‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ free live stream: How to watch Episodes 7 & 8 online without cable

“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” is airing the 7th and 8th episodes of its 9th season on Wednesday, Sep. 23 at 8 p.m. The series stars LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Larramie “Doc” Shaw, and others.

Here’s the information you’ll need to watch a free live stream of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” online without cable.

“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” premieres both new episodes of its 9th season on Wednesday, Sep. 23 at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on BET. It will be followed by back-to-back episodes of “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living” at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

If you’re a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you can watch a live stream of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” on Philo (free trial) or Fubo TV (free trial). Both streaming services offer seven-day free trials.

You can use the channel finder on your provider’s website to locate it: Verizon Fios, AT&T U-verse, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum/Charter, Optimum/Altice, DIRECTV, Dish.

If you missed an episode of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” or want to binge watch the series online as it becomes available, check out Philo (free trial) or Fubo TV (free trial). Both streaming services offer seven-day free trials.

According to the official description of the BET series: Atlanta firefighter Curtis “Pops” Payne thinks his home is his castle, but he needs a bigger moat. His nephew CJ and kids have invaded the place for an extended stay, and money-challenged son Calvin also keeps showing up, mainly around meal time and on laundry day. Thankfully, Curtis has loving but no-nonsense wife Ella to help him keep it together.

Here’s a look at “House of Payne,” courtesy of the show’s official YouTube channel:

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Free Community Event: LYFE Kitchen Live Music Series in Downtown Evanston

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

End August on a high note while enjoying delicious eats and being serenaded by local artists.

Please see below the lineup for LYFE Kitchen’s August music series:

August 21 Carolyn Marcotte: Chicago-based folk artist whose passion for writing songs that reflect both the complete joy and brokenness of our human nature connects with any audience. In addition to her original pieces, Marcotte enjoys adding folky twists to well-known classics (i.e. Michael Jackson, The Beatles) and modern tunes (i.e. Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake).

August 22 Sarah Alysse: Influenced by the wit and lyricism of Ingrid Michaelson and the soulful albums of Alicia Keys, Alysse has created work that stems from her past and creates an alluring sound all her own.

August 28 Petra van Nuis: Jazz singer whose unique and expressive phrasing gives her an instantly identifiable sound that sets her apart from the crowd and provides an intimate view of her emotions.

August 29 Bruce Forbes & Spencer Meyer: This duo brings their fun friendship to the stage each time they perform, providing the audience a unique folk sound and engaging music that keep listeners tapping their feet to the beat of the music.

Guests can enjoy delicious eats such as the Unfried Buffalo Chicken Strips ($6.99) or Roasted Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread ($9.99), while enjoying LYFE Kitchen’s recently launched guilt-free cocktails, all under 200 calories.

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Free admission for kids, college students this fall at U of A Botanic Garden

a small boat in a body of water: The Kurimoto Japanese Garden at the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens southwest of Edmonton in Parkland County, Alta. on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

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The Kurimoto Japanese Garden at the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens southwest of Edmonton in Parkland County, Alta. on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden is opening its gates to children and students for free this fall.

“We know what a tough time families have been having, especially kids,” education co-ordinator Jennine Pedersen said. “We want the garden to be a space where they can come and explore nature.”

Read more: University of Alberta Botanic Garden reopens amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Pedersen said while the move is temporary, it’s hoped one day to be permanent.

“This is actually part of a larger dream we have,” she said. “We’re looking for partners to reach out to us, who maybe want to be involved in making this dream possible and having kids at the garden free forever.”

The ultimate goal is that all the garden’s children’s programs — like school field trips — will be free and accessible to all kids.

With borders locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Alberta families have stayed closer to home this summer. The garden normally opens to visitors in the spring, but this year didn’t until June 1 — and Pedersen said it has been busy.

“We’ve had pretty good attendance over the summer. This is a great, safe area. Lots of space to spread out,” she said.

While some programming such as field trips had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, the garden is looking to develop new programming that’s safe, fun, engaging and gets kids back outside.

“Having kids connect with nature is more important than ever,” Pedersen said.

“Nature teaches you so many lessons that you can’t learn on a screen. So it allows you to learn problem-solving skills and creativity skills and you just learn about the wonder that’s around you.”

Read more: U of A Botanic Garden closing early for entry pavilion construction

The gardens have seen several major upgrades in recent years, including the construction of a new entry pavilion structure over the past year, which included a new admissions area, gift shop, concession and outdoor seating area.

The opening of the Aga Khan Garden two years ago also resulted in twice as many visitors as normal during the first two months.

Read more: New U of A Botanic Garden saw spike in attendance; Aga Khan in town for inauguration

The 11-acre garden has 12 water features, about 665,000 kilograms of granite, fruit orchards and more than 25,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and wetland plants.

