Amazon just sacked a woman employee for taking too many bathroom breaks

We have all heard how tough an employer Amazon is. Now, here is a case that shows to what lengths the mega-corporation will go to enforce discipline – with an iron hand.

Amazon is a mega-corporation and is able to generate massive amounts of profit year after year by ensuring discipline among the ranks – after all, this is the corporate ethics there that has made its founder Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world with a total net worth of US$187bil (RM788.39bil) according to Bloomberg Billionaires index.

However, that kind of work environment can lead to unfortunate incidents. A woman has reportedly sued Amazon for unjustifiably sacking her recently for taking too many toilet breaks. The woman says she suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and therefore had to rush to the bathroom on a number of occasions throughout the day – sometimes as many as six times a day. However, that did not go down well with the tough Amazon bosses. And even though the woman explained the situation, her boss told her to get a certificate from a doctor indicating her medical condition, Business Insider reports.

Unfortunately, the woman, named Maria Jennite Olivero, who worked in an Amazon warehouse, took too long to get the document even after she was warned that there was a deadline involved.

Finally, Amazon gave her five days to get the doctor’s note or face disciplinary measures. Ultimately, she was sacked as this deadline too passed, with the woman this time claiming a doctor’s appointment was not available for the next six days.

Calling her condition a disability, the woman has sued Amazon for discrimination. A case has been filed in court and she is seeking damages to the tune of US$75,000 (RM316,200) for the unfair dismissal.

Amazon is contesting the same and it even went to the extent of calculating the wages she had lost since her sacking. The grand total was just over US$17,000 (RM71,672) – gross. – Hindustan Times, New Delhi/Tribune News Service

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Prairie House sees 6 new employee coronavirus cases


Six more cases of the coronavirus were reported among employees at the Prairie House Living Center in Plainview.

According to the latest numbers provided by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, which were last updated on Sept. 3, Prairie House has reported 27 total cases of the virus among its employees. Six of those cases were still active through Sept. 3.

Ten of the 58 total reported cases among residents were active through the latest reporting day. Fifteen residents have died and 32 have recovered from the virus in the facility.

The Plainview Healthcare Center had no active cases of the virus with 19 total reported cases.

No active cases were reported for Castro, Floyd or Swisher County nursing facilities as of Sept. 3.

Zero cases of the virus have been reported at either Beehive Homes of Plainview or Santa Fe Place as of the latest reporting date.

The Beehive Homes of Shepherd’s Meadow in Floydada had 12 total active cases of the virus – seven among employees and five among residents.

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More Women Accusing Former West Penn Hospital Employee Of Secretly Recording Them In Bathroom And Exam Room

By: KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Borrasso

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — More women are coming forward and accusing a former West Penn Hospital employee of secretly recording them at the hospital.

KDKA’s Jennifer Borrasso talked to attorney Katie Shipp, who said Guy Caley not only secretly recorded employees but also patients. The attorney said the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office has been sending letters in hopes of locating victims.

a screen shot of a person

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A spokesperson for the DA said there are several dozen victims.

“We’ve been getting calls almost every day about this case from different survivors,” Shipp said.

Earlier this year, a worker discovered a small video camera in an employee bathroom, and police charged Caley. Recently, he was slapped with 83 more charges.

Shipp says Caley not only preyed on coworkers in a bathroom but also patients in an exam room. Caley allegedly had patients come to his room instead of a locker room area, allowing him to secretly record them as they undressed.

“He actually took her into the room and told her to completely undress and then put a robe on, even though it was on the lower part of her body. She didn’t really understand why she needed to get completely undressed,” Shipp said.

Attorney Joshua Ward represents one victim.

“It’s a major breach of trust. And for people who need to rely on our health networks, they will never be the same,” Ward said.

Attorney Shipp believes West Penn Hospital needs to be held accountable.

“If he had been doing this for enough time that he can have presumably hundreds of victims, there had to have been some reason why for West Penn to know,” Shipp said.

Allegheny Health Network had no comment and pointed KDKA to a statement they released earlier this year calling the charges “appalling.”

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HVAC employee arrested after mirrors found in Glen Landing Middle School bathroom: Police

GLOUCESTER TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) — An HVAC employee is facing charges after authorities made a strange discovery inside the girl’s bathroom of a Camden County, New Jersey school this week.

Officials at Glen Landing Middle School say on September 9 they found mirrors installed on the interior doors of the stalls of one of their bathrooms.

Police say school officials became suspicious and suspected someone could be using the mirrors to peer into the stalls from an air conditioning vent above.

