Interior Decorating – How to Do Eclectic Design Well

God save me from the "eclectic" client.

Ok, I'm kidding … sort of.

Being "eclectic" means to have an enjoyment of a variety of styles, colors, and types of objects … which is great! It does NOT mean that you can cram any and everything that crosses your path into a room and declare it "eclectic." That, my friend, is what we call a hodge-podge … or possibly just a mess.

An eclectic room, done well, will be a reflection of your varied tastes and travels, but still have a harmonious overall feel. The eye should be able to travel around the space comfortably, enjoying the uniqueness of the displays without having them overwhelm the focal point (s).

So how do you achieve "good eclectic?" Start by determining how you want a room to feel: aged, collected over time, elegant, clean, fresh, exciting, bold, warm, relaxing, etc. Next you want to group together all the elements that will contribute to your desired overall feel, and omit the ones that will not. For example, if you are trying for an earthy, well-traveled look, you would NOT incorporate your Andy Warhol reproduction (or your Andy Warhol original, for that matter). Things you COULD include might be your antique clock collection, that bench you found up north, the oriental rug you fell in love with in India, and those pieces of folk art from your dad.

Can it be tricky? Yes, it can, especially because we all have a hard time looking at our beloved possessions objectively. A professional decorator can help you blend (and edit!) Your tastes and belongings into a space that feels rich, storied, and authentically you by ensuring items are displayed in their best light, rather than competing with each other. At, our team of professional interior decorators has created each room design with all of the elements you need for a beautiful, fully finished room, while still leaving enough breathing room to allow you to incorporate the items that tell your personal story. .. without losing track of the plot!

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Unique And Eclectic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom is not only just a utility or a function room. It is a place where you can spend sometime alone with yourself and ponder things out. It is a place for pampering yourself, too. It is a place where we run to when we need to be free from the worries and cares of the world.

Thus, it is quite important that the decors inside your bathroom would serve to lighten up and make your day. Here are some unique and eclectic décor ideas for your bathroom.

1. Lighting – you might think to leave this idea to your electrician, but the fact is aside from being a necessary fixture in your bathroom, the lighting is a very standard décor in your bathroom. It is the key to setting the mood you like to have in your bathroom.

Having a new set of lights or making do with your old one and doing some adjustments to it can make a once boring bathroom into an area where you could revive your spirits.

2. Accessories – set the theme of your bathroom by accessorizing it. You can have some decorative holders for toothbrush and napkin with matching soap dishes filled with miniature soaps.

You can also put some aromatic candles on strategic corners of your bathroom. Real furniture necessities in the bathroom may also be converted to become as decorative as the other accessories.

3. Shower Curtains – these may be standard piece in a bathroom but it can also become a major piece to complete your decorating scheme.

4. Plants – these brings out some life in your bathroom and smooth out the aesthetics of the room’s designs

5. Artwork – Beautiful and breathtaking art can add life in any room, why not the bathroom?

6. Paint – you can match your bathroom’s wall according to the accessories and standard fixtures you have designed or vice versa.

7. Rugs – these can help pull your bathroom together according to the decorating scheme you have conceptualized

8. Towels – since towels belong inside the bathroom, then you can also fit them as a part of the overall decoration. You can match your towels’ colors with the shower curtains and other accessories.

Have a great time with applying these bathroom decor ideas in your bathrooms!

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Mid-Century Modern Eclectic Decor

Mid-century modern eclectic decor brings in the energy of the vital source, grounding the space with natural materials and old rustic woods, and then brings in beautiful textures and brilliant hues with new and vintage artistic accents. Renovating a building that has historical character, like the 1920s Spanish Colonial home in Miami, it's all about striking a balance between the old and the new, making the home holistically complete while still honoring its heritage. Keeping the original rustic oak ceiling beams, floors and the french windows intact is crucial to the renovation.

While the main footprint of the home did not change, almost every other element of the kitchen, bathrooms, guest room, and living room changed. Elegant and simple lighting, barn doors, marble tile floors, and breathtaking design, the energy flows in the house very simply and systematically. Mixing a cool hip New York style with contemporary Southern design meant decorating with mid-century rustic tables and armoires mixed with unique antiques and bold patterns.

Step into a bold color palette, by choosing a vibrant hue, like purple, for a hallway or powder room. It's unexpected and catches the eye and a perfect backdrop for showcasing your eclectic art. An old window frame or arch on the wall with your curated art collection set against a purple wall !!! Stupendous and holistic!

Decorating with furniture made by hand from reclaimed woods and functional art that has a history, a meaning, a reason that defines its presence, is seen in the antique armoires with old doors carved with sun rays and floral designs. An 18th-century Indian console, and a cocktail table made from old windows with a lovely distressed carpet completes the picture.

Envision your home from a holistic viewpoint, each room balances the other such that the energy flow is welcoming and energizing. Bringing the old world vibes with the tree of life barn doors into the mix creates a home that will never feel outdated.

Turquoise and vintage blue patina accent tables are chic and adds a playfulness to the otherwise simple room. Repurpose an antique tibetan herbal mortar into a coffee table using it as a low seating to relax while sipping your herbal teas. The healing energy of the 200 years old solid wood herbal mortar envelops you in its warmth.

Bringing nature into your home is healing, find a few unique elements like the natural sandstone buddha and surround it with green plants and crystals, creating a vortex of energy. A luxurious and serene, calming home in which you feel relaxed and comfortable, old world architecture and decor are immense treasures as well.

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