Kick-start your veggie garden with Simply Green digital magazine

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The much-loved Simply Green digital magazine has been relaunched with its first edition – which looks at food gardening – going live Friday.

Editor Vivian Warby says she and her team are excited to bring the eco-conscious magazine back at a time when there is a growing number of people becoming more aware of the importance of living a sustainable life.

The team chose “growing your own food” as the theme for the first edition because “the appetite for urban food gardening has outlasted lockdown level 5 and today there are avid urban gardeners eating from their bounty planted in hard lockdown and new gardeners planting for the future”.

“We, at Simply Green, are thrilled about this positive sustainable element – an offshoot of the pandemic and we wanted to offer a simple guide to those wanting to start out on the journey,” says Warby.

“I hope you will find the magazine inspirational and empowering, as we start this journey together to make this a better, kinder and more sustainable world.”

In this edition – launched to coincide with the country’s celebration of Garden Day on Sunday – you will learn the basics of growing your own veggies in your backyard or on your balcony with topics ranging from composting to raised beds to vermiculture and permaculture to what to plant now.

“We have also included some delicious recipes to show you how simple it is to go from garden to plate.”

The magazine features The African Cookbook author Portia Mbau and her daughter Lumai de Smidt of the famous Instagram account – on their garden-to-plate journey; and also delicious garden-to-plate recipes from well-known author/chef Sophia Lindop – author of the Lebanese cookbook Going Home. Amateur gardener Lieneke Dennis also takes us through a personal account of her entire lockdown kitchen garden journey from start to finish.

Elaborating on the Simply Green magazine Warby says it is a digital magazine, with a newsletter, a Simply Green members club and Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“It is aimed at the eco-conscious and green-minded consumer and industry as well as those wanting to live more sustainably and kindly on the planet and looking for ways to do this.”

Read the Simply Green magazine here.

Going forward, readers can expect the magazine to delve into topics such as green living; green homes; eco-friendly clothing; solar and wind energy; hemp and cannabis’ s future; living off the grid; dealing with water scarcity and climate change, among others. They also call on readers and eco-warriors to join them on the journey.

“We are really wanting to form partnerships and affiliations with our fellow eco-warriors and those leading the way in creating a sustainable planet.”

Please contact [email protected] or Features Editor [email protected] to see how we can work together.

“We hope to cover important discussions with industry leaders in bumper issues and we hope to show you how to live

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Was Donald Trump’s White House Video Filmed in Front of Green Screen?

President Donald Trump released a video message on Twitter on Thursday discussing his health and the treatment he received following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

a man wearing a suit and tie: U.S. President Donald Trump gestures upon return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 05, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump spent three days hospitalized for coronavirus. Trump's recent video led to speculation about a green screen.

© Win McNamee/Getty Images
U.S. President Donald Trump gestures upon return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 05, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump spent three days hospitalized for coronavirus. Trump’s recent video led to speculation about a green screen.

In the video, Trump stands in the White House grounds. There was immediate speculation that the president was not in fact outside but had used a green screen to produce a false background.

The Claim:

Social media users raised the question of a green screen once Trump tweeted his video yesterday. The claim soon gained traction on Twitter and some prominent people began asking the question. Apparent distortions in the video, like the shadows and the background appearing to be on a loop, prompted the comments.

“I think it’s pretty clearly a green screen. The sharpness of the outline and the lighting. Also it’s a very long way to bring a sick president to shoot something when you have the Rose Garden,” wrote MSNBC host Chris Hayes.


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Christopher Orr, film critic for The Atlantic, also said it appeared a green screen had been used: “Why the digital background? It’s a sunny day in DC. This could have been filmed on the actual White House lawn.”

Orr later deleted the tweet and sent another, sharing the opinion of another user that the video background was genuine. However, by then the speculation had taken off.

“This is in front of a green screen,” tweeted veteran Star Trek actor George Takei, who is a prominent social media user and a critic of the president. His tweet now has more than 4,000 retweets.

The Facts:

Hany Farid, a professor

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A Garden Center’s Worth of Trees and Bushes Has Transformed the Street Outside Old Town Brewing Into a Green Escape

In most instances when you run up against one of those white- and safety-orange-striped “Road Closed” barricades, heavy equipment is on the other side ripping into the pavement, frustrating drivers now in need of another route along with neighbors who must put up with the sustained din of construction.

