Hempstead’s Fairey Garden flowers with new possibilities

In the crisp, early fall air last Tuesday, sunlight gleamed through the sculptural agaves, cacti and palms in the arid beds of the John Fairey Garden about an hour northwest of Houston. Dappled shade lit up the green understory near the spring-fed creek of the property’s woodland.

But the brightest thing around that morning seemed to be the future of the garden itself.

Founder John Fairey started his magnum opus, originally called Peckerwood, nearly 50 years ago as his private retreat; eventually building a collection focused on the conservation of about 3,000 rare or unusual plants from Mexico, Texas and Asia, all suited to our region’s climate. By the time Fairey died last March, at the age of 89, the garden had grown to 39 acres, including a nursery.

Although close to the Waller County Fairgrounds, the place remains a bit of a hidden gem, relatively unknown to millions of people who live within 70 miles yet legendary among plant people as one of the great outdoor environments of the world.

That may be changing. The nonprofit garden’s board recently hired an executive director, its first in several years. They had set out to replace a horticulture director who departed last year, then decided to stabilize the organization first. The group’s president, Houston artist and marketing consultant Randy Twaddle, got the job.

The John Fairey Garden

When: Open Day tours 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Oct. 10, 17, 24 and Nov. 7, 14, 21; tours by appointment 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays; nursery open after Open Day tours and weekdays by appointment.

Where: 20559 FM 359, Hempstead

Details: Tours $10-$15; memberships $25-$70; 979-826-3232; jfgarden.org

“I don’t think there’s any other public garden in the country where I’m qualified to be the executive director. It remains to be seen if I’m qualified to do it here,” Twaddle said, matter-of-factly. “But because John was an artist, I’m comfortable from that perspective.”

Marketing a masterpiece

Hiring a horticulture director remains a priority for next year, but marketing experience was what the garden needed most first. “We needed somebody who’s just thinking about the place every day,” Twaddle said, shivering in a linen jacket as we sat on the porch of the founder’s home, where he now lives.

Followers of the garden’s Instagram account already can see how the garden is inspiring Twaddle creatively. His abstract art has been fueled in the past by images of tangled urban power lines. Now he’s seeing organic lines everywhere he looks, in the magnificent plants and the shadows they cast on colorful stucco walls. Not that he’s there to make visual art.

Newly energized since he took the reins in May, the organization has grown its memberships by 65 percent, launched a new website that’s attracting more visitors and organized an annual fundraiser that looks like it will exceed its goal, offering donors a film about Fairey that premieres Oct. 20. The John Fairey Garden now produces a monthly newsletter, tracks the numbers of visitors and

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Artificial plants and flowers for home decor

Now that everyone is spending more time indoors, faux plants that truly look real can add a touch of nature to your space, minus the upkeep. After all, some people love the look of plants in their home but seriously lack a green thumb. Others love to change things up and decorate seasonally, so they hesitate to commit to living plants, which generally have to be cared for all year. Either way, carefully selected faux plants and flowers give you all the highs of having a home with greenery without the lows of having to worry about watering, fertilizing or moving it around to ensure it gets enough sunlight.

a palm tree: Nearly Natural Mix Greens Artificial Plant in Planter

© Home Depot
Nearly Natural Mix Greens Artificial Plant in Planter

a vase of flowers on a table: MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants

© Amazon
MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants

When selecting faux plants and flowers for your home, look for real-looking trunks and stems first. These are the foundations of a plant and flower, so if they look fake, it’s hard to recover. It may sound counterintuitive, but the leaves should also appear imperfect, much like those on real plants and flowers. Once you’ve made your pick, place it in a nice-looking pot or container and the sharp package will have everyone fooled.

The following are some of the most real-looking faux plants and flowers that will never go out of style.

Faux Eucalyptus Stem by Hearth & Hand With Magnolia ($3.99; target.com)

This eucalyptus plant’s broad leaves reach out from a sturdy stem in a natural arch, plus they’re flexible enough that you can adjust them to your liking without damaging the plant. A staple at many spas and resorts, this faux version adds a touch of Zen on its own but can be grouped in multiples for a fuller look.

Threshold Artificial Fern Arrangement in White Ceramic Pot (14.99; target.com)

Ferns have long been a home decor standout in part because they’re lush, full plants with wispy fronds that spread out in all directions. Even the shape of their leaves is interesting to look at, hence why this affordable version is such a winner — it actually looks real. The branches are just flexible enough that it’s easy to adjust them, and the plant itself comes in a chic ceramic pot, which adds a touch of style.

a living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers: LCG Florals Artificial Philodendron Plant

© Target
LCG Florals Artificial Philodendron Plant

Silk Flower Common Poppy Spray ($20.99; wayfair.com)

There’s nothing like a bright “pop” of poppies to brighten your day — or your space. It’s like a big burst of happiness in the middle of your living room, or wherever you place these. Fans say this silky spray of poppies not only looks natural, but it also has a whimsical flair just like the real things do, plus it’s easy to shape the stems to get them just right. This arrangement comes with four flower blooms and one flower bud per stem.

Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Plant ($14.99; amazon.com)

Who doesn’t love a huge spray of lavender? Each order of this purple-hued masterpiece includes four

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Cristiano Ronaldo Says Playing Without Fans Like ‘Garden With No Flowers’


  • Cristiano Ronaldo became just the second male player to achieve 100 international goals 
  • Ronaldo says playing without fans is like a garden with no flowers
  • Portugal sits top of group three in League A after winning their first two matches in the Nations League

Cristiano Ronaldo admits the atmosphere of playing in front of a massive crowd is something that he misses right now.

With sports almost entirely forced to play behind closed doors due to the pandemic, superstars like Ronaldo are denied of the stadium euphoria they usually get on every milestone achieved.

The Portuguese icon became just the second male player to notch 100 international goals as he scored both goals to lead the country to a 2-0 Nations League victory over Sweden on Tuesday. But while he raves about the achievement, he admits that the celebration would have different if he had fed off the cheers from the fans.

“There is no need to regret when I do something I like to be whistled because it gives me chills. But health comes first, if the WHO says that these aren’t safe conditions, that’s it. The most important thing is the human being,” Ronaldo told RTP, via Goal.

“Playing without fans is like going to the circus and not seeing clowns, it’s like going to the garden and not seeing flowers.”

Ronaldo hit the milestone goal after he scored on a free kick just before halftime following a foul just outside Sweden’s penalty box. He hit the back of the net anew at the 72nd-minute that virtually put the game out of reach.

“I am very happy. Firstly, because the team won, which was the goal we had. Then the 100 mark and then the 101, with two goals, makes me very happy,” Ronaldo said when asked of his milestone goal.

“Now the future is only for God. I feel good, I feel good for playing with these young players.”

The historic feat placed Ronaldo right on pace to catch Iran’s Ali Daei, who sits at the top of the list with 109 goals in a 14-year international career.

“I managed to beat this milestone of 100 goals and now (I’ll go) for the record. It’s step-by-step. I am not obsessed because I believe the records come in a natural way,” Ronaldo said.

Tuesday’s game was Ronaldo’s first for Portugal this year, having sat out of the team’s 4-1 victory over Croatia on Saturday. The country now sits at the top of group three in league A with a goal difference edge over France, which the team will face on October 11 in Paris.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after his hattrick earns Portugal a 3-3 draw against Spain. Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Source Article

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Paving Stones and Flowers to Create Nostalgic Garden Ideas

Many of those flowers you remember from the days of yore are back, and they still smell as amazing as it did all those years ago. Walking through your garden this summer may bring back so many memories. Your childhood in grandma’s backyard, her flower beds you had to stay away from and those beautiful ornaments.

You can create a new twist on your grandma’s garden design. You can do this by creating a nostalgic garden from scratch in your own backyard. Native plants are usually defined as those plants that were growing naturally in an area and it include all types of landscape plants, trees shrubs, vines, ferns, flowers and grasses. You can find all these plants and more at your local nursery or garden centre.

Plant a range of flowers like petunias, oriental lilies, eucalyptus near a paving stone pathway or under a window so you can take full advantage of the soothing smell drifting on the breeze. The most practical way for gardeners to create a nostalgic garden is to keep your garden as natural as possible with more traditional plants. With a heritage of common styles and era ornaments your garden will have a retro feel. One idea is to plant geometric flower beds with cobblestones in between them. Other ideas would be to plant colourful flowers in an old fashion styled bicycle, or place a sundial in the middle of the garden to create a nostalgic ambience.

Consider using trees and shrubs that have beautiful leaves and winter interest such as colourful berries and funky evergreens. Place paving tiles around big trees for an area where you can place a bench. That will definitely remind you of your childhood days playing hide and seek with other siblings. Birds and pollinators will be part of the environment too.

You can also plant some vegetables in your garden. A vegetable patch is becoming popular again with the cost of living increasing. In the olden days, vegetable patches were common and our great grandparents enjoyed using fresh vegetables from their own gardens.