Also popular at the facility is the the five-acre garden Kurimoto Japanese Garden — which opened in 1990 and is created in the kaiyou (strolling garden) style but filled with plants hardy to Alberta’s northern climate.

“We have 240 acres of beautiful, beautiful garden to explore,” Pedersen said. “Beautiful ponds, flower beds, trees, lots of insects, squirrels.

“It’s just a great place to enjoy with a family.”

While the tropical butterfly showhouse is also a popular

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Wild and Free: Bees in Your Back Garden

If you grow top fruit, beans, almonds, coppiced hazel or willow, flowering crops of any kind, or just have plenty of wild flowers in your garden, you will already have bees as visitors, so keeping a hive or two of honeybees would seem like a great idea. However, while my own main interest is in honeybees, my first piece of advice to gardeners thinking of taking up beekeeping is first to spend some time addressing the needs of other wild pollinators, especially bumblebees and solitary bees.

It may seem romantic to have thousands of honeybees buzzing round your flower beds, but the reality is that they are not entirely without problems. If your garden is small and urban, you may need to think carefully before placing a box of fifty thousand insects equipped with stings close to a neighbor's territory. There may be pets, children and elderly people to consider. You may want to think about how you use the space in your garden and how your activities – such as sunbathing, eating al fresco or simply hanging out the washing – may interfere with their flight-path, which at times may make Heathrow look like a quiet backwater.

I say these things not to put you off, but to encourage you to think carefully about what your real reasons for wanting to 'keep' bees may be.

The chances are that flowering plants you grow are already being pollinated quite effectively by wild bees and other insects and unless you grow such crops on a large scale, adding honeybees to the mix will have only a marginal effect on yields. Exceptions to this might include areas where neighbours routinely spray with insecticides – with the result that wild insect numbers have been drastically reduced – or places where wild bee populations have suffered for other reasons, such as heavy pollution or habitat loss. Unfortunately, in these cases, you are probably in the wrong place to keep honeybees.

Compared to most livestock, honeybees need little attention, and so can be added to a garden, homestead or smallholding without fear of creating a serious drain on your time. However, as with any other creature that comes within our care, someone must give them the right kind of attention at the right times, if only to ensure that they are comfortable, replete with stores and disease-free. Honeybees are – and will always remain – wild creatures, unimpressed by our attempts to domesticate them, so 'keeping' them is really a matter of providing suitable accommodation and allowing them freedom to roam. Beyond that – especially if you have honey in mind – you have to consider the degree and style of 'management' you will endeavor to apply.

Addressing the needs of other native bees first will help ensure that you do not cause an imbalance by flooding the area with honeybees while the local bumble population is less than optimal. Exactly how this can be assessed is yet to be fully established, but if bumblebees …

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Free Bathroom Remodeling Catalogs for Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to finding your dream home design, free bathroom remodeling catalogs are the perfect easy way to get inspired and find plenty of ideas for renovating your new bathroom design. You will get a sense of the best styles that matches your home size and the theme you are looking for.

That's why nowadays when looking for a remodeling contractor, it is natural to first search around and collect your own gallery of favorite renovation designs to choose from. So after your contractor observes your house and gives you an estimated cost and timing, they can also take a look at your collection and help you choose the best design that matched your house.

Whether you find your remodeling ideas and photos online or on paper, it is helpful to collect the best ones that catch your interest. Even if you only like a certain part of a picture, you can cut that part and keep it in your collection. You will be surprised how a mixture from various photos will end up making your dream design.

Where Can You Find Free Bathroom Renovation Catalogs?

So when you are searching to collect your own photo gallery of favorite design ideas for your bathroom, here are a few top places where you can find free ideas easily …

1. Design Ideas in Offline Magazine

Have you ever taken a look at home improvement, interior design or architecture magazines? If you have, you know they are simply a goldmine of various fresh creative remodeling ideas for not only your bathroom, but also the kitchen, basement, living room, or even your backyard.

So next time you are passing by a bookstore with a home improvement section, feel free to browse through the magazines and pick up the designs that you enjoy the most.

2. Simply Search for Renovation Ideas Online

Are you looking for a simple remodel design? Or maybe a simple theme idea? Could it be that you are more interested in a cheap affordable remodeling solution? Either way, you can easily find a large collection of pictures and galleries by doing a simple search in Google.

3. Free Online Bathroom Remodeling Photo Galleries

After doing some search, you'll be surprised how the easiest way to find a large photo gallery of the latest remodel trends, projects, designs and plans that you can view and save to your computer.

By checking out these free galleries, you can take a look at various bathroom renovation themes – from eco-friendly, antique, or modern … to Asian, contemporary and even abstract designs.

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