At Old Town Brewing’s Northeast Portland location, these blockades actually seal off a tranquil urban thicket right in the middle of the street.

This past summer saw every bar, brewery and restaurant in town expand into lanes of traffic if they had the means and ability. While many of these makeshift pandemic patios are nothing much to look at, Old Town’s is different: It immerses you in nature.

“I think one of the things that made such a drastic improvement were all of the trees,” says owner Adam Milne. “It made Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard look like a park. It’s beautiful.”

The temporary woodland—just off the major thoroughfare on Northeast Sumner Street—took more to create than just a run to the closest big-box store’s garden department. The trees are actually loaners from the city of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services as part of its effort to partner with the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Healthy Business program. And the agency didn’t just pick whatever extra available shrubs happened to be in storage, either—careful planning went into the selection of each flower and frond for Old Town and the newly launched Dream Street Plaza it’s a part of.

“They sent out an arborist who walked through the place to develop a ‘tree site plan’ to help support the goals of the plaza,” says PBOT spokesperson Hannah Schafer.

The plaza, which had its grand opening Oct. 2, is the result of a $25,000 National Association of City Transportation Officials grant that PBOT won to aid with pandemic response and recovery. Through Nov. 1, 15 vendors will be posted along Sumner. Spearheaded by the Soul District Business Association, Old Town’s side-street picnic table seating was also born of that group’s suggestion.

Right now, there’s no better place than the little forest sprouting from cement to enjoy a pizza and a Pillowfist, Old Town’s take on a New England IPA that is appropriately soft in mouthfeel and cloudy in appearance. While the temperature still allows, the oversized garage door at the front entrance will be rolled up, providing more airflow for anyone dining indoors.

But you owe it to yourself to find some solace among the trees—some squat and bushy, others taller than the red umbrellas shading the patch with blooming flowers in a complementary shade of crimson.

When not looking up at the flora, you’ll notice the landscaping and shaping extends to the ground. On one half of the road is a mural that looks like a postmodern game of hopscotch; the brightly colored squares and rectangles were designed by the owner of the neighboring boutique. Then, next to the curb is a wide strip of green artificial lawn, a purchase inspired by an

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Chilling new coronavirus advert shows woman smear grandad and kitchen with sinister green ‘covid slime’

A CHILLING new advert shows a woman smear her grandad and his kitchen with sinister green “coronavirus slime”.

The horrifying clip released by the Scottish Government, complete with a terrifying horror-film style soundtrack, demonstrates the danger of the virus.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

The young woman has green slime on her face - representing the virus


The young woman has green slime on her face – representing the virus
After she has hugged her grandad, he has the virus on his face


After she has hugged her grandad, he has the virus on his face

A young woman greets her grandad with a warm hug – she has green goo around her mouth that represents the virus.

After they embrace the older man says he’ll be back in a minute and she makes him a cup of tea.

She touches the cupboards, cup, teabag and tap – leaving green slime everywhere and spreading the virus all over his home.

As the kettle boils the young woman scrolls through her phone – which has videos of her on a night out with her friends and posing for the camera.

The grandad returns, saying “lovely cup of tea”, with the green substance now around his mouth.

The powerful film is designed to ensure people stick to social distancing guidelines as cases rise.

However it was too much for some people, with one person writing: “This ad breeds divisiveness, blame, resentment and all the aspects of a negative emotional response.

“It’s ghastly and makes me even more determined to debate against these Covid bedwetters.”

The strong message goes along the same angle as Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s plea to young people to “don’t kill your gran”.


Yesterday Scotland recorded the biggest ever rise in coronavirus cases as 486 people tested positive in 24 hours.

Nicola Sturgeon said the country was at its “tipping point” as more measures have had to come in to slow the spread of the killer bug.

The First Minister said it is highest single day rise since in Scotland since the beginning of the pandemic.

Scotland is carrying out about 10 times more tests every day than it was during the height of the pandemic in April, Ms Sturgeon said.

On Tuesday, Scotland took the measures a step further and introduced a ban on households mixing indoors.

Social gatherings of more than six people indoors and outdoors are banned in England – under the so-called rule of six. They

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The Phoenix Garden is a green retreat in London’s West End

The Phoenix Garden, a green space and community building tucked into London’s West End, takes centre stage in the next short film published with Open House London.

