform to the S-Class’ refined way of life.

Competing against other heavyweights in the three-row luxury SUV class such as the BMW X7 and Lincoln Navigator, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 and its features have to put up a good fight, and optional upgrades are one way of doing so. The available third-row seat may not accommodate 6-footers, but there’s room to breathe, cupholders, and USB ports. At night the illuminated cabin brings a different kind of energy, and straight shots on deserted roads are exciting with 483 horsepower and Sport+ mode engaged. And why bother to pay for a therapist? The GLS 580 offers you a voice assistant that is always there to listen, and 10-minute relaxation programs for your physical well-being.

Following our test drive and ample quality time in a well-appointed Mercedes-Benz GLS 580, these are among the tech and interior features we like the most, and the majority of them do in fact come standard.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Features: Customizable Digital Instrument Cluster

With four selectable designs, a variety of layout options, animated menus, and touch controls that make scrolling a breeze, the MBUX instrument cluster is one to mimic. The illustrations, vehicle-information readouts, and multi-function gauges are outstanding and provide plenty of data. Instrument-gauge designs include Classic, Sport, Progressive, and Understated, which was our preferred style.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Features: Touchpad Controller

Like an iPhone, the touchpad controller keeps getting better. In the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580, the large touchpad, designed to accommodate all hand sizes, functions as a smartphone, and it’s easy to use. It’s accuracy and functionality help to point you in the right direction to adjust settings and to activate features quickly.  

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Features: MBUX Interior Assistant

Reaching for a snack in your bag that is riding shotgun during night drives can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. There is an overhead 3D camera in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 that works with the MBUX system which can respond to your hand and arm movements for ease of access. To make adjustments in the cabin, point at the touchscreen or reach for the console touchpad, and the infotainment will display menus to change your settings. We tested the map-light function, and the ease of activating the light made it a breeze to find the Cheez-Its hiding on the passenger seat.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Features: Nine USB-C Ports

You won’t have to break up a fight over who gets to recharge their iPad, Nintendo Switch, or Android phone, because there are a total of nine USB-C charging ports in the GLS

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Impress Your Guests With Your Home Decor

Having guests over to your home can create stress. The cleaning, the preparations, and the angst of worrying what they will think of your home, can all pile up. Thankfully, there are four simple steps to make sure that your guests are impressed with your home decor every time they come for a visit.

Clutter Be Gone
More important than fancy furniture and exotic paintings, the lack of clutter in a home is the most impressive feature of a home's decor. This is especially true for families with pets and small children. Although the number of items in the home may remain the same, figuring out clever ways to hide and control the clutter is paramount. Baskets, lidded boxes and strategic shelving can all help make the home appear neater and the homeowners more in control of their surroundings. For inspiration on how to store items, look to home decor magazines, as well as Internet sites that cater to those people who need storage solution advice.

Calming Color
Color says it all when it comes to a home's decor. Bold, bright colors are much more aggressive than their neutral counterparts. To ensure that guests will be consistently impressed with the home's decor, opt for colors that are more calming and soothing. They will create a feeling of welcoming and comfort, as opposed to, unbridled energy. It is much easier to feel comfortable in a room that has a soothing energy, so strive to capture that ambiance when choosing colors.

Smooth Transitions
What do all well decorated homes have in common? They all have smooth transitions from room to room. They create a feeling flow and subtle movement that draws guests in. These transitions are usually created through the use of paint colors, but they can also be enhanced with strategic accessory placement. For example, if the foyer holds a tall, Chinese urn, placing a similarly styled piece within eyesight in the adjacent living room will draw the eye further into the house. This feeling of continuity will impress your guests without them even realizing why the decor is spectacular.

Common Themes
Choose a common theme for the home and carry it through the rooms where guests visit. The theme can be a color or a style of art or even a specific object or shape. Include it in subtle pieces throughout the home to help create that feeling of continuity. Having a central theme also helps homeowners when they are decorating, because it is then easier to decide which pieces to include in the home's decor.

The key to impressing guests with the home's decor is to be subtle. Brassy and bold will create a feeling of unease and discomfort. Soothing colors, common themes and smooth transitions in an uncluttered home will make guests happy to be there every time. Often, guests will not linger on the specifics of the home's decor when describing it, but will talk about how the home feels comfortable and how everything "fits." Those descriptions …

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