Creating a Custom Enclosure for a Drop-in Bathtub

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I’d like to use a specific undermount or drop-in bathtub in my plan, but it doesn’t appear to have an enclosure. How can I create a custom enclosure for this object?

Bathtub with an enclosure


Many objects are ready to use as stand-alone objects, however, some objects like drop-in bathtubs are meant to be enclosed. A custom enclosure, or surround, can be created in Home Designer by using the Base Cabinet tool.

In this article, we will be using a bathtub object from the Kohler® Manufacturer catalog, which can be downloaded for free from the Chief Architect 3D Library,

To create a bathtub enclosure

  1. Access the Library Browser , locate a drop-in bathtub that you would like to use in your plan, select it, and place it in your plan.

    In this example, the K-1946 Archer 5′ Bath symbol from the Kohler® Manufacturer catalog is used.

  2. Using the Select Objects tool, select the bathtub, and click the Open Object edit button.
  3. On the General panel of the Fixture Specification dialog that displays:

    General panel of the Fixture Specification dialog

    • Make a note of the symbol’s Width, Height, and Depth. This is also a good time to change these values if you wish.
    • Make any other desired changes, such as the material of the tub by accessing the Materials panel.
    • Click OK to confirm the changes and close the dialog.
  4. Next, navigate to Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet from the menu, then click to place a single base cabinet in the plan.
  5. Using the Select Objects tool, click on the cabinet to select it and select the Open Object edit button.
  6. On the General panel of the Base Cabinet Specification dialog:

    General panel of the Base Cabinet Specification dialog

    • Specify the cabinet’s Width, Height, and Depth, and Floor to Top/Bottom values.

      The width and height should be close to the width and height of the tub symbol, while the depth will serve as the depth of the surround. In this example, the Width is set to 60″, the Height is set to 17 1/2″, the Depth is set to 6″, and the Floor to Bottom is set to 0″.

    • Specify the Countertop Thickness, along with the Overhang.

      In this example, the Thickness is set to 1 1/2″ and the Overhang is 1/8″.

      Home Designer Pro also has the ability to change the Corner Treatment and Corner Width of the countertop. For example, corners can be Clipped or Rounded, and the Width value can be changed.

    • If the bathtub and surround will be positioned against a wall, you may want to define the Backsplash Height, Thickness, and other options as well.
  7. On the Front panel:
  8. With the cabinet selected, use its Move  edit handle to position it alongside the bathtub symbol.

    Moving the custom cabinet up against the tub

  9. With the cabinet still selected, make three more copies of it that you can use to form the other sides of the tub enclosure:
    • Click the Copy/Paste edit button;
    • Click the Sticky Mode secondary edit button;
    • Click three times in an empty
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Designing a Custom Drop-in Tub Enclosure

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I need to create a tub deck surround for a drop-in tub. How can I achieve this?

Drop-in tub located in bathroom


In Chief Architect, we have a number of Drop-In Tub symbols that can be placed in plans, and a number of tools to create a surround. In this article, we will create an enclosure using Half-Walls and a Custom Countertop.

To place a drop-in tub

  1. Navigate to View> Library Browser  if the library isn’t already open, and browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Architectural> Fixtures> Bathtubs> Drop-In Tubs.
  2. Select one of the drop-in tubs, then click once in the plan to place the selected tub.

    Plan view of a tub placed in the room

  3. Keeping the tub selected, click the Open Object edit tool, and in the Fixture Specification dialog that displays, take note of the size and elevation of the tub, then click OK.

    This would also be a good time to make changes to the size and elevation of the tub if different values are desired.

    General panel of the Fixture Specification dialog

    In this example, we are using the Standard Tub from the library and will be using the default values.

To create the enclosure

  1. Navigate to Build> Wall> Straight Half-Wall  from the menu, then draw an interior rectangle that will serve as the supportive enclosure for the tub.

    Half walls drawn surrounding the tub

    Note: If you have difficulty drawing half-walls directly beside other walls, try drawing them in a separate area of the room, away from other walls, then move them into place using their Move edit handles.

    Moving walls using the move edit handle

  2. Using the Select Objects tool, select one of the half-walls, click the Open Object edit tool, and in the Railing Specification dialog that displays:

    Newels/Balusters panel where the height of the half-wall can be set

  3. Perform this same procedure for the three remaining walls.
  4. We are now ready to construct the top surface of the enclosure. Select Build> Cabinet> Custom Countertop from the menu, then click and drag to create a rectangle that encompasses the tub and the four half-walls.

    Creating a custom countertop

  5. Once the countertop is placed, select it using the Select Objects tool, click the Open Object edit tool, and in the Custom Countertop Specification dialog that displays:

    Set the thickness, height, and position of the countertop

    • On the General panel, uncheck Set Thickness From Cabinet and specify a desired Thickness.

      In this example, a Thickness of 1 1/2″ is set.

    • Uncheck Set Height From Cabinet and specify the Finished Floor to Top/Bottom value.

