Cara Delevingne has two toilets in her bathroom to chat with friends

Cara Delevingne attends the #IMDboat at San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Day Three at the IMDb Yacht on July 20, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for IMDb)

Cara Delevingne has two toilets installed side by side in her home so that she chats to her friends in the bathroom. The star’s unique home design was inspired by something that she saw at a Paris Fashion Show where two toilets were built in the same room.

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According to The Sun newspaper, she turned to top designer Tom Bartlett to help build her dream bathroom.

Cara admitted, “I like a chat in the loo”. The ‘Suicide Squad’ star is one of the world’s best earning models, but she conceded that having lots of money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Cara is, therefore, determined to avoid becoming isolated and unhappy.

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Light Up Your Kitchen With This Central Perk Neon Sign From ‘Friends’

Halloween is right around the corner—which means it’s officially time to bring out the jack-o’-lanterns, watch scary movies, buy your costume(s), and hang up your festive decorations. Although there are thousands of decorations to choose from, you don’t have to blow your budget while decking out your house or apartment in honor of the spooky season this year. With a little guidance, you’ll find plenty of ways to create the perfect ambiance at home without going for broke. (And best of all, you can put the money you saved toward extra Halloween candy to stash away.)

From giant spiders to hanging ghosts and lawn decorations, here are a few of our favorite props under $25.

1. Halloween Pillow Covers (4-Pack); $17

These adorable Halloween-themed pillowcases make the perfect accessory for any couch, sofa, or mattress. Made with thick linen fabric, these are durable, sturdy, and designed to last for seasons to come. (Tip: To prevent the zipper from breaking, fold the pillow in half before inserting.)

Buy it: Amazon

2. Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle; $12

This versatile spiderweb prop is made with 100-percent polyester, and its knit lace spiderweb pattern adds a spooky touch to any home. Display it on your doorway, across your fireplace mantel, or atop your table. (It also makes a great backdrop for Halloween photo ops.)

Buy it: Amazon

3. Statement Halloween Signs; $16

These festive, statement-making banners come pre-assembled, making them incredibly easy to install. They’re also weather-resistant and washable for both outdoor and indoor use. Use tape, push-pins, or weights to prevent the signs from blowing away.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Jack Skellington and Sally Plush Dolls; $23 (Each)

Celebrate your favorite holiday with a pair of adorable Jack Skellington and Sally plush dolls from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack stands at 28 inches tall, while Sally is a bit shorter at 21 inches. Set them up on your sofa or against the window sill for all to see.

Buy them: Disney Shop (Jack and Sally)

5. Halloween Zombie Groundbreaker; $22

This spooktacular zombie lawn decoration is sure to scare all of your friends, family, and neighbors alike. Made with a combination of latex, plastic, and fabric, this durable Halloween prop is sure to last for years to come.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Hanging Ghost Decoration; $14

Drape this handmade, 14-foot-long hanging ghost decoration over your porch, doorway, or window. You can also hang it outdoors over a tree or a (very tall) bush. And, since it comes pre-assembled, you won’t have to waste time constructing it yourself.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Two-Piece Hanging Ghost Set; $17

This pair of ghosts adds a whimsical touch to any home. While they’re not “scary,” per se, they certainly are adorable. Display them in your front yard, on your porch, on a lamppost, or a tree. To hang, simply tie the ribbons and bend the wires, arms, and tails.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Pumpkin String Lights; $19

Not only are these solar-powered, 33-foot-long

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A teacher with terminal cancer wanted to repaint his house in his wife’s preferred color, knowing she’ll outlive him. Friends swarmed to help him

The 45-year-old teacher from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, started chemotherapy treatments when he was diagnosed last year, but in July doctors told him he had only months left to live.

“I found out I was not going to win the fight,” Gjoraas told CNN on Monday.

In July, after teaching for 22 years, he made the tough decision to pack up his classroom at Washington High School and retire to spend more time with his wife and three children. Gjoraas shared the news on social media, and since then, the community has rallied around his family.

“My community has really gone to bat for my family and I over and over and over,” he said.

People organized fundraisers for the family, and most recently a dozen people came over to help paint the outside of his house — something Gjoraas wanted to do for his wife.

The house was painted Saturday.

Gjoraas, a craft beer enthusiast, said he mentioned the idea to his friend, retired teacher Doug Rinken, over drinks. Gjoraas and his family have lived in the home for more than 20 years and he said it was time for it to be repainted.