Filmed by Jim Stephenson, the documentary is one of nine videos that will feature on Dezeen throughout Open House London 2020 to celebrate rarely published places in the capital.

The Phoenix Garden is located on a former World War II bomb site near Convent Garden. It opened to the public in 1984 as one of seven green retreats in the area, but it is the only one remaining.

In 2017, local studio Office Sian added a brick and limestone building to the entrance of the site, which contains a multifunctional space for events and workshops to expand the garden’s offerings.

The Phoenix Garden community building in west London by Office Sian
The Phoenix Garden’s exterior that references traditional walled gardens

In the documentary, Office Sian founder, Gurmeet Sian, outlines the story behind the studio’s design for the building.

He notes that it takes its cues from traditional English walled gardens but also forms a connection with the existing brick pathways that meander through the site, which were built by the Phoenix Garden’s own gardener.

The boundary wall is punctured by a giant, wooden archway to the street, which conceals the garden and entices passersby by showing them that “there’s something beyond.”

The Phoenix Garden community building in west London by Office Sian
Architect Gurmeet Sian beside the arched wooden entrance

Sian goes on to emphasise that the design of the community building was a highly collaborative process, during which the studio worked with the Phoenix Garden’s board of trustees and gardener.

“The design process for this project was really fascinating,” Sian explained.

“Some projects you have a little bit more autonomy as an architect. For this project, there was a strong element of that, but equally, there was a strength of conversations between myself and the Board of Trustees, but in particular, the gardener Chris, and what formed was quite an interesting bond,” he said.

“We really had to almost come up with an innovative, interesting way of working.”

The Phoenix Garden community building in west London by Office Sian
The view of the garden from inside the building

Reflecting on the project, Sian said the highlight of designing community spaces like this is seeing them in use, and a sign of his engagement with the scheme is that he had his wedding breakfast there shortly after its completion.

“It’s fantastic to occasionally come back when I’m invited to see how it’s bedded into, not only the geographical and architectural characteristics of the site but embedded into the community,” he explained.

“It’s quite rare to feel that you are so involved in the project that you can actually get married within your own building, but my wife and I are very fortunate to have our wedding breakfast here.”

Open House London responds to “fiendish challenge” of coronavirus with video tours, cycle rides and model kits

Dezeen is a media partner for Open House London and is showcasing a different short film every day during the festival. The documentaries form part of the event’s diverse programme for

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Country Garden Forest City Released the Ecological Development Action Plan to Create a Green and Ecological Future City

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On 21st September, Country Garden Forest City published Forest City Ecological Development Action Plan, which outlined the mission of Forest City ecological development, and clearly defined the goals and targets of eco city development, operation and management in phases. Following this plan, Forest City will carry out green infrastructure development as a foundation, leverage on high-tech industries to enhance urban economic development, and eventually become a green and vibrant city with diversified industries and cultures. On the same day, Forest City Eco Museum Phase 1 exhibition hall was officially opened. 

Forest City Eco Museum

The Forest City Eco-Museum, which is located beside the beach of Forest City, is open for public today. The eco museum adheres to an open concept and breaks through the limitations of traditional museums. It integrates outdoor greeneries, ecological corridor, seagrass conservation areas, exhibition halls and laboratories into one system, and creates an immersive experience for the visitors with a real scene eco system.

Phase 1 of the museum, comprising of an exhibition hall, a laboratory building and part of the eco corridor, have already been completed. Over 100 biological samples are displayed in the exhibition hall to showcase the rich marine ecosystem around Forest City, its sustainable development mission and the environmental protection achievements over the past years. The laboratory will be used as a research and education center to facilitate the R&D and educational works of the research institutions and universities around Forest City. Meanwhile, phase 2 construction has started while phase 3 is under planning.

Forest City Eco Museum Phase 1 Exhibition Hall

On the same day, Forest City published Forest City Ecological Development Action Plan which outlined the goals and targets of eco city development, operation and management from the start of project development in 2014 towards the future. Following this plan, Forest City will carry out green infrastructure development as a foundation, leverage on high-tech industries to enhance urban economic development, and eventually become a green and vibrant city with diversified industries and cultures.

The newly published Forest City Ecological Development Action Plan encompasses three phases, for each phase, there will be a set of development indicators set out from the areas of “Industry, City, and People” in urban operations.

