Jennifer Garner attempts to harvest sunflower seeds from her garden in hilarious video

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Iran dismisses US push to reimpose sanctions

Iran said on Sunday that its arch-foe the United States is facing “maximum isolation” after major powers dismissed a unilateral US declaration that UN sanctions on Tehran were back in force. The Trump administration said the sanctions had been re-activated under the “snapback” mechanism in a landmark 2015 nuclear treaty – despite Washington having withdrawn from the deal. As other signatories cast doubt on the move having any legal effect, Washington threatened to “impose consequences” on states failing to comply. But Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said a concerted campaign by Washington to pressure Tehran had backfired. “We can say that America’s ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran, in its political and legal aspect, has turned into America’s maximum isolation,” he said in a televised cabinet meeting. He also praised the UN Security Council’s approach to the issue as “very valuable” as it ignored “America’s request (and) held no session to consider their request.” The Security Council was what “the Americans always thought of as their point of strength,” he said. The sanctions in question had been lifted when Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Britain, China, France, Russia and the US) and Germany signed the 2015 treaty on Iran’s nuclear programme, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. But US President Donald Trump withdrew from the JCPOA in 2018, saying the deal – negotiated by his predecessor Barack Obama – was insufficient. He also renewed and even strengthened Washington’s own sanctions as part of a “maximum pressure” campaign against the Islamic republic. The US insists it is still a participant in the agreement that it stormed out of – but only so it can activate the snapback option, which it announced on August 20. Virtually every other Security Council member disputes Washington’s ability to execute this legal pirouette, and the UN body has not taken the measure any further.

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Watch Jennifer Garner Adorably Harvest Sunflower Seeds From Her Own Garden

a woman smiling for the camera: Actress Jennifer Garner is always effortlessly cute, but her latest Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds is next level adorable. Watch it here:

© Jennifer Garner / Instagram
Actress Jennifer Garner is always effortlessly cute, but her latest Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds is next level adorable. Watch it here:

  • Jennifer Garner just shared a new Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds.
  • She got the seeds from all the huge sunflowers in her garden, but harvesting didn’t go exactly as planned.
  • Jen looks adorably throughout the whole video and glows with makeup-free skin.

Jennifer Garner isn’t just a talented actress, amateur dancer, and jump rope maven, she’s also completely crushing her gardening game. Evidence: An adorable new Instagram video, where she not only has a bunch of fully-grown sunflowers—she also harvests seeds from them.

“Sunflower seeds come from sunflowers,” Jen wrote in the caption. “I know—🤯🤯🤯. Emboldened by the success of the nice man on YouTube I gave it a try and so here you go.


In true Jennifer Garner style, the video is pretty much everything. “Today’s not your day,” she tells one droopy sunflower, before getting ready to totally chop its head off. “How you doin’?” she says to another one. At one point, she accidentally walks through a spider’s web and hilariously says, “Pardon me, Charlotte. Go ahead and rebuild.”

Then, she says what everyone thinks whenever they even touch a pile of dirt: “I’m living off the land!”

On to the harvesting! Jennifer starts out by trying to pop out her sunflower seeds by hand, before deciding she needs to “innovate” and use a spoon to scrape them out. “I’m getting every one of you! I will not waste you!” she says at one point, as she tries to get out every. last. seed. “My professional opinion is, this might be a waste of time,” she adds later, with a smile.

She eventually soaks her seeds overnight in a bucket with water and salt. Aaand then Jennifer comes back and admits she actually left the seeds in the bucket for a few days—and there’s some gunk in there. “It’s only a few of them,” she says.

Jennifer eventually spreads the seeds out on paper towels and says she can “identify many problems,” like the fact that she picked them too early and they soaked for too long.

Later, she spreads them on a pan, puts them in a 300 degree oven for 40 minutes with a little salt and olive oil. The best part: When she goes to eat them, she can’t find the seeds. “Somebody stole the seeds,” she says.

“The moral of this story is that sometimes it’s nice to make a lovely snack for your chickens. And that is what I’ve done,” Jen says. In the final shot, you see a bag full of Jennifer’s sunflower seeds, marked, “chicken feed.”

The whole thing is hilarious and so, so relatable. And, in between cracking up, you might notice the fact that Jennifer’s skin is super glowy without makeup on. Btw, she goes makeup-free pretty much all the time. “If I’m shooting a video or posting

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