“I just asked him if next summer, which I probably won’t be here for, if he can paint it for my wife,” he said.

The Gjoraas family wouldn’t have to wait till next year. Rinken organized about a dozen other teachers and friends to help paint the brown house blue — a color that Gjoraas’ wife, Lisa, picked out.
“You want to help in any way you can, but you know that whatever you do, it isn’t going to be enough,” Rinken told the Argus Leader, the local newspaper, on Saturday. “Even this what we’re doing today, it isn’t going to change anything, but I just hope it makes him feel a little more comfortable. It maybe makes us feel a little better too.”
Tim Gjoraas holds a Budweiser beer that he drank in honor of a late colleague.

It took the group a little over half a day to paint the house. Then they cracked open some beers and shared stories.

Gjoraas said he is very appreciative of all the support the community and friends have given his family. He said he is soaking up all the memories he can get with his family and having a beer with friends on days he feels good.

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For the birds: Simple ways to make your garden take flight for winged friends

Even before spring officially arrives, the sweet coos of mourning doves and the songs of house wrens and common yellowthroat warblers can be heard early in the morning through windows left cracked open the night before. Those first musical trills of prodigal birds, likely exhausted from their migration from as far south as Central and South America, can make us feel simultaneously relaxed and energized — and elated that a new season is within reach.

But spring isn’t the only time of year we need think about birds. Although hundreds of bird species head to warmer climates in the fall, others, black-capped chickadees, cardinals and woodpeckers among them, remain to tough out the winter, trading the perils of migration for the hazards of harsh weather and the food scarcity that accompanies it.

As our perennials go dormant and deciduous trees shed their leaves, fruits and seeds disappear with them, as do insects, most of which either die or hibernate. But birds can adapt; some insect-eaters pivot to a berry-centric diet, and some grow extra feathers, then puff them out — essentially making their own parkas, trapping air between layers to create bubbles of warmth. Still, they can use our help.

Carefully choosing native plants for your garden will beef up the food chain, feeding insects that birds, in turn, will use to feed their chicks come spring. This is important because our native insects and wildlife evolved alongside our native plants, adopting them as diet staples. Many exotic plants, on the other hand, aren’t even recognized as food by North American insects and caterpillars, according to research published by University of Delaware entomologist and author Doug Tallamy.

What to choose

Our native oak trees, for example, support more than 500 species of insects, including butterflies and moths, he asserted in his 2007 book, “Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens,” which has since become the bible of the native plant movement. When in their caterpillar stage, those butterflies and moths are the primary food source for birds. The nonnative ginkgo tree from China, on the other hand, while often prized for being “pest free,” supports fewer than five.

Tallamy, who reminds us that baby birds do not eat seeds but rely solely on insects, has found that one nestful of chickadee hatchlings needs to consume 6,000 to 9,000 caterpillars en route to maturity. Without native plants that support those insects, we simply would not have birds.

In addition to trees and perennials, consider including evergreen shrubs and ground covers in your landscape; they’ll provide shelter and cover. And bushes that retain fruit or nuts over winter offer food, as well as something nice to look at when all else is barren.

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Inside Ferne McCann’s amazing 30th birthday party in her garden with dance podium, booze and only five friends

FERNE McCann celebrated her 30th birthday in style with an incredible garden party – with a dance podium, booze and only five friends.

The former TOWIE star marked her big day with special garden festivities on Saturday.

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Ferne marked her special day with five pals to stick to coronavirus guidelines


Ferne marked her special day with five pals to stick to coronavirus guidelinesCredit: Instagram

The reality star pulled out all the stops to make sure her guests had a great time while following the new rules allowing groups of only six to gather.

The new coronavirus regulations ban more than six people meeting anywhere socially indoors or outdoors.

The mum-of-one looked sensational wearing a white silk skirt and a baby pink crop top.

The star later changed into a yellow mini plunging halter neck dress showing off her incredible figure.

The reality star enjoyed a garden party complete with live music and a podium


The reality star enjoyed a garden party complete with live music and a podiumCredit: instagram
Ferne looked sensational in a plunging yellow halter neck dress


Ferne looked sensational in a plunging yellow halter neck dressCredit: Instagram

The TV beauty let her hair down for the evening as she danced on the podium and enjoyed music from a live band.

The First Time Mum star was joined by best pal Sam Faiers and sister Billie along with three other friends.

The group looked in good spirits as they took to social media to share videos of the boozy bash.

