Volkswagen shows off upcoming ID.4 electric SUV’s interior

  • The ID.4 will be Volkswagen’s first all-electric car offered in the US.
  • It’s built on Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix technology platform, otherwise known as “MEB.”
  • The ID.4 will officially debut later this month.
  • Interior photos published on Friday show an airy but conservative interior.
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Volkswagen already has an all-electric car out in the form of the ID.3 hatchback, but that particular model isn’t destined for US shores. Instead, we’ll be getting the yet-to-be-unveiled ID.4 fully electric SUV, which you can get a look inside of now.

The German automaker published a series of photos of the EV’s interior on Friday ahead of its world debut, set to take place later this month. 

Judging from the photos, the cabin of the ID.4 looks to be an airy place, with big windows and good forward visibility, at least. Volkswagen said the trunk has 30.3 cubic feet of cargo space when the second row seats are upright. That’s a bit less than the 2020 Toyota RAV4, which has 37.5 cubic feet of space.

Regardless, it’s a pretty conservative interior, which can be a good thing. Buyers are used to their cars looking a certain way and if we want EVs to really catch on in the mainstream like Volkswagen is aiming to do with the ID.4, it can’t have a far-out interior that will alienate buyers.

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Volkswagen shows off minimalist interior of its forthcoming ID 4 electric SUV

Volkswagen’s ID 4 will make its global debut at the end of September, but before then the German automaker is giving a sneak peek at the new electric SUV’s interior. Unsurprisingly, it has a sparse, minimalist look that appears inspired by Tesla and other electric vehicles on the market.

VW didn’t offer any information about the vehicle’s touchscreens or infotainment system. But from the pictures, we can see that the ID 4 will have two screens, a trapezoidal one behind the steering column and a horizontal one in the center stack. The home screen will feature apps for vehicle settings, radio, battery information, navigation, and other functions.

VW isn’t going “maximal minimalist” as The Verge’s Nilay Patel once called the Tesla Model 3 by eliminating all physical buttons and channeling all vehicle functions through the center screen. There is a row of buttons below the dash for climate control and emergency braking, among others. And there’s a panel of buttons to the left of the steering wheel.

The lighting scheme appears to be a big selling point. VW calls it the “ID.Light system” that consists of a light strip below the windscreen that will change color to signal navigation prompts, in-coming calls, locked doors, or other functions.

The ID 4 will be VW’s first electric vehicle to hit the North American market. The automaker’s first EV, the ID 3 hatchback, is only being sold in Europe. The ID 4 will be unveiled later this month, after which it will go on sale in Europe. North American deliveries won’t start until the vehicle goes into production at VW’s factory in Tennessee in 2022.

The ID 4 is expected to get around 300 miles of range on a full charge and is built on the same modular EV platform that will power VW’s other ID vehicles. There will be both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive layouts, with the former being the version available at launch. The battery is positioned in the center of the underbody to create a low center of gravity and optimize driving dynamics. The digital cockpit will operate using touchscreens and intuitive voice commands.

Hopefully the rollout of the ID 4 goes smoother than the ID 3, which was marred by software glitches that delayed deliveries to customers. It was a black eye for the project, and one of the reasons why VW CEO Herbert Diess was stripped of his role at the brand in June.

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