Clever bathroom transformation hacks for homeowners on a budget

Giving a dated bathroom a much-needed makeover can be expensive.

From swanky new tiles, toilets and tubs to the additional cost of plumbing an installation, a brand new bathroom could set you back thousands of pounds.

But if you’re a homeowner on a budget who wants to give the room a new lease of life without breaking the bank, there are several cheaper options available.

People across across the world are using social media platforms to share their DIY makeover tips and tricks.

When it comes to the bathroom, there’s no shortage of ideas to help you get the look you desire for less.

Some people have achieved dramatic transformations without splashing the cash with items including stick on tiles and bathtub paint.

Others have re-purposed furniture made for other rooms in the house and built their own room accessories from scratch.

Here’s a round up of some of the best budget-friendly tips and ticks the internet has to offer.

Paint your bath

TikTok user @blonderebel decided to repaint her off-yellow bathtub white for a cleaner, more modern look.

In her video she uses a paint brush to apply Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit, revealing the finished look after two coats.

If you’re brave enough to have a go at repainting your bath yourself, you can find bathtub refinishing kits on online retailers for approximately £20 to £40.

Consider stick on tiles

If you’re looking for a quick fix for dated tiles – whether it be for the wall or the floor – consider stick-ons.

Stick on tiles are available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures for around £5 to £40 per pack.

In a short clip, TikTok user @kfoulkes revealed how she used stick-on tiles to transform her bathroom.

She said: “When I moved into my flat there were some tiles with pictures of shells on in the bathroom and I couldn’t afford to re-tile the whole bathroom.

“So, I ordered these tile stickers from Amazon.

“Just chopped them down, stuck them over the old tiles and they’ve worked pretty well.

“They’re waterproof and it was so much cheaper than re-tiling the whole bathroom.”

Make your own bath shelf

A bath shelf (also known as a bath caddy or bath tray) is a piece of wood, plastic or metal that bridges over your bath for extra ‘self care’ storage.

People use the shelf to hold books, candles, soaps, a glass of wine and anything else you might use in the bath to help you unwind and de-stress.

In stores and online, most bath shelves will cost you from £15-£40 but you can make your own for less if you have a spare piece of wood and a few tools.

TikTok user @hammsmom uploaded a video explaining how she made her own.

She begins her project by cutting wood boards to match the width of her bathtub before gluing them together and sanding them down until they’re completely smooth.

She then modifies the shelf by drilling

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5 Bathroom cleaning hacks that can make your chore easier

Cleaning your bathroom is a hectic job as you have to do a lot of work. From floors, walls to shelves, taps, you have to clean everything to give a fresh look to your bathroom. So, this task might seem to be quite tough.

However, bathroom cleaning can be done with some easy and quick hacks that will make your task smooth. According to experts, you should always clean your bathroom at least once a week to maintain the basic hygiene level. So, here are the cleaning tips for your bathroom.

Cleaning hacks for bathroom:

1.First, jot down the areas and make a list of them. This way, you will know how to proceed and what things you need to clean the space.

2.It is easy to spot stains on the bathroom mirrors so you have to give special attention to it. These stains are hard to remove but not with strong black tea. Take a soft cloth and dip it in the black tea and rub it on the mirror gently. The stains will be removed and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

a person in a blue shirt

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3.Next is the toilet bowl. A clean commode is also important to maintain the hygiene level of your bathroom. So, pour ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of white vinegar into your toilet bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, scrub the toilet with a brush and flush it.

4.Faucets and fixtures should be cleaned properly. Due to regular use and water, they tend to lose the shine. So, put some baby oil on a clean towel and polish it to get back that shine.

5.You can also scrub a lemon on the fixtures to remove the stains.

a room with a sink and a mirror

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Remember These Hacks to Manage Your Kitchen Efficiently

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. From cooking delicacies to preparing diet food; it is the place where you get fuel for your body. Running a kitchen is no mean feat, especially when you need to keep in check cost escalations without compromising on your food preferences. Things may go haywire if your kitchen is in a mess.

Here are a few essential kitchen hacks which you keep incorporate in your kitchen to run it efficiently and save some money too.

Plan Ahead

By planning ahead for 2-3 meals, you significantly decrease the wastage of food in kitchen. This means that you can prepare food in more controlled quantity and prepare combinations of light and heavy food to keep your diet balanced.

Cut Vegetables in Bulk

To save time and effort, you can cut vegetables for 3-4 meals at one go and store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator. But make sure to nut cut a lot of veggies as it might lose freshness over the time. This way, you can save yourself from extra effort of washing and cutting veggies again and again.

Use Leftovers Smartly

There are millions of people who don’t get to eat three square meals a day. Hence it is criminal to waste even a bit of food. Store dishes in fridge to use the next day if possible. Things like bread can be sliced in small pieces and fried and used in tomato soup as bread crumbs. You can also use veggies to prepare salad instead of throwing them away.

Keep Utensils Ready

To fast track your cooking, make sure that the required utensils are clean and near the stove to avoid last minute search. For instance, you keep the utensils ready after dinner to comfortably prepare your breakfast in the morning.

Stock Up

Buying things in bulk is always rewarding. Daily use perishables like lentils, rice, and flour should be bought in bulk to save extra bucks. You can also buy potatoes, onions, apples and semi-ripe bananas in large quantities to get extra discounts and avoid regular trips to the market.

Plan Grocery Budget

To keep things under budget and also avoid unnecessary spending by shopping impulsively; it is essential to plan a feasible budget first. Make a list of essential items first; if there is some extra budget then you can indulge yourself in buying an expensive gourmet sauce or frozen foods.

You kitchen needs some good management skills to help your household run efficiently. By following these simple yet essential kitchen rules you can certainly save some extra money and time in the kitchen.

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