NH AFL-CIO Announces Endorsed Candidates For New Hampshire House

HOOKSETT, NH — The New Hampshire AFL-CIO has announced a series of endorsements made by this year’s Legislative Conference. This event takes place in even-numbered years to allow all of the affiliated union locals that make up the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. This year, they endorsed full slates for both the New Hampshire Senate and Executive Council and a bipartisan slate of 224 candidates for the New Hampshire House.

“The New Hampshire AFL-CIO leadership does a lot of research putting together this slate, especially for the House candidates,” NH AFL-CIO Pres. Glenn Brackett said, “Between an analysis of voting records that included 156 votes and a twenty-six question survey, the NH AFL-CIO Legislative Committee acquired a granular understanding of where candidates for the New Hampshire General Court stand.”

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO plans an aggressive fall campaign letting their members and members of organized labor know who will and will not support the economic interests of workers and safe workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. The House candidates are listed below and you can find the entire list of New Hampshire AFL-CIO endorsed candidates at their website at www.nhaflcio.org or on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nhaflcio.

A complete list of our endorsed candidates for the New Hampshire House –
1 Belknap Robert Joseph Jr Democrat
2 Belknap Diane Hanley Democrat
2 Belknap Natalie Taylor Democrat
2 Belknap Dara McCue Democrat
3 Belknap Carlos Cardona Democrat
3 Belknap Gail Ober Democrat
5 Belknap Stephen Larimer Copithorne Democrat
5 Belknap Duane Hammond Democrat
6 Belknap Douglas Trottier Democrat
6 Belknap Don House Democrat
9 Belknap Charlie St. Clair Democrat
1 Carroll Anita Burroughs Democrat
2 Carroll Stephen Woodcock Democrat
2 Carroll Tom Buco Democrat
3 Carroll Jerry Knirk Democrat
4 Carroll Caroline Nesbitt Democrat
8 Carroll Eve Klotz Democrat
1 Cheshire Lucy Weber Democrat
1 Cheshire Michael Abbott Democrat
1 Cheshire Paul Berch Democrat
1 Cheshire Catharyn Harvey Democrat
2 Cheshire John Mann Democrat
3 Cheshire Daniel Eaton Democrat
4 Cheshire Lawrence Welkowitz Democrat
5 Cheshire John Bordenet Democrat
9 Cheshire Douglas Ley Democrat
9 Cheshire Richard M. Abel Ames Democrat
10 Cheshire Lucius Parshall Democrat
11 Cheshire Patricia Ann Martin Democrat
12 Cheshire Barry Faulkner Democrat
15 Cheshire Bruce Tatro Democrat
16 Cheshire Joe Shapiro Democrat
3 Coos Larry Laflamme Democrat
3 Coos Henry Noel Democrat
4 Coos Evalyn Merrick Democrat
5 Coos Edith Tucker Democrat
7 Coos Troy Merner Republican
2 Grafton Timothy Egan Democrat
3 Grafton Denny Ruprecht Democrat
6 Grafton Kevin Maes Democrat
8 Grafton Suzanne Smith Democrat
8 Grafton Joyce Weston Democrat
10 Grafton Roger Dontonville Democrat
11 Grafton Timothy Josephson Democrat
12 Grafton Russell Muirhead Democrat
13 Grafton George Sykes Democrat
13 Grafton Richard Abel Democrat
13 Grafton Laurel Stavis Democrat
13 Grafton Susany Almy Democrat
14 Grafton Elaine French Democrat
15 Grafton Ed Rajsteter Democrat
16 Grafton Francesca Diggs Democrat
17 Grafton Joshua Adjutant Democrat
1 Hillsborough Marjorie Porter Democrat
2 Hillsborough Rachel Cisto Democrat
2 Hillsborough Jen Paveglio Democrat
4 Hillsborough Jennifer Bernet Democrat

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White House Attacks Former Pence Aide Who Endorsed Biden

WASHINGTON — Top White House aides on Tuesday escalated their efforts to undermine the credibility of a former senior adviser to Vice President Mike Pence who has endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr., accusing her of publicly criticizing the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic because she is disgruntled over being fired.

Keith Kellogg, the retired lieutenant general who is national security adviser to Mr. Pence, told reporters that he had recommended removing the aide, Olivia Troye, from her position as the vice president’s top Homeland Security adviser in charge of managing the coronavirus task force.

“The reason I fired her was her performances started to drop after six months working on the task force,” Mr. Kellogg said, calling Ms. Troye a “backbencher” in the administration’s efforts to combat the pandemic.

“She was responsible for coordinating meetings, bringing people together. And when the performance level dropped off,” he said, he went to Mr. Pence “and recommended she leave. I’m the one that escorted her off the compound.”

The comments from Mr. Kellogg and similar criticism of Ms. Troye from Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, were part of an aggressive public relations attempt to denounce and discredit former administration officials who are increasingly speaking out against President Trump.

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff to Kirstjen Nielsen, the former secretary of homeland security, last week announced a new organization with more than two dozen former administration officials and other Republicans who oppose Mr. Trump’s bid for a second term. Ms. Troye is a member of the group, as is Josh Venable, who served as chief of staff for Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education.

“These are not profiles in courage; these are profiles in cowardice,” Ms. McEnany said on Tuesday during a briefing with reporters.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Ms. Troye disputed Mr. Kellogg’s claim, adding a photo of a ceremonial coin that she said Mr. Kellogg had given her upon her departure.

“Sad that Gen. Kellogg is telling a bald faced lie to protect the President,” she wrote. “I resigned on my own accord & was asked to stay. He never escorted me out. He knows this. I wrote a note thanking all the colleagues who had worked so hard with me in spite of POTUS & I stand by that.”

Mr. Taylor issued a statement on Twitter after the briefing as well, saying: “The truth drives this White House crazy. My feelings aren’t hurt, @PressSec. But you didn’t specifically deny what I’ve said about POTUS. That’s because it’s all real. And y’all are worried about Americans hearing it.”

In an opinion essay posted on CNN’s website on Tuesday, Mr. Taylor praised Ms. Troye for coming forward, adding that senior administration officials had “sung her praises to me repeatedly during her two years at the White House.”

Ms. Troye, a lifelong Republican who had previously served in national security positions in the George W. Bush administration, came forward

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