Wife whose husband, 29, slit her throat with a knife during drunken row about his son FORGIVES him

A wife whose husband slit her throat with a kitchen knife during a drunken row about his son has forgiven him and wants him to return home. 

Johnathan Thompson, 29, from Rochdale, ran a kitchen knife across the neck of his spouse Hayley and also choked her until she passed out after they rowed about contact arrangements for his young son, who is from a previous relationship. 

Afterwards, as blood poured from his wife’s throat, barman Thompson – who had been drinking for 12 hours beforehand – shouted ‘what have I done? I am a monster’ and then sank to his knees in tears. 

Following the attack, in February of this year, he then turned the knife on himself as police were called to the scene. He has now been jailed for 22 months for the attack. 

But his wife, who he married in 2018, continues to support him and said she relies on him financially and emotionally and wants him to return home because his absence has caused her stress.

Hayley Thompson, whose husband Johnathan, 29, from Rochdale, slit her throat with a kitchen knife during a drunken row about his son said she forgives him as he was jailed for nearly two years

The photo taken of Thompson after his arrest

Hayley Thompson, whose husband Johnathan, 29, from Rochdale, slit her throat with a kitchen knife during a drunken row about his son has forgiven him and wants him to return home

Her husband’s lawyer said she suffers from depression and anxiety, and has been impacted by his inability to support her. 

She visited him in prison regularly before restrictions were imposed because of coronavirus.

After the attack, in February – less than two years after their wedding – Mrs Thompson, a sales worker, was treated in his hospital and her wound was sealed up with steristrips and glue.

Doctors said she will have a faint scar for life. Her husband was also treated for self-inflicted wounds to his head.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Thompson, who admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm, pleaded for a suspended prison sentence after his wife vowed to stand by him. 

He also argued he had mental health issues.

Thompson ran a kitchen knife across the neck of his spouse Hayley and also choked her until she passed out after they rowed about contact arrangements for his young son, who is from a previous relationship. Pictured: The couple on their wedding day, in 2018

Thompson ran a kitchen knife across the neck of his spouse Hayley and also choked her until she passed out after they rowed about contact arrangements for his young son, who is from a previous relationship. Pictured: The couple on their wedding day, in 2018

But sentencing Thompson to 22 months imprisonment, Judge Mark Savill said: ‘Anyone who behaves in this way towards their wife in their own home can expect to go to prison. 

‘This is the shortest sentence I can pass on you – were it not for your mitigation the sentence would have been considerably longer.’

He added: ‘I agree with the probation service who say you present a high risk to others particularly those with whom you have had relationships.

‘We live in a country where people are allowed to drink to excess if they choose to do so but you have an unstable personality disorder and know that drinking to ‘self-medicate’ is a risky thing to do.

‘This was a terrifying incident carried out against your wife in her own

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Melania Trump didn’t visit husband to avoid exposing Secret Service and medical staff to COVID-19

Doctors and infectious disease experts were highly critical of President Trump’s decision to get driven in a hermetically sealed SUV around Walter Reed Medical Center to wave to supporters while he is contagious with COVID-19, endangering his Secret Service detail, photographed wearing the wrong type of personal protective equipment. The Secret Service has noticed.

Somebody at the White House had considered the safety of Secret Service agents. On Saturday, a White House official told NBC News’ Peter Alexander that first lady Melania Trump would not leave her isolation in the White House residence to visit her husband because “she has COVID” and “that would expose the agents who would drive her there and the medical staff who would walk her up to him.”

The White House defended what spokesman Judd Deere called Trump’s “short, last-minute motorcade ride to wave to his supporters outside.” Deere told Axios‘ Alayna Treene, the White House pool reporter on duty, that “appropriate precautions were taken in the execution of this movement to protect the president and all those supporting it, including PPE. The movement was cleared by the medical team as safe to do.” Deere did not, Treene note, “answer additional questions, such as whether the drive-by happened at the president’s request.”

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Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas reveals stunning home kitchen with new husband

Bridie Wilkins

Cressida Bonas has shared a first look inside the kitchen at the home she shares with her husband Harry Wentworth-Stanley.

She took to Instagram with a photo in the space as she joined author Pippa Grange for a video call on her latest book, How To Win At Life Without Losing Yourself.

MORE: Inside Cressida Bonas’ home with new husband

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WATCH: Cressida Bonas opens up about mental health

It showed cream glossy cupboards behind Cressida, as well as two silver stainless steel ovens built into the cupboard units. The walls are white, and a painting hanging in a black and white frame is just about visible alongside the cupboards.

