Hedgehog, dog saved during Grass Lake house fire

JACKSON COUNTY, MI – A hedgehog and dog were rescued from a house fire in Grass Lake on Wednesday afternoon.

The fire started around 3:15 p.m., Sept. 30, in house in the 100 block of Clark Street, Chief Greg Jones said.

There were no people in the house when crews arrived on scene, but there was a dog and hedgehog inside, Jones said. The animals were rescued from the house, along with some personal belongings, he said.

The cause of the fire is undetermined, and a Michigan State Police fire investigator is checking the scene on Thursday, Oct. 1, Jones said.

Damage to the house is likely repairable, depending on the homeowner’s insurance company, Jones said. There was some structural damage and extensive heat and smoke damage., he said.

The American Red Cross was called to assist the family.

The Napoleon Township Fire Department, Manchester Township Fire Department and Blackman-Leoni Department of Public Safety assisted at the scene.

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‘Full House’ cast sings about golden retrievers in music video for National Dog Week

Golden retrievers are amazing. Not only are they regularly one of the most popular dogs in America, they can give hugs, fetch Chick-fil-A and offer comfort to firefighters.

So it’s no surprise to us that the folks at “Full House” fully respect the lovable canines!

In honor of National Dog Week, “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin partnered with Petsmart Charities and the show’s stars to release the song “Gotta Love a Golden,” along with a sweet video designed to raise awareness about animal homelessness.

In the video, Franklin’s two goldens, Woody and Lola, are shown frolicking with their owner around the house and backyard. We also get to see cast members John Stamos, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and Dave Coulier crooning along (or playing bongos, in Stamos’ case) to the bouncy song, written by Franklin himself. (Franklin is the main singer but the full performance credit goes to the Full Dog-House.)

At the end of the video, Franklin sits with one pooch and gives a shoutout to all the dogs who don’t have loving homes, urging folks to donate at PetSmartCharities.org. You can buy the song at that link, and all proceeds will go to the charity.


Longtime “Full House” fans know that golden retrievers were critical cast members on both the original series and the “Fuller House” reboot, which ended after five seasons in June.

“As the proud owner of two awesome golden retrievers, I know firsthand how important the consistent comfort and unconditional love that a pet can provide,” Franklin said in a statement. “My lifelong love affair with Goldens inspired me to make them the official Tanner family pets. Comet on ‘Full House’ and Cosmo on ‘Fuller House’ brought their warmth and humor to the set every day and found a home in the hearts of all those that watched.”

Woody and Lola, Jeff Franklin's dogs, are in the spotlight! (Jeff Franklin / YouTube)
Woody and Lola, Jeff Franklin’s dogs, are in the spotlight! (Jeff Franklin / YouTube)

And, he added, “Creating forever homes for our pets continues to be one of my life missions, making this partnership with Petsmart Charities a passion project for me.”

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Cat defends itself after dog enters garden in Roosevelt Avenue, Chatham

An injured cat called Oscar gave the performance of a lifetime when he fought off a dog running amok on his home turf.

CCTV footage shows the feline defending himself while sitting atop a water butt after a dog came charging into the garden Oscar had been lounging in, which is next door to his Roosevelt Avenue home in Chatham .

Watch: Oscar rushing to safety as the dog enters the garden

Neighbour Sue Cooper, whose cameras captured the skuffle on Monday, said: “He usually comes up here, he spends a lot of time in my garden. Dogs can kill cats and this dog was after this cat.”

Oscar was hit by a car two years ago, leaving one of his legs badly injured.

Mrs Cooper has herself lost two cats in road accidents in the area, and used to foster for charity Cats Protection.

The footage shows the dog, which resembles a black Labrador, jumping over a small fence into Mrs Cooper’s garden, splashing about in her pond and barking at the cats, before Oscar defends himself.

Th canine also goes into another garden and runs in the road.

Watch: Oscar continues to fight off the persistent canine

The dog was in and out of Mrs Cooper’s land for about three minutes. She believes it was being taken for a walk but was not on the lead.

She said: “It is in and out of the pond and wrecks plants. I find it extremely distressing to watch. It could have been run over, it could have caused an accident.”

Escaped animals, unusual finds and news from the RSPCA can all be found here.

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Salty Girl and the Long Dog

By Sara Anne Donnelly

The best beaches, Cherie Herne says, are the hidden ones. On her paddleboard, the eighth-generation Yorker accesses remote shores near her home, with her Chiweenie dog, Piggie, perched on the nose in a mermaid life jacket outfitted with a handle for when the pup slips into the water. Which happens a lot.

