5 Tools To Have In Your Kitchen For A Healthy Environment

The products we use in our kitchen can have a great impact on the environment. From the towels we choose, to the plates and dinnerware, all contribute to the environmental health. This is why it’s essential to pick each product carefully and to be aware of their long-term impact.

But what should you choose to make sure you are buying and using the right items? Eco-friendly kitchen products are a smart move in this case.

These products are generally made from recycled, biodegradable or even organic materials. Their production, as well as their usage, causes little to no harm to the environment. What’s more, they come as a great alternative to kitchen products made from plastic, for example.

Here are 5 great examples of eco-friendly kitchen products for some inspiration.

Bamboo plates

Bamboo plates are a great type of dinnerware. They have a unique look and can be used for different occasions. If you are having a party, you have invited some friends over or for everyday dinner, they are a smart choice.

Also, you have two options to choose from: regular and disposable bamboo plates.

Benefits of using bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most popular eco-friendly materials. It’s used for the production of different products. What’s great about this material is that it’s a type of grass, not wood. It can grow really fast, reaching up to 100 cm in 24 hours, and can be harvested every 4-5 years. After that, it can grow back easily without being replanted.

Bamboo represents a great alternative to materials like wood and plastic. The production of bamboo products requires less manufacturing energy and is less toxic to the environment.

Let’s take a look at the following example. Disposable bamboo plates are biodegradable and can break down in 4-6 months in carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. Plastic, on the other hand, takes between 15 and 1000 years to decompose and even after that, it leaves behind toxic particles and substances.

Bamboo cutting boards

One of the most important aspects of a cutting board is its resistance. When cutting something hard or using a strong knife, there are chances we may leave small holes in it. These are the perfect places for food and bacteria to accumulate.

Bamboo is known for being quite a dense material and it can resist to strong knives. This makes it not only a great material for our health, but also a durable one. Bamboo cutting boards don’t absorb liquids and this can prevent them from cracking and warping.

Cotton kitchen towels

Towels are an important element in the kitchen. Cooking can mean a lot of mess and you may need something nearby to clean it quickly. Cotton kitchen towels are one of the eco-friendly options in this case.

Benefits of using cotton

Cotton kitchen towels are the eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. They can be used multiple times and can be easily washed.

Also, they can contribute to reducing the deforestation level. At the current moment, this …

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