5 Bizarre Indian TV Scenes That Kept Us Entertained in Pandemic

a group of people in a room: Bathroom Scrubber to Killer Suitcase: 5 Bizarre Indian TV Scenes That Kept Us Entertained in Pandemic

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Bathroom Scrubber to Killer Suitcase: 5 Bizarre Indian TV Scenes That Kept Us Entertained in Pandemic

Logic leaves the room when Indian daily soaps try to dive into the unrealistic (read: science-fiction) world of entertainment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all the content put out by Indian creators for TV is bad, it’s just sometimes the filmmakers and writers try too hard or just don’t care what the viewers think.

Over the years, Indian film industries have given us gems that defy all the laws of physics. Flying cars, villains levitating in the air until the hero punches them to the ground, slicing one bullet to kill two bad guys, jeeps flying in the air and colliding with helicopters– the list goes on.

But why should movies have all the fun?

During the coronavirus lockdown, Indian television kept us hooked with its over-the-top cringy sequences that helped us get through the unproductive, boring days.

Here are five times Indian daily soaps bamboozled us with scenes that could give Christopher Nolan run for his money.

Bathroom Scrubber – a life saviour

A snippet from the Bangla show Krishnakoli, a romantic-drama series, which went massively viral on social media last month, panned to an intense hospital scene where the doctors are doing everything they can to save a dying man.

“I cannot say anything about him. We are trying our level best,” the doctor informed as he proceeded to use the defibrillator machine that sends an electric current through the chest of a patient to stop the trembling muscles of the heart, especially experienced during a cardiac arrest.

As heart-stopping (no pun intended) as the scene was, the doctor used a piece of strange equipment that caught the fancy of the Internet.

From the looks of it, the doc used a bathroom scrubber brush to revive the dying man. Well.

Killer suitcase

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 aired on Colors TV upped the ante with a scene that can only be understood visually but we will try.

The scene featured protagonist Ridhima Vansh, played by Helly Shah, who is seen walking as she appears to be bothered by something. All of a sudden, she trips over an open suitcase and bangs her head against the wall. After taking the blow to their head, she falls into the same suitcase in the posture that has her fit inside it perfectly.

Things only get wilder when the suitcase magically zips itself and Ridhima seems to be trapped inside it.

A man is then seen carrying the closed suitcase and then flinging it into a swimming pool. Meanwhile, another man, Vansh Raisinghania played by Rrahul Sudhir, is looking for trapped Ridhima and slides by the poolside to see the bag sinking along with the drowning woman. Okay, then.

Pandemic romance

The romantic sequences in Indian daily soaps are endless. Episodes are dedicated to endless songs playing in the background as actors indulging in PDA on the small screen. But we are

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