Many gardeners and homeowners have realized that they don’t want gardens of the future with strange plants. They want grandma’s garden, created with love and that is native in appearance. Ask your local nursery for the best trees and shrubs that are available in your area and appropriate for the conditions at your home. Expand your palette by including plants that are colourful, fragrant, significant and, most of all, fun.…

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Fall Blooming Flowers

Aquilegia (Àquilegia canadencia) presents her great flowers with long spurs on skinny graceful legs. A 4 sq. garden (one that is rectangular with a central focus, like a statue) or an asymmetrical garden (one which has no defined rules) may be other options for you to consider. It is amazing how a fast trim of the grass and a blower to clear leaves and filth from round your garden makes it look implausible, particularly at the moment of the 12 months when you may entertain and benefit from the garden simply as another room in your home. Be a bit flexible and you will see an assortment of choices obtainable to format your garden. My unique intent with Access to the Garden was to spare my non-gardening mates on Facebook from my ardour for gardening. We are so excited to partner with Spring Meadow Nursery and Proven Winners for the Austin Garden Bloggers Fling May 3-6. The most important suggestion in creating your psychic garden is to take your time.

In the mean time, I will pick and choose the place I go. Even if I actually have to drive to a different county to expertise a botanical garden that I can simply take pleasure in with accessible routes and pathways. The out there shapes and sizes are limitless, making it easy to include the local fowl inhabitants in your garden. If you may’t discover the garden shed of your desires, you might always design one yourself or purchase designs from you local timber yard, bookstore, or the internet, and build it yourself. If you love working on the outside, chances are high, you will love assembling your own garden cart. Nurseries large and small look to Spring Meadow Nursery to do their propagations and to convey new and thrilling plants to garden bloggers and flingers across the nation. Growers, retailers, landscapers, gardeners, and garden bloggers know and trust Proven Winners to ship one of the best.

When human beings were pushed out of the Garden of Eden and a guardian angel was placed near the ‘Tree of Life’ it is a symbol of human now having no quick access to the wonders of unconscious mind and the ensuing life in abundance that it results into.

Garden International School, Bangkok is situated in the coronary heart of Bangkok, just a few minutes from each the MRT and BTS transport methods, in addition to Lumpini Park. Add some natural compost to the garden soil as it’s considered to work best with regards to doing gardening by natural means. Cats will probably be unable to grip the highest of the fence and recover from in to your garden. I believe, as a garden designer, that one can show the need for fresh Italian herbs by displaying them at their best… in a proper layout. Create what reflects you; in any case, this is your garden on your distinctive psychic ventures.

A botanical garden is a type of garden the place crops are …

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Fall Blooming Flowers (2)

The Garden of Five Senses is not only a park, it is a area with a variety of actions, inviting public interaction and exploration. Till we are alive, we will stay with our acutely aware thoughts extra lively however now we know the reality and if we permit good ideas, thoughts of affection, healing, bliss to enter our minds, the unconscious thoughts will produce the same and then we are going to experience paradise on earth, the very Garden of Eden opening its door once more to realise ‘Paradise Regained’.

As a result of this course of, you will have an inventory of vegetables that will either cost a lot less or taste much better out of your garden in comparison with the market. Garden International School, Bangkok is a friendly and family orientated school, which has neighborhood at his heart. Garden classes embrace greens, fruit, flowers and miscellaneous gadgets comparable to gourds, pumpkins and sunflowers. The different types and sorts of garden sheds are primarily based on the roof structures: the most common is the Gable which varieties a triangular roof. Best of all, the hardy mums should come again every year, offering future shade for your garden. But they’d not stop and right here they now were because the Emerald Society Pipes and Drums got here into the garden. The enclosed garden is an emblem of the center of every body who love the Triune God with fidelity.

In the imply time, I will decide and select where I go. Even if I actually have to drive to a different county to experience a botanical garden that I can simply take pleasure in with accessible routes and pathways. The obtainable shapes and sizes are endless, making it easy to incorporate the local hen inhabitants in your garden. If you can’t find the garden shed of your goals, you might at all times design one yourself or purchase designs from you local timber yard, bookstore, or the internet, and construct it your self. If you love working on the outside, chances are, you’ll love assembling your own garden cart. Nurseries giant and small look to Spring Meadow Nursery to do their propagations and to bring new and exciting crops to garden bloggers and flingers across the country. Growers, retailers, landscapers, gardeners, and garden bloggers know and trust Proven Winners to deliver one of the best.

With the Virgin Mary as mannequin, we can enter into the garden of the center where the work of our sanctification is being accomplished. She even managed to make the garden Brisket-proof – that’s, able to hold as much as the wear and tear of their very active and swimming-pool-lovin’ dog Brisket. I will allow you to in on a bit ‘secret’ about an extremely highly effective method to begin-up a market garden – Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If you do not need to bend over whereas tending your garden then construct your raised bed to a cushty top that can assist you to …

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