SEE: Cressida Bonas shares glimpse inside living room at beautiful home

cressida bonas house kitchen z

Cressida Bonas shared a look at her kitchen

Cressida has shared several glimpses inside of her home in London since the coronavirus pandemic began and she has been spending more time indoors.

MORE: Cressida Boas unveils incredible garden at private home

In September, she showed her support for another author, Matt Haig, with a snap taken in her living room.


Cressida’s living room

It has a grey and white design and is furnished with a grey sofa and white cushions with cotton covers.


Cressida’s home office

When she worked from home during lockdown in June, meanwhile, she offered a look at her home office, revealing cream walls and wooden floors. She has a large wooden desk where she keeps her computer, a printer and a desk lamp, and at one side of the desk there are two bookshelves. Cressida’s desk is positioned in front of the window, with views overlooking her garden.

Cressida was in a relationship with Prince Harry from 2012 to 2014, but married London property developer Harry Wentworth-Stanley in a secret ceremony in July 2020. Harry proposed to Cressida in August 2019, but the couple were forced to postpone their nuptials amid the COVID-19 crisis. The couple met while studying at Leeds University, and moved in together when they returned to London after their studies. 

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Cadaver dogs to search Carole Baskin’s missing husband Don Lewis’ lake house, ex-detective says

The story of “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic and his hunch that his rival Carole Baskin had an alleged hand in the disappearance and presumed death of her husband Don Lewis was taken up a notch on Sunday night during an Investigation Discovery special centered on the unanswered question of what happened to the tiger breeder and amateur pilot.

Jim Rathmann, a retired homicide investigator, told Fox News that cadaver dogs were brought in to aid in the search near one of Lewis’ lake houses and said he can’t possibly fathom what his family might be going through nearly 25 years after Lewis went missing.

“That area near the lake house is going to be explored further,” Rathmann said. “So there’s a lot of information that we’re going to reveal that that hasn’t been heard and that a lot of people are going to be surprised when they see this thing.

Rathmann is leading an investigation to discover the truth, revealing new theories uncovered by private investigators, reliving Lewis’s final days and demeanor with those closest to him, and unpacking evidence exposed by criminal and legal experts in the ID special “Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up,” a three-part extravaganza that aired its first two on Sunday.


The ex-homicide investigator said the special will provide viewers “a great opportunity” to really let them be the jury, so to speak, on whether there is [Carole Baskin] involvement or not.”

“You know, it’s amazing. 23 years this case was completely unheard of other than the very initial stages,” Rathmann said. “Completely unheard of. And then everybody watched that Joe Exotic saga several months ago [on Netflix] and boom, this is on a worldwide stage. Everybody’s focused on it.”


Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as 'Joe Exotic,' right, was convicted in an unsuccessful murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin, left, the founder of Big Cat Rescue, who he has repeatedly accused of killing her husband Jack 'Don' Lewis. Lewis' unsolved 1997 disappearance and Maldonado-Passage's accusations are the subjects of Netflix's series 'Tiger King.' 

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as ‘Joe Exotic,’ right, was convicted in an unsuccessful murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin, left, the founder of Big Cat Rescue, who he has repeatedly accused of killing her husband Jack ‘Don’ Lewis. Lewis’ unsolved 1997 disappearance and Maldonado-Passage’s accusations are the subjects of Netflix’s series ‘Tiger King.’ 
(Netflix/Santa Rosa County Jail via AP, File)

“As an investigator, obviously, there’s a lot of people watching and everybody wants their information and wants to know what’s going on,” Rathmann said of the daunting quest to unearth answers into the Lewis’ disappearance.

“But you let the facts take you where you’ve got to go with the case itself. And unfortunately, we’re 23 years late to the game so that presents a lot of challenges in an investigation. But we’ve been fortunate enough to overcome a lot of those hurdles and get some really revealing information that we’re going to be able to display on this three-hour special.”


Baskin, a big cat enthusiast who is the archnemesis of Exotic, has maintained her innocence since Lewis went missing in 1997

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Michelle Obama claims Trump White House doing what she, her husband never could’ve ‘gotten away with’

Former first lady Michelle Obama took a swipe at the Trump White House this week in an episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast” on Spotify.

Obama claimed she and her husband, former President Barack Obama, faced too much pressure from their “community” to be able to replicate unspecified actions of the Trump administration.

“When we were in the White House, we could’ve never gotten away with some of the stuff that’s going on now,” she said.