      In this example, the Elevation Reference is set to From Finished Floor, and the Finished Floor to Bottom value is set to 15 3/4″.

    • Change the material of the countertop on the Materials panel.
    • Click OK to confirm the changes and close the dialog.
  6. Navigate to Build> Cabinet> Custom Counter Hole  and create a hole that spans the width and depth of the tub.

    Creating a custom counter hole

  7. Lastly, add a faucet, along with any additional fixtures and accessories from the Library Browser , then take a Camera view to see the results.

    Camera view of a custom tub enclosure

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Kinytech Outdoor TV Enclosure – Creates a great Outdoor Home Theater Entertainment.

Press release content from TS Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) — 27 Sep 2020

Creating a TV or movie watching environments in your garden is becoming more and more popular. Many families spend time outside with their kids & friends through the spring, summer, autumn, even winter with some favorite garden furniture. But how to make full use of the best season is a big challenge. The children are at home and want to invite their friends here on holiday. There will be a swimming pool in your backyard, or you can barbecue outdoors. So far, when you have a barbecue in the open air, most of us still have to go back to the house to watch our favorite TV shows, sports, or games.

Well, Kinytech outdoor TV enclosure and outdoor projector enclosure which can help you move out home TV and projector outside without any damages by the rains, dust, bugs and theft, etc.. It can let you rest assured to put the TV and projector outside. By getting this protective enclosure will help you fulfill all your needs. Your challenge would be to design a waterproof TV or project enclosure that can withstand or resist all such problems. Each and every part of the outdoor enclosure must be made in such a way so that it also prevents corrosion. Hence, it is very important for you to choose the right material for your entertainment enclosures. You have to consider the following things before you decide the material for such enclosures and you will always feel good because you had taken it.

Why choose Kinytech outdoor TV Enclosure and outdoor projector enclosure?

When you are searching Outdoor TV Enclosure in the internet, you will certainly see Kinytech because it is one of the most trusted brands in the world, many people have used it and have given satisfied feedback. Many families have moved indoor activities to the outdoors, enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Kinytech Outdoor projector enclosure is designed and developed for outdoors, suitable for most of indoor projector. It’s ideal for residential and industrial. The tightly sealing systems and connections provide complete protection for projector from dust, water, humidity and bugs. This enclosure protects from corrosion due to rain, humidity, condensation, and the moisture from inside & outside but it is also allow the airflow for cooling and sound out.

What are the reasons to choose it?

Here are some reasons to tell why many people prefer to buy Kinytech enclosures.

Acceptable prices

Customers prefer to buy Kinytech outdoor TV cabinet is because of the reasonable price. Using a TV enclosure to protect any of your flat home TV is much cheaper than an outdoor TV. And you can change your TV as you like.The best option may come down to affordability.

Unique Design & Layout

Kinytech outdoor TV enclosure works for Plasma, HD screens and LED LCD

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Square Shower Enclosure – Stylish Option to Upgrade or Transform Your Bathroom

At present life is running faster than ever. Everybody is in a hurry to finish their daily based tasks. Do you want to relax after a hard day at work? Are you so much conscious about your health and for this purpose you want to relax? The best option for your body after the tiring day is a nice bath in a Square Shower Enclosure.

The best place to relax:

Bath is not only considered to be the best place for hygiene, but also the place where you can easily relax and recharge yourself for the next working day. This enclosure comes with the modern look to make your bathroom looks good, permits you to relax and spend some good spare time.

Expensive Rates:

It is a myth that shower enclosures kits are very expensive, but in reality, it is not like that everybody has his in the bathroom. The price for these can vary according to the design, volume, and the material. Buying cheap version of these bath accessories doesn’t mean that their designs are very simple, in reality, expensive ones have a high level of designs and they also performing more than the affordable ones.

Why people gives importance to Shower Enclosures Quadrant:

Wanted to know that why people wanted to buy these? First of all, these Shower Enclosures are not costly at all and suits to every person budget. Second, it gives a modern and unique look to your bathroom. You can choose these in a wide variety of designs. Third, it saves the space, grasps the shower accessories, and easier to clean after many years.

Which is one famous more?

The most popular on the market today are offset quadrant shower enclosure. It is a great solution if you have small sized bathroom because make your bathroom looks bigger. Along with space, this enclosure will give a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom. When buying these then make sure that you choose the suitable one, which integrates your overall bathroom design, not disturbing from any point of view and its glass makes you capable of seeing clear. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have a lot of space in the bathroom, then you can think of buying it. These are normally located in the middle of the bathroom so that the glasses surround it from four sides.


When it comes to the Budget, they are available in the various different price range, but you have to choose the one according to your budget. If you like a shower which exceeds your budget, then you have to wait for the sale or choose any other design. Once you have installed it, they will stay for many years.

And for the end, this bathroom accessory are easy to clean, all the sides of it are made of glass and dirt can be realized easily. When it comes to the material of Shower Enclosure, it made easy for taking care of and spotless.…

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