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The style of bathroom that you choose will depend not only on the size of the room you have to work with, but also on the colours, tones and themes that appeal to you personally. Generally speaking, there are six styles (we take a closer look at these below) that we recommend choosing from, however there is also the possibility of mixing and matching to create the ultimate space that reflects your personal taste to a tee. The broad categories are modern, classic, eclectic, Scandinavian, rustic and country and with homify you can find countless examples in each category, to help you get a better idea of the styles that you actually like and how you might implement them into your own bathroom. 

Each style has key features that make it unique or noteworthy, Scandinavian bathrooms are, for example, defined by use of light wood tones and white finishes, while a rustic look will likely feature exposed brick or darker wood. The style that you choose doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the theme of the rest of your home and as many of us have a penchant for various approaches, it can be fun to mix-and-match from room to room. A country style kitchen and a classic-look bathroom? Why not! An eclectic approach overall can give a home more energy, but sticking to one theme is also no problem if you have a clean and clear goal.

Can I renovate my bathroom myself?

Whether or not you can renovate your bathroom yourself depends on the specific renovation or improvement that will be taking place. If it’s relatively simple and you’re not a DIY newbie, then it’s completely possible to be able to undertake the task yourself. If, however, plumbing or moving of installed pieces like the sink, bathtub, shower or toilet are necessary, then you’ll almost always need to call for professional help. Essentially, if there’s water or wiring involved – steer clear. Finding a professional can also give you a fresh perspective on any design choices and confirm what is or is not possible, so we always encourage it.
If you’re looking for some DIY projects that you can easily do yourself, homify has plenty of options and guides to help you. Things like building shelves, installing a mirror, re-decorating, painting and tiling are all improvements that you can likely manage yourself – as long as you have the right materials, tools and plan. 

What are some practical bathroom design tips to keep in mind?

Wiring: Ensure that you or your designers consider replacing any out-dated wiring with a dedicated circuit and plenty of outlets for all the appliances you use, from electric razors and toothbrushes to hair-straightening irons. 

Accessories: Think about how high you want to hang towel rails and hooks. Designers often have their own dimensions in mind so it can be a good idea to decide where to put things early on to ensure that the height is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. We all

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