“Not because of the public,” she added, “but our community wouldn’t have accepted that. You worked, you did your best every day. You showed up.”


Obama, 56, was joined on the podcast by her mother, Marian Robinson, 83, and her older brother, Craig Robinson, 58, in a discussion that was mostly about parenting, according to The Hill.

Part of the conversation dealt with interactions between African-Americans and police officers – including an incident from the family’s own experience.

Craig Robinson, an executive director with the National Association of Basketball Coaches, talked about having police once accuse him of stealing his own bicycle when he was a young boy.

Robinson said the incident left him disillusioned because he was “always taught that the police are your friends … and they’ll believe the truth.”

He later claimed that the police officers may have acted differently had they known they’d soon be facing his mother, according to People magazine.

“You know how Mom is,” he said to Michelle. “Mom was like, ‘Go in the house.’ You know how when she’s ready to talk to somebody, she’s like, ‘All right, go in the house.’ And all I could think of was: This dude’s about to get it.”

Michelle Obama added that many people she knows have had “some kind of incident where they were just minding their own business but living Black, and got accused of something.”

She added that many Black families teach their children “you’ve got to be better than, you’ve got to be 10 times better than” others, because of prejudice and mistreatment they will likely face in life.

The former first lady added that such experiences among Blacks help explain the unrest that has erupted across the nation since the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

“The fact that there are people out there that treat us less than, when we’re working so hard to be better than, that’s where the pain comes from,” Obama said. “That’s what these young people are so angry about.”


Earlier this week, some conservatives called on Barack and Michelle Obama to use their connections with the streaming service Netflix to combat the controversial film “Cuties,” which critics say sexualizes and exploits young girls.

The Obamas in 2019 signed a deal said to be worth $50 million to produce content for Netflix, which has been streaming “Cuties.”


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Mum shows off dream Alice In Wonderland-themed ‘revenge’ bathroom makeover after leaving husband who refused to decorate

A MOTHER has revealed how she “took her life back with both hands” and revamped her downstairs bathroom after separating from her husband.

Nicola Bullock, 44, from Bracknell, turned her “drab and dreary” bathroom into a quirky Alice in Wonderland themed room with a twist following her marriage breakdown. 

Nicola was inspired to revamp her bathroom after her marriage broke down


Nicola was inspired to revamp her bathroom after her marriage broke downCredit: Supplied

The mother and customer services employee shared her DIY transformation project on Facebook and claimed her “ex husband refused to do any decorating.”

Posting amazing before-and-after photos, Nicola added: “He left and this is my first ever room revamp.”

The post instantly raked up nearly 9,000 likes and over a thousand comments from strangers praising Nicola’s bravery as well as her impressive DIY skills.

Nicola said her former marital situation at home prevented her from decorating the house so the day she separated from her husband, she started her “DIY mission”.

Her Facebook post has racked up over 9,000 'likes'


Her Facebook post has racked up over 9,000 ‘likes’Credit: Supplied
Nicola said she wanted to 'decorate him out of her house'


Nicola said she wanted to ‘decorate him out of her house’Credit: Supplied

The mother said not only has she “washed that man out of her hair”, she has “decorated him out of her house”. 

She said: “The day I separated from my husband was the day I took back my life with both hands and started my DIY mission on my house.

“I just wanted to show others even if you have never done anything like that before be brave and have a go, as I was made to believe that I would never be able to do anything well. 

“The past several months have taught me that sometimes we have no control over what happens to us but we can control how we react and that is where our power and strength lies.’

Nicola started by stripping off all the wallpaper and repapering it with a funky Alice in Wonderland styled pattern. 

She fitted new flooring, took off the radiator and repainted it, boxed in exposed pipes, put a new toilet seat on, replaced the flush and repainted an old mirror. 

She began by stripping the wallpaper


She began by stripping the wallpaperCredit: Supplied
The mum was fed up with the 'drab and dreary' room


The mum was fed up with the ‘drab and dreary’ roomCredit: Supplied

The mother said: “The downstairs toilet was the room I started on. It was my first time doing anything like this, so I have basically not washed that man out of my hair, I’m decorating him out of our house. 

“The decor in that room was the previous owners’ and I found it drab and dreary. 

“It did seem like I had a big challenge ahead of me but I take part in 100km ultra challenge events for fun, so the decorating seemed like a much easier and less painful challenge.’

However Nicola admitted she does have a newfound respect for professional decorators after attempting the hot and sweaty work during the UK’s recent heatwave. 

Onc she stripped the wallpaper off, she put up the lining

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