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The do-it-yourself home improvement retailing market in Europe to register an incremental growth of USD 25.41 billion, witnessing a CAGR of almost 3% during 2020-2024, according to latest market research analysis by Technavio. The report offers a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the do-it-yourself home improvement retailing market in Europe in optimistic, probable, and pessimistic forecast scenarios.

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Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Home Improvement Retailing Market in Europe 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)

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The do-it-yourself home improvement retailing market in Europe will witness a Negative and Inferior impact during the forecast period owing to the extensive rise of COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, as per Technavio’s pandemic-focused research highlights, the market growth is likely to Increase compared to 2019.

Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Retailing Market in Europe 2020-2024: Vendor Analysis

The market is fragmented. Key players in the market have been launching several initiatives and introducing innovative products and services to cater to a larger target audience during the pandemic. With a rapidly shifting focus toward creating a digital marketplace to provide a convenient platform for stakeholders in the supply chain, several companies in the market are resorting to move their businesses online along with existing brick-and-mortar channels.

Major do-it-yourself home improvement retailing market participants in Europe are

  • BAUVISTA GmbH & Co. KG
  • EUROBAUSTOFF Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
  • Groupe Adeo
  • HORNBACH Baumarkt AG Group
  • Intergamma BV
  • Kesko Corp.
  • Kingfisher Plc
  • OBI Group Holding SE & Co. KGaA
  • Travis Perkins Plc

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Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Retailing Market in Europe 2020-2024: Segmentation

Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Retailing Market in Europe is segmented as below:

  • Distribution Channel
  • Product
    • Lumber and landscape management
    • Decor and indoor garden
    • Kitchen
    • Painting and wallpaper
    • Others

Lumber and landscape management will account for the largest share due to the several varieties of products available in the market.

  • Geography
    • Germany
    • France
    • UK
    • Italy
    • Rest of Europe

Germany region will account for the highest incremental growth during the forecast period due to the introduction of innovative DIY products.

The do-it-yourself home improvement retailing market in Europe is driven by rising interest in DIY home improvement projects and convenience offered by online stores, as per Technavio’s pandemic impact-focused research study. Furthermore, Technavio’s custom research reports offer detailed insights on the impact of COVID-19 at an industry level, a regional level, and subsequent supply chain operations. This customized report will also help clients keep up with new product launches in direct & indirect COVID-19 related markets, and significant developments in vendor operations and government regulations in Consumer Discretionary industry.

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Do-It-Yourself Guide on How to Paint Your Bathroom

A painting job is not a very enjoyable task for most people. So, to reduce the effort that you have to put in and to make it an interesting endeavor, you need to make use of steps that can make painting easier than what it was before.

Take out your bathroom furniture. As you do not want to damage your furniture, you should take them outside and remove them from the room so they do not receive those splashes of paint.

Also, when you have cleared out a room, you can have more space in order to move and work well. You can avoid accidents from stepping on something or from hitting a furniture item. Bathroom vanities and cabinets are big hindrances in your path while working in the room so you have to take them out.

You should also remove switch and outlet covers if they are present. For items that you cannot remove, you can cover them with newspaper or plastic taped in place.

Assess what you need to paint and what you can paint. The materials that your bathroom is made from will dictate what you can paint. When your bathroom is covered in tiles, this makes it impossible to paint. Concrete and wooden bathrooms are good candidates for a paint job. These materials do not really require any special paints or chemicals before you can proceed with the task.

Choose your color. You also need to plan what color you want to paint your bathroom with. The color that you will use depends on how you want your bathroom to appear. Using light colors can make the room appear larger, cooler and brighter. If you use dark colors, the room can look smaller and of course, darker. You can make the room feel warm by using warm colors such as red and yellow.

The room’s design will also determine what color you can use. If you have modern bath vanities, you would want to use colors that are considered modern. This creates oneness in the room.

Clean the area. Before you start painting, you first need to remove dust, watermarks, etc from the place that you want to paint.

Cleaning also includes patching up areas that have cracks or holes. Aside from creating a good finish, repairing these cracks or holes should be done at this point as you can cover them with paint afterwards. This hides those unwanted patches.

Ensure that there is enough light. Open all windows and doors to get as much light as you can into the room. You can also bring extra lights when you are painting small areas or corners of the bathroom to make sure that you get to do the job well.

Begin painting. Have your brushes or roller, roller trays, and paint ready as you can now start painting. For a better finish, you can apply a prime coat first. Then, you can redo the layer to make it balanced.

As in any painting job, you need …

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