Alongside a video of her dancing, Ferne wrote: “Finally got to celebrate my 30th with my party of 6.”

Ferne has recently renovated her luxury Essex farmhouse


Ferne has recently renovated her luxury Essex farmhouse Credit: Instagram

Ferne showed off her huge garden complete with swanky hot tub and gorgeous views of the Essex countryside.

The reality star moved into the beautiful Essex farmhouse at the end of last year and spent months transforming it into her forever home.

Ferne turned 30 in August but had a lowkey birthday with her family before she jetted off with a couple of friends to the South of France to celebrate her milestone.

However the mum-of-one came up with a more than suitable alternative, jetting to the South of France with a couple of pals for a 24 hour celebration.

The TV beauty jetted off to South of France to celebrate her milestone last month


The TV beauty jetted off to South of France to celebrate her milestone last monthCredit: Instagram

Taking to her Instagram, Ferne shared a video of her birthday outfit, which consisted of a lime green satin slip dress featuring an open back and asymmetric hemline.

With her new short hair and golden glow, Ferne beamed as she twirled for the camera, showing off her gym-honed physique at the same time.

She captioned the slow motion clip: “30 never felt so good…..Woweeee just touched down in London Town after a quick pit stop in SOF.

“I had to cancel my 30th birthday party this wkend due to covid, but I can safely say I have THE best friends who have spoilt me rotten! So god dam #grateful 🖤 #makingmemories #sof #cannes.”

Ferne showed off her impressive garden complete with luxury hot tub


Ferne showed off her
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Woman battered with bathroom door by boyfriend after going out with friends

Katrina Pidden suffered a violent and controlling relationship (Picture: Mercury Press)

A woman feared she was going to die during years of abuse from her violent partner.

On one occasion, Mitchell Liversedge, 25, pulled the bathroom door from its hinges and hit Katrina Pidden, 39, with it after he became angry she had gone out with friends.

Another time he claimed she had been cheating on her, she said: ‘I went on a night out once, I was wearing a skirt and tights and I’d ripped my tights with my nails pulling them up so he thought I’d been cheating’.

‘He called me a dirty slag, dragged me outside and left me in the rain curled up in a ball in the garden.

‘Then he came outside and started speaking to me like it was my fault.

‘He said “look at the state of you” then took me back inside and pushed me over.

He hit her with the bathroom door he ripped off its hinges (Picture: Mercury Press)
Katrina’s abuser has been jailed (Picture:: Mercury Press)

‘I tried to run down the road and he came after me, dragged me back and kept me there all night, beating me for about 40 minutes at a time.

‘He took my keys, my phone and I was hiding in random rooms around the house.

‘I was locked in all night.’

Liversedge was jailed in March for five years for four counts of ABH, one charge of false imprisonment, one count of damaging property, one for threatening to destroy or damage property, and one charge of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.

Katrina is now speaking out to try and help others in a similar situation.

Her attacker was caught in September last year, when a neighbour in Daventry, Northamptonshire, witnessed Liversedge dragging a bloodied Katrina across the garden by her finger and called the police.

Speaking for the first time since the ordeal, Katrina said: ‘I’d split up with him and he turned up at my house and started getting out of control.

‘He threw a drink over me so I took myself into the garden to get away from him.

‘He came flying outside, attacked me, hitting me over the head with the kitchen chair.

Mitchell Liversedge in his police mugshot (Picture: Mercury Press)
Katrina Pidden after Mitchell Liversedge attacked her (Picture: Mercury)
One of her front teeth was knocked out (Picture: Mercury Press)

‘He dragged me down the garden by my finger and my finger ended up so swollen that my ring had to be cut off.

‘I only had a nightie on so my skin was getting scraped on the path.

‘I thought he was going to kill me.

‘I was screaming so my neighbour came out and called the police.’

Katrina, who has since stopped working as a retail assistant, met Liversedge on a night out in 2019 and immediately became a couple. Katrina said the first four months of their relationship were

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Evil bully, 25, held his ex-girlfriend, 39, prisoner and battered her with bathroom door after she went out with friends

A TERRIFIED domestic abuse survivor feared she would die after her evil ex held her prisoner when she went out with pals.

Katrina Pidden, 39, was battered with a bathroom door by raging Mitchell Liversedge, 25, in one brutal attack.

