An Instacart shopper believed he heard someone loading guns in a bathroom stall. Police arrested a man with 6 guns

The witness rushed out of the bathroom and notified staff at the Publix Supermarket. When police arrived soon after, they arrested a suspect as he was exiting the bathroom — with six loaded guns in his possession.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Rico Marley, now faces a slew of charges related to the incident, which came just days after 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

It was that tragedy that was fresh in the mind of the Instacart shopper, Charles Russell, he told CNN affiliate WSB.

“I saw an AR-15,” he said. “And I was like, you know, this kind of startled me just again with events that recently happened in the grocery store up in Colorado.”

Authorities have not said what they believed Marley intended to do with the weapons.

According to the police incident report, Russell was entering the men’s restroom when he “heard clicking sounds from the bathroom stall.”

“It sounded to him like someone was loading firearms,” an Atlanta officer wrote. “He also told me that he saw an AR-15 style rifle leaned against the wall.”

By the time the officer arrived at Atlantic Station — a commercial and residential complex in Atlanta just north of downtown — the supermarket appeared to have been evacuated, the report says.

The officer wrote that he donned a ballistic helmet and took his city-issued rifle into the store, where he immediately saw the suspect coming around the corner from the restroom, just feet away. The officer ordered the suspect to put his hands up and not move, the incident report says.

“The accused appeared to be surprised when he saw us that close to him,” the officer wrote. Marley was detained without incident, the report says.

Suspect denied bond

After arresting Marley, police recovered six firearms: a DPMS AR-15-style rifle, a 12-gauge Maverick Arms Modell 88 shotgun, three semi-automatic 9 mm pistols and a .38-caliber revolver. All of the weapons were loaded and the rifle, shotgun and three 9 mm pistols all had a round in the chamber, according to the police report.

The suspect, who was wearing body armor when he was arrested, had the four handguns in his clothing while the rifle and shotgun were being carried inside a bag, the report says.

An photo of the weapons Atlanta police said Rico Marley had with him when he was arrested.

Marley has been charged with six counts of possession of a firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies and five counts of criminal attempt to commit a felony.

Marley, who’s being represented by a Fulton County public defender, waived his first court appearance Thursday, where Judge Rashida Oliver ordered him to be held without bond due to the “danger risk to the community at large.” He’s being held in the Fulton County Jail.

The Fulton County Public Defender’s Office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment Thursday.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Publix said the company was cooperating with investigators and that “the safety of our associates and our

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Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen Rewards Team Members and Guests for Making Their Voice Heard During the 2020 Election

Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen Rewards Team Members and Guests for Making Their Voice Heard During the 2020 Election

PR Newswire

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2020

Company will Offer FREE Donut Dippers on Election Day for Voters

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen, known for its artisanal Japanese-inspired rice bowls, today announced it is empowering team members, and rewarding guests, who make their voice heard this election year. Specifically, the company is encouraging all employees to vote, by providing voter registration resources and an extra hour of pay for team members, which they encourage be used to educate themselves on the voting process, candidates and issues.

Along with team member support and incentives, the brand is also offering guests:

  • A free order of Donut Dippers with purchase of any bowl on Election Day, November 3rd, for any guest who shows their “I Voted” sticker in restaurant, or uses code “IVOTED” on the Yoshinoya App or*

  • Free Delivery on the Yoshinoya App and all November long

“We believe in the importance of individual expression and providing freedom of choice, whether it be in customizing your favorite bowl, or selecting the future leaders of this country,” said Dar Vasseghi, CEO. “Now more than ever, it’s vital that everyone has the time and resources needed to make informed decisions and cast their vote.”

*One free order of Donut Dippers per person, while supplies last.

About Yoshinoya
Fresh, wholesome Japanese-style cuisine is the essence of the Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen menu. Dating back to 1899 with the opening of its first restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, Yoshinoya is among the oldest quick-service restaurant chains in operation. Throughout its century of experience, Yoshinoya continues to grow aggressively while operating or franchising more than 2,000 restaurants in Japan, Mainland China, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and the United States, including over 100 locations in California. The menu is based on fresh ingredients served in a variety of rice bowls, including the original Beef Bowl® that started it all in 1899. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen Media Relations
[email protected]

Beef Bowl® is a registered trademark of Yoshinoya.


Yoshinoya Logo
Yoshinoya Logo

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Peer Lord Bethell heard swearing in House of Lords after suffering tech problems

James Bethell wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a building

© Provided by Evening Standard

A health minister was heard swearing during a House of Lords coronavirus debate after suffering technology problems.

Lord Bethell mumbled “oh for f***’s sake” when his second attempt to deliver a speech on Covid-19 regulations via the internet was disrupted.

The House adjourned for five minutes to see if the technical problems could be resolved but the minister did not fare better on his second attempt.

