Kitchen appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams!

The designs here aren’t your average microwave, stoves, or blenders. Technology has picked up pace – its no longer weird to ‘talk’ to your microwave or your fridge anymore. Kitchen appliances have followed the tech wave and if you’re new to the kitchen or an old professional, everyone’s kitchen can benefit from an upgrade with these awesome product designs. While quarantine has surely upgraded your cooking skills, its time to make your kitchen applications the perfect sous chef to your cooking challenges! Mini pancakes, anyone?


Ordine by Adriano Design is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a bulky traditional stove, clearing the way for more cabinet and counter space. The design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate.

This 3-in-1 dishwasher design by Fotile hides your dishwasher and dryer elegantly by welding it to your stainless steel sink. The dishwasher has a larget fillet that facilitates accelerated rotation of water flow to improve the efficiency of wash cycles. Another great perk of it being fitted in your sink is that it reduces the hassle of cleaning inside the appliance. It also has a flat embedded ‘lid’ which makes it easy for you to keep your countertop clean while not sacrificing surface space. Apart from killing 99.99% of bacteria from the dishes, it also doubles up as a fruit and vegetable purifier. Using ultrasonic technology and a turbulent spray, it removes 90% of pesticide residue from your produce. This dishwasher claims to have no blind spots – 360-degree cleaning and drying!

Designed to be your go-to for any cooking measurements, the Kitchen Cube integrates all measuring vessels into its singular, yellow, cube-shaped body. With over 19+ measuring units designed into its 6-sided shape, the Kitchen Cube can be used to measure anything from teaspoons and tablespoons to even cups, working with both wet and dry ingredients alike. The cube comes with both metric and US measuring units molded into its unique design, allowing you to even measure out your ingredients in milliliters if the recipe calls for it.

Since professional coffee machines have a different product for each part of the process, Rebuild:ratio was designed as an espresso machine that would streamline the process of making coffee and while not taking away from the authentic process. This espresso machine gives you a high-quality product with easy user experience. Feel like barista yourself when you grind the beans and steam your milk but without the hassle of keeping up with three separate appliances. While the machine looks like a complicated, professional one, it has actually been organized in a way for you to feel confident about making cafe-grade beverages with ease. There are three shape concepts: layer, build, and tool that make up this sleek appliance.

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Create The Luxurious Bathroom From Your Dreams

As people’s tastes evolve, luxurious bathrooms are becoming more and more popular. Just a couple of years ago, people were delighted with a standard clean-lined bathroom with a beautiful feature wall over the bath or shower. Nowadays, the request for luxurious fixtures, fittings, bathroom materials, and lighting is higher than ever. People realized that the bathroom isn’t just a functional room in the home, but a space to unwind and ease the day’s tension, so the demand for more massive shower places, luxury whirlpool baths, inset TVs, and other gadgets and appliances skyrocketed in recent years.

With careful planning and close attention to detail, a luxury bathroom can be created in any home. It doesn’t matter if your tastes and preferences are traditional or contemporary, luxury bathrooms are all about creating a space where you unwind and truly relax at the end of a long and stressful day. Read along to find out how you can create the most luxurious bathroom of your dreams.

The Cost Of A New Luxurious Bathroom

Before we dive into the design materials and elements, it’s only right to dedicate a short paragraph concerning the cost of a new bathroom. On average, the price of a modern luxurious bathroom ranges between £7,000-£15,000 depending on the design elements that you want to implement. While you convert your old and worn-out bathroom into a luxury one, you can always reduce the project’s overall cost by merely reducing the most expensive design elements of your new lavish bathroom.

Large Space Is A Must

To begin with, ample space is practically a must if you want to create a luxurious bathroom because if you operate with a wide area, you will be able to design your bathroom pretty well. Almost every lavish and high-end bathroom is quite roomy. Having all of that extra space provides a feeling of being in a tall, lightroom, something that easily makes you feel relaxed. The majority of people won’t remember how wide a particular room is, but they remember the sense of space that the place gives them.

In case you have enough room for this project, work with a professional bathroom architect to decorate it accordingly, and make an illusion of spaciousness to prevent it from feeling cluttered or claustrophobic.

Luxury Materials And Stylish Bathroom Furniture

While you design your luxury bathroom, don’t neglect the fact that luxurious materials are vital. It’s always worth investing in high-end materials like solid wood and stone to add a sophisticated and smart look and feel to the bathroom. Because of their quality, limestone, marble, and travertine are trendy choices for luxurious bathrooms. To achieve a seamless finish, you can use the same material, such as marble tiles – for both the bathroom floors and walls.

Since storage is one of the most critical elements of every bathroom design to ensure complete space functionality, you can go with wood or white gloss bathroom furniture finishes because they come with timeless appeal. Consider all bespoke conditions that

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Three Things You Can Do Now to Ensure You’re Able to Afford the House of Your Dreams Once It Hits the Market

Getty / kupicoo

Buying your dream home may seem like just that—a dream—when you look at your bank account, but affording your own house isn’t an impossible task. With a few smart moves, like prioritizing your wish list, reconsidering your down payment, and following the market, you could end up in the space you’ve always wanted.

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Start preparing your finances.

Whether you’re setting aside money every month for a down payment or trying to work a purchase into your current budget, saving every little bit helps. “It’s never too early to start saving,” says Leslie MacKinnon, a licensed real estate professional with Compass in Boston. “My 12-year-old started saving for her first property at age 10.” Work with your realtor to determine how much liquid cash you’ll need and any expenses beyond the price of the home—like closing costs or professional mortgage insurance (PMI)—that might add up. “A down payment of 20 percent or more is always preferable, especially to avoid PMI and to be attractive in a competitive bidding environment,” says MacKinnon. “But it’s not always necessary—many first-time home buyers are successful when equipped with five percent to 15 percent down.”

Many cities and states also offer incentive programs that trim costs or provide tax credits for first-time homebuyers. And though you might be tempted to start investing in big-ticket items for your future home while you’re looking at properties, MacKinnon warns against any major shopping trips: “Big purchases can cause dings on your credit report and delays in your mortgage application process,” she says.

Make a wish list.

Most home buyers go into their search with an idea of what their dream home would (and wouldn’t) include—you might be looking for a house with a newer roof and boiler, without a septic tank or well water, or have your heart set on a walk-in closet, a finished basement, or a specific neighborhood. But if your budget doesn’t allow you to check every box, decide which features are truly essential and which you can put off to save money now. “Be flexible on your wish list and think about perhaps trading up in a few years,” say MacKinnon. “Look in more affordable regions than you originally considered, and prioritize needs over wants.”

For some buyers, a fixer upper in a dream location might seem like a win-win, but unless you have plenty of cash to fund your renovation—or you’re willing to do it slowly over a long period of time—a house that needs a major gut isn’t necessarily cheaper. “Some buyers launch into the process thinking a fixer upper is the way they want to go, but after adding up the amount of money needed to turn the home into their vision, they realize that a newer, more move-in ready home makes more sense,” says MacKinnon. “That said, if the buyer is looking in a particular highly coveted neighborhood with low inventory, they may consider a fixer upper

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