Katrina Pideen was left battered and bruised at the hands of her thug ex


Katrina Pideen was left battered and bruised at the hands of her thug exCredit: Mercury Press
She was hit with a bathroom door in one brutal attack


She was hit with a bathroom door in one brutal attackCredit: Mercury Press
Mitchell Liversedge has now been jailed for five years


Mitchell Liversedge has now been jailed for five yearsCredit: Mercury Press

She was also held captive by the thug in her own home in Daventry, Northants, and left with horror injuries – including one of her teeth being knocked out.

Her nightmare ordeal came to an end in September last year when a neighbour saw the brute dragging bloodied Katrina across the garden and called police.

The brave retail assistant has now spoken out about the abuse after Liversedge was caged for five years in March for four counts of ABH.

He was also convicted of one charge of false imprisonment, one count of damaging property, one for threatening to destroy or damage property, and one charge of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.

Katrina has spoken out about her horror ordeal


Katrina has spoken out about her horror ordealCredit: Mercury Press
Her tooth was knocked out in one attack


Her tooth was knocked out in one attackCredit: Mercury Press

Katrina said: “I’d split up with him and he turned up at my house and started getting out of control.

“He threw a drink over me so I took myself into the garden to get away from him.

“He came flying outside, attacked me, hitting me over the head with the kitchen chair.

“He dragged me down the garden by my finger and my finger ended up so swollen that my ring had to be cut off.

“I only had a nightie on so my skin was getting scraped on the path.

“I thought he was going to kill me.”

Katrina feared Liversedge would kill her


Katrina feared Liversedge would kill herCredit: Mercury Press
She met the brute on a night out last year and he soon became possessive


She met the brute on a night out last year and he soon became possessiveCredit: Mercury Press

Katrina met Liversedge on a night out in 2019 and says the first four months of their relationship was perfect.

But the thug soon became possessive and banned Katrina from having any male friends.

He also called her “horrible names” if they went out before the emotional abuse turned violent.

Katrina said: “The first time he got violent, he tried to hit me with an iron and threw a cup at me.

“He said it would never happen again but he started pushing me around, throwing me into things then it turned into slaps and then punches and kicks.”


Women’s Aid has this advice for victims and their families:

  • Always keep your phone nearby.
  • Get in touch with charities for help, including the Women’s Aid live chat helpline and services such as SupportLine.
  • If you are in danger, call
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Miss Manners: Eating at friend’s house is distressing

I couldn’t think of any way out of a recent invitation, so I accepted and had a meal with her. Inevitably, I got sick. What would have been the polite way to avoid eating at her house? She rarely goes to restaurants, and especially not now.

Etiquette exists to avoid confessions like, “I value our friendship, but your food makes me throw up.”

This should be relatively simple: You express disappointment that you are — for no specified reason — unavailable; your buddy accepts this answer gracefully.

Miss Manners realizes that, in reality, your other friends are urging you to be honest, while your would-be host will not stop asking what you will be doing at that time. When everyone sees staying the course as a virtue, without regard to oncoming traffic, collisions are unavoidable.

You have two good options: Get used to hearing yourself say how sorry you are that you cannot attend — or find something among the food provided that you can eat.

Dear Miss Manners: When and how is it polite to tell a casual contact that there is a glaring typo on their business card, website or other promotional materials?

Here are just a few examples I have seen: “Family RESOURSE Center” on a business card from a mass-networking event; “We Provide EXPEREINCED help” on a proudly displayed banner in a temp placement office; “Estimated Texas Population in 2040 — 50 BILLION” on a PowerPoint presentation.

I figure people might want to know so they can correct it, but I don’t want to sound pushy or arrogant. Also, some of these are people who might hire me, so there’s the added question of, “Will this be a positive indicator of how conscientious I am, or a negative indicator of how nitpicking I am?”

Most people will assume the latter — or worse. They may tack on “rude” (when they remember it is impolite to correct another person in such situations) and “superior.” (The latter will not be about your spelling — which is superior — but rather an invented crime to hide their own embarrassment.)

Miss Manners says this to convince you that, in most cases, you will simply have to look the other way (or “weigh” or “whey”). The exception is if you can find a non-insulting way to offer your services as an editor — and to have that offer willingly accepted. “Oh, I just looked up some of those figures in my own presentation. Do you want me to look over yours?”

The misspellings can then be fixed as part of the larger task. This will demonstrate not only that you know how to spell, but also that you are adept at saving a potential boss from her own mistakes without embarrassing her.

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