His final words to the chamber were: “May I say something about local restrictions.

“Over the summer recess we have combined tightening restrictions in areas with outbreaks with the easing of business restrictions…. oh for f***’s sake.”

“Peer heard swearing during coronavirus debate”



At this point, Lord Bethell cut out and Tory whip Baroness Penn completed his speech.

a room full of people: The peers were discussing Covid regulations at the time of the faux pas (HOL)

© Provided by Evening Standard
The peers were discussing Covid regulations at the time of the faux pas (HOL)

Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman Baroness Jolly later joked: “It’s not always helpful to have a minister with dodgy connections.”

The Government also came under fire from all sides for taking so long to bring forward the regulations for debate given they were implemented in July and August.

They included the reopening of certain types of businesses and £10,000 fines for illegal gatherings of more than 30 people.

James Bethell wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Lord Bethell was plagued with technical issues during a Covid discussion (PA)

© Provided by Evening Standard
Lord Bethell was plagued with technical issues during a Covid discussion (PA)

Conservative former minister Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, contributing virtually, said: “We are witnessing the strange death of parliamentary democracy in this country – there is no other way to describe the charade which we are involved today.

“Many of these regulations, as so many colleagues have pointed out, have long since taken effect. What are we meant to do?

“It’s government by press release… why are we not discussing the rule of six regulations today? This is the issue of the day. Why are we not discussing that?”

Lord Forsyth said the minister did “not have the courtesy to turn up to the House itself” and accused him of not answering questions.

He also added he could not visit his grandchildren in London but they could travel to see him in Scotland.

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, another Conservative former minister, said: “I very much regret the retrospective nature of this debate.

“It is sad but reflects an all too cavalier attitude to the law which seems to be permeating thinking at present and it needs to stop.”

Non-affiliated peer Lord Mann warned nights drawing in could affect the public mood to new lockdown restrictions.

He said: “Our lockdowns and big wave of the virus was as we came into warm weather, into spring, every night was lighter.

“I put it to Government that the public mood was much easier then than it will be going into winter when every night gets darker, and particularly the effect on children will be quite different when there are no gardens or open spaces that people particularly

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The Best Kitchen Gadgets You Almost Surely Don’t Own (and May Never Have Heard of)

Some kitchen gadgets seem fun at first but quickly become nothing more than clutter. How often do you really use that popcorn machine, pasta maker, or fondue pot? Did you even remember you had a fondue pot complete with those little color-coded skewers? 

© Provided by The Daily Beast

Yeah, I rest my case.

But I actually don’t because there’s a lot more to say here. For every unused or underused kitchen appliance or gadget currently crammed onto your pantry shelves or tucked away in kitchen cabinets, there is at least one clever and handy device that you’ll actually use all the time once you get the hang of it or that will happily replace something you’re currently using.

Great kitchen gadgets go well beyond the “neat” factor and actually make your life easier and more enjoyable, as it pertains to cooking and eating, at any rate. Here today are the best kitchen gadgets you’ll be glad to add to the mix.

KitchenAid 9-Cup Food Processor

© Provided by The Daily Beast

If you think a food processor and a blender are pretty much the same thing than WRONG! They’re not – not even close. OK, maybe kind of close. But the precision offered by a fine food processor like this one gives you control a brute-like blender could never offer. Depending on how you orient the blades, you can use this device to chop and dice veggies, to shred cheese or pork, or to puree the hell out of foods from soup to hummus to dips and more. Ours is out on the counter and in use at least three times a week.

Buy KitchenAid 9-Cup Food Processor at Amazon, $150

Yonanas Deluxe Frozen Dessert Maker

© Provided by The Daily Beast

This brilliantly simple device serves two honorable purposes at once: it prevents a lot of food waste, and it creates a genuinely healthy and tasty dessert you won’t feel the least bit of guilt about serving to your kids. Just take all those browning bananas, softening strawberries, and bottom of the bowl blueberries and freeze ‘em. Then, 10 minutes before dessert time, get ‘em out and put them on a plate to soften slightly. Now cram fruit after fruit down the Yonanas’ chute and out the other side comes a delicious mixture akin to soft serve ice cream but that is indeed all fruit. (Pro tip? Serve the Yonanas concoction in an ice cream cone. Health factory reduced a bit, but wow factor doubled.)

Buy Yonanas Deluxe Frozen Dessert Maker at Amazon, $70

Kasimore Manual Hand Juicer

© Provided by The Daily Beast

So you have one of those electric juicer whatnots where you push the halved citrus fruit down on the reamer thing and it goes EEE-EEEE-EEE and rumbles around and then a bit of juice dribbles out of the spout, do you? OK, here’s what you do: grab that thing, make sure it’s unplugged, go over to the window, open the window, and then just

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