Phase 1, from 2014 to 2019, is the basic stage of the urban green ecosystem development, applying environmental concept throughout the urban planning, development, construction, and city operations. Forest City has never stopped its investment in green development, from the environmental assessment at the beginning of project, to multiple environmental measures such as the set-up of double layer silt curtain during the reclamation work, the establishment of enterprise-level environmental management system, mangrove conservation via satellite sensing and daily patrols, seagrass conservation and hydrological dynamic monitoring, just to minimize the environmental impact during the development. Forest City has also established long-term cooperation with research institutions and universities to carry out scientific monitoring and analysis of the natural environment around Forest City, providing scientific support for effective recovery and maintenance of the ecosystem.

Since 2016,

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Yeovil man Leon Green jailed for axe attack in house

Leon Green

image copyrightAvon and Somerset Police

image captionGreen attacked his victim after he began “clowning around’ in his own home

A man who attacked a drinking partner with with an axe has been jailed.

Leon Green, 34, of Perrythorne Park, Yeovil, had been drinking in a pub in Chard with Joseph Guppy in October.

Exeter Crown Court heard they returned to Mr Guppy’s house where Mr Guppy began “clowning around” and almost struck Green in the face with his hand.

Judge Robert Linford said it set off an “extreme reaction” in Green who attacked him with the axe. He was jailed for four years and 10 months.

Green had been convicted of grievous bodily harm at an earlier hearing at Taunton Crown Court in July.

During sentencing on Friday, the judge said Green had inflicted injuries which easily could have killed Mr Guppy.

“You went back to Mr Guppy’s house where he was clowning around and dancing around and at some point his hand went close to your face.

“It was not an aggressive mood.”

“It set off the most extreme reaction.

“You picked up an axe and struck him repeatedly about the head and body and caused multiple wounds and a small fracture of the skull.”

The court was told he had carried out the attack while part way through a ‘thinking skills course’ which he had been sent on after stabbing a man with a screwdriver.

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Green Opportunities ends Kitchen Ready and YouthBuild programs

ASHEVILLE – Green Opportunities’ YouthBuild and Kitchen Ready programs are shutting down and will be replaced with new programs that have not yet been determined.


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Sherman Williams, chairman of the organization’s board of directors, told the Citizen Times that GO is “still in discussion” about what new programs will be created, whether they will be similar to the ones they’re replacing and when they will debut.

“We’re thinking and hoping that it will be just as successful as what we’ve had in the past,” he said of his expectations for the new programs’ effect on GO’s community.

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The programs that are ending are doing so because their funding sources have expired, Williams said. GO also is not seeking new funding for those programs at this time.

GO has suffered some financial issues in the past. Williams stressed that the organization is “in a good place” now, but he declined to give details about expenses and debt.

Founded in 2009, GO is a nonprofit offering practical training, industry-recognized credentials and job placement services for entry-level workers from marginalized communities. It has a reputation as being a success.

The organization’s executive director from 2017-19, J Hackett, said recently that during his time at GO, the unemployment rate in the surrounding Southside community plummeted.

More: Grind Coffee Co. brings Black-owned cafe and coworking space to the River Arts District

GO’s YouthBuild program offers GED help and construction training for at-risk individuals ages 16-to-24. Versions of the program exist nationwide and are funded primarily through the U.S. Department of Labor, which receives annual appropriations from Congress.

GO Kitchen Ready provides free food-industry job training and offers donation-based meals to the Southside community through a partnership between GO, A-B Tech and the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association. Williams said funding for that program comes from various sources.

GO debt is ‘being addressed’

In early 2019, the partial government shutdown hit the GO hard. Hackett told the Citizen Times last year that the organization was forced to go without crucial grant funding, prompting difficult conversations about possible furloughs and even putting up kitchen equipment as collateral for loans.

By last November, GO was facing challenges as it stared down the barrel of more than $210,000 in long-term debt with no executive director at its helm, according to a monthlong reporting project by Mountain Xpress.

Asked where that debt stands now, Williams told the Citizen Times, “It’s being addressed.” He declined to share what the remaining debt is. 

GO also still has no executive director. Williams said the organization is “checking into (its) personnel situation and trying to make sure (it has) the right people available in the program.”