According to the Gloucester Township Police Department, Gregory Mahley, 51, of West Deptford, is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, invasion of privacy, and possession of child pornography.

Mahley was an eight-year employee of Multi-Temp Mechanical, Inc., located in Westville. The company was contracted by the Gloucester Township Board of Education to perform Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning services at the school.

It’s still unclear how long the mirrors were installed before they were discovered. No other “suspicious activity” has been found, according to the school.

“I am very disturbed to learn of criminal charges filed today against an employee of an outside contractor who was performing HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School. Upon notification of suspicious behavior, the school’s administration immediately contacted local law enforcement authorities,” said Superintendent John Bilodeau in a statement.

Police are urging anyone who thinks they may be a victim to contact the Gloucester Township Police Department at 856-228-4500.

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James McColley, former summer camp employee at Westfield YMCA, accused of photographing 5 female counselors and volunteers changing in bathroom

A former employee at a Western Massachusetts summer camp was charged last week with secretly recording multiple female staffers while they were changing in a bathroom, according to police.

James McColley, who worked at Camp Shepard at the YMCA of Greater Westfield, has been accused of recording five counselors and volunteers while they were undressing in late July and early August, authorities said.

The victims’ ages ranged from 14 to 22 years old, according to court records from Westfield District Court.

He was arraigned Friday afternoon from jail at the Ludlow House of Correction on 15 charges, including both misdemeanor and felony sexual surveillance, unlawful secret recording, posing a child for sexual photographs and possessing child pornography, officials said.

The 20-year-old Longmeadow man was expected to be released on $10,000 personal surety and is scheduled to return to court for a pretrial hearing in October, Westfield Police Capt. Michael McCabe told MassLive.

Officers investigated a report on Aug. 3 that McColley used his phone to record a camp counselor while she was changing inside a women’s bathroom out of her bathing suit into dry clothes, according to court records.

While changing her clothes, the counselor looked toward the ceiling and saw a cell phone with the camera pointed at her, police said.

McColley had allegedly reached over the wall from the men’s bathroom into the women’s bathroom with the phone in his hand, according to authorities.

On the same day, McColley agreed to speak with Westfield police officers but later called to say he would not be coming, court records said.

Police received a warrant to seize McColley’s iPhone, but the suspect refused to come to the door or to talk with authorities. His mother gave investigators the phone, which was processed a day later by Massachusetts State Police, according to officials.

Through processing the phone and interviewing witnesses and victims, authorities learned McColley had allegedly taken several photographs and videos of five different girls or women in states of undress. Three were older than 18, and two were not, court records said.

The images were taken without the female staffers’ consent in the same bathroom where they expected privacy, police noted.

It was later discovered that McColley searched how to make photo albums password-protected on the iPhone after he was allegedly caught photographing the counselor on Aug. 3, according to authorities.


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Former Olive Garden employee shares list of alleged ‘secrets’ about working for the chain

A former Olive Garden employee is going viral after sharing the alleged “secrets” she learned at the restaurant.

Morgan Potter revealed the behind-the-scenes list on TikTok, in a video that’s drawn more than 740,000 views. In it, the 21-year old makes several claims about the job — both negative and positive.

For one, she called the training process “so much fun,” explaining that she was asked to try every item on the menu. Additionally, she claimed she got to eat the chain’s soup, salad and breadsticks “pretty much” for free during her shifts.

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There were some negatives, though. Potter claimed that the soup, salad and breadsticks weren’t “really” unlimited for customers.

“There definitely was a point where I would cut people off,” she joked. “Too much is too much.”

Potter also alleged that most items were “microwaved” and not made fresh — including the “fresh” breed. However, she later clarified in the comments that she meant to say items were kept in a heating drawer.

The TikToker’s comments sparked a major debate on the app, with other former employees weighing in on her claims. Some said Potter was exaggerating certain details, like her claims about the reheated food and eating free bread on the job.

“OK your [Olive Garden] is totally different from mine,” one user wrote. “All our stuff is made fresh daily and our bread is baked all day.”

“At my restaurant we had to pay $1 for soup, salad and bread and we could only have it on our break,” another claimed.

“Our bread is made fresh at the store and only a little bit of the food is made microwaved,” another employee wrote.

Others supported Potter though, saying they experienced the same things at the location where they worked.

“Amen girl. I worked at Olive Garden. Everything you said is correct,” one user commented.

Potter’s video follows a recent TikTok trend, in which former restaurant employees having been sharing the alleged “secrets” they learned on the job.

In August, a former Panera Bread employee detailed the items you should “never” order at the chain. One month earlier, a former McDonald’s employee went viral for sharing her own behind-the-scenes knowledge.

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