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[Photos via @nightmarebefordecor,, @thedyerghoulhouse, @homeofskulls]

2020 has been the year of home renovations and DIY projects. After all, if you didn’t spend a week binge-watching HGTV, did you even go through quarantine? Unfortunately, mainstream favorites such as Property Brothers and Love It Or List It don’t exactly cater to those with darker goth tastes unless you count showing some once-gorgeous Victorian houses before they were gutted for modern aesthetics (R.I.P.).  

If you’re one of the many who don’t adhere to more conventional tastes, take solace. We’ve outlined the most inspirational goth decor pages Instagram has to offer. From kitchenware to bedroom sets and everything in between, these accounts will provide you with all the creative ideas you need to stylize your sinister abode.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, as the saying goes, so why not make it as black as the heart inside your chest? This account run by Instagram goth queen @mater.mortem features spooky kitchen decor and supplies, from skull-shaped jars to witchy cookie cutters, along with drool-worthy (and vegan) culinary creations. Though still in its fledgling stages, this feed is rapidly growing a fanbase. Follow now to stay ahead of the curve on haunting kitchen aesthetics. 


If you’re a lover of all things Halloween and fall-themed, this page will surely be an easy subscribe. The personal account of Sara Pistone, @littlehauntedhome showcases her cute spin on spooky decor with collections of ghosts, pumpkins and The Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia. Her unique style even transcends holiday boundaries, manifesting in thematic Christmas decorations, including a black tree adorned with ghost ornaments and a snow globe featuring the Headless Horseman


We can just go ahead and label Christina Louise Dyer “The Queen of Fine Details” because there’s really no competition. Her account showcases all the wonderfully dark little elements that comprise her “tomb,” from skull-shaped salt grinders to a ghost-themed laundry bag. Curated in the simplistic but elegant style of a true Instagram influencer, this page is the perfect follow for anyone who likes to get inspiration in small doses. 



Who would have thought that a page dedicated to lampshades would amass a following of 14,000? After scrolling through @deadlydarlingdesigns’ feed, it’s really not a surprise at all. These stunning, handcrafted fixtures are made by repurposing vintage lampshades and are available as ready-to-ship orders or by commission. Styles vary considerably depending on the fabrics and underlying frame, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a creation that doesn’t wow you. The real challenge lies in refraining from ordering one for every lamp in your house. 


Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? All right, given the cult status of The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s not exactly unusual to spot memorabilia in any millennial’s home. (This writer happens to be sipping out of a Jack Skellington mug

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