Williams said GO is funded through a variety of means, including donations and grants. It also brings in revenue through some of its programs. In 2017, the Citizen Times reported that much of the organization’s funding came from Mission Hospital, the city

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San Antonio natives have green light to open new burger and beer garden on East Side

While the empty lot at 2014 WW White Road may not look like much now, two San Antonio natives are hoping to transform it into a new restaurant and outdoor space to bring food, fun and family together.

Owners J.R. Vega and Kevin Koenen hope to open their new restaurant Buckets Burger and Beer Garden next month. The open-space restaurant will include cornhole, volleyball and a playground for the kids — a place where people can hang out, have dinner and feel safe during the pandemic.

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“It’s going to be the whole works,” Vega said. “We want to provide a place where people can be safe and happy … when people leave, we want them to be smiling and we hope this can be like a home away from home.”

Buckets will eventually take up 6-acres of land and will include food and drink specials served in — you guessed it — buckets.

The pair, who have been friends since kindergarten, have always known they wanted to go into business together. Separately, the two have owned a number of bars and restaurants in the San Antonio area. When Koenen saw the space on WW White available to lease, the two jumped on the opportunity. Within a week, they conceptualized their new venture and signed the lease on the 6-acre plot.

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“There just aren’t a ton of things to do in that area of town and people are looking for things to do to get out and be together but also be safe with COVID-19, so this was perfect,” Koenen said.

While its still in the infant stages, Vega and Koenen hope to open Buckets’ dining room and patio in mid-October, with the full concept finished by the spring. They said don’t want to create problems by rushing to open the full restaurant and are taking their time to make sure everything is right before fully opening.

Patron can expect classics like beer-can chicken, BBQ, big desserts and of course lots and lots of burgers. Vega said they are even throwing around the idea of creating a 12-pound burger challenge.

“We want our menu to be fun and creative,” Vega said. “It is stuff that no one really offers, so we want to take it and run.”

Taylor Pettaway is a breaking news and general assignment reporter for | [email protected] | @TaylorPettaway

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Green Kid Crafts launches Kitchen Table STEAM to Support Families This Fall – Press Release

Green Kid Crafts launches Kitchen Table STEAM

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sep 08, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — As families transition from summer activities to virtual, in-person, or hybrid schooling this fall, many caregivers are concerned about providing their children with activities that are fun and educational. Green Kid Crafts, a subscription box service centered on STEAM and nature-based activities, launched their Kitchen Table STEAM program on September 2 to give families extra support this fall.

The campaign color, pink, was chosen for its reference to the fireweed plant. Fireweed is often the first plant to regrow after a forest fire or volcanic eruption, making it a symbol of hope for families during this trying time.

“Coming up with fun, STEAM-based activities can be challenging even in normal times,” said Founder and CEO Penny Bauder. “Caregivers don’t have time to scroll through search results or go shopping for supplies. We want to alleviate the investment it takes to get started and bring exactly what families need to provide engaging hands-on activities right to their door.”

Jessica Whiting, a mom of two, was familiar with these struggles as she tried to work full time and provide quick activities for her daughters. “Everything we needed for each activity was in the box, and the kids had a ton of fun,” she explained. “We could quickly do these activities in between meetings and phone calls and everybody was happy. These boxes will stay in the rotation for sure!”

Caregivers like Whiting are ready for this fall’s Kitchen Table STEAM program, which includes four STEAM-based activity boxes designed by experts to meet the learning needs of specific age groups.

Additionally, subscribers will receive supplemental materials, including access to:

* Ask-a-Scientist sessions

* YouTube videos with activity inspiration from real parents

* Additional learning opportunities related to each box, including DIY activities, podcast, video and book recommendations

Caregivers will also have an opportunity to submit their child’s artwork to our Kitchen Table Show and Tell, hosted by CEO Penny Bauder.

About Green Kid Crafts:

Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box service that provides educational STEAM and nature-based activities that help kids connect, communicate and build relationships. Projects and ideas are researched and tested, saving families time and money on at-home activities. The organization has recently been honored with top Industry Awards: Parents Choice Award(R) and NCW Eco-Excellence Award(R).

For more information about Green Kid Crafts Kitchen Table STEAM:

MEDIA: Please contact Sara Kappler at [email protected]

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Kitchen table STEAM social visuals.

News Source: Green Kid Crafts

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