On the sand, Piggie scampers while Herne fills her frame pack — at 4 feet tall, it’s nearly as big as she is — with ocean debris: pre–World War II lavender sea glass, blue-gray “wishing” rocks ringed with white quartz, hunks of broken ceramic, impossibly snarled bundles of nautical rope, and loads and loads of driftwood. Such are the days of “Salty Girl,” which is what Herne  
calls her online shop for the creations she constructs from her “treasures.”

Herne sports an enviable tan and claims she’s part mermaid. “It’s like I’ve created the perfect life,” she says.


But it wasn’t always this way. Although Herne grew up with free-spirited parents — her late father, Bobby Herne, was a well-known guitarist — by 2014, she found herself tied to a computer as a graphic and web designer. Her body ached and her mind wandered. That year, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which she thought might account for some of what she calls “fire in the brain.” Seeking relief, she consulted with a business coach who helped her realize that daily beach walking might be the antidote. 

Hundreds of beach days later (she’s missed only a handful over the years), Herne is now a master of the Maine-coast aesthetic. She spends her days scouring the shore for materials. Her nights are devoted to transforming finds into all manner of creations, from hand-painted signs on wooden paddles to made-with-driftwood fish, curtain rods, sailboats, handrails, miniature Christmas trees, and — her best seller — carefully arranged wreaths accented with glass and brick scavenged from the shoreline. 

“Every day is an adventure,” she says, “and every day is about making something different.”

Tell us more Cherie Herne

What most attracts people to your creations? 

The people who buy my work love Maine or know somebody who loves Maine. Maybe they vacationed here or grew up spending summers here and haven’t returned for a long time. One customer used to come as a little girl to visit her grandfather. Ordering things like sea glass or a beach brick the size of her fist brings her back to those days. It’s cool that I can give people just a little bit of the Maine beach for their very own.

Cherie Herne, Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Do you have any tips on finding great stuff at the beach? 

I go where people aren’t. Near rocks, for example, where the sea doesn’t come in straight, the waves can push things to either side and leave behind treasures as they recede. And I always go at low tide.

Why do you like working with driftwood?

It takes so many years for a piece of

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Custom Dog House

Have you faced the problem of finding exactly the right dog house? Although multitudes of designs flood the market now, selecting a dog house can be tough, especially when you have a particular design in mind or when you are searching for some truly unique dog house. It's here custom dog houses come in; They can suit your exact needs and make your imagination turn into reality.

Custom-built dog houses are those which are built according to the instructions or plans of the buyer. A number of custom-building dog house companies exist in the market. Some of them comprise of the following – seeFido, Lilliput Play Homes, La Petite Maison, Ash Custom Wood.com, Bavarian leisure Cottages, and Paw Homes.

Research shows that although buyers sometimes prefer their self-designed dog houses, they often complain of high prices involved. seeFido steps in here to make your dog houses convenient both in terms of quality and prices. Providing beautifully designed custom-made dog houses of cedar, it helps to fit in all the sizes and specifications provided by the buyer.

Paw Homes and Bavarian Leisure Cottages, just like seeFido, also built dog houses of cedar. The former company has a range of uniquely designed dog houses as well, bearing names like 'cedar hut', 'constellation', and much more. Bavarian Leisure Cottages is based in Canada and provides custom-built dog houses too. Making its houses purely of wood products, it produces dog houses of the highest standards and qualities.

For those in quest and ready to pay in something extra to building a luxury custom dog house for their pets, companies like Lilliput Play Homes and La Petite Maison exist.

Unbelievably designed and constructed, the dog houses made by La Petite Maison are simply too beautiful to be true. It builds houses according to the whims and fancies of the buyer, or houses that represent a replica of the buyers' house, and even sometimes create something completely new. Fabulously made, these custom-built dog houses can be made on the site of the buyer or made at the company and then later shipped to the buyer, depending upon the size and other factors.

Lilliput Play Homes provide luxury dog ​​houses too. Their dog houses are easy to clean, capable of being assembled easy, and even constructed of red cedar, which does not rot.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dog House For My Dog?

You did your research, talked about it, consulted the kids, asked the neighbors and even the relatives. Then you went out and got your puppy, everybody is happy, but now what?

You have to decide where to keep your new pet, what sort of dog house to put them in and most of all, how much will it cost to build.

Of course a lot will depend on the type of dog, size and if it will be an inside or outside pet.

I know how you feel about this , because I have had many pets of my own, including goats and housing cost was always was a concern.

In computing building costs I have taken a few things into consideration :

… you already own a saw

… a drill is something you have

… there are some paint brushes on hand in your tool box

… you will use 3/4 inch plywood at $ 30 for a 4X8 sheet

… for support, use 1X2's at about $ 6 for an 8 foot piece

… screws will cost around $ 8

… paint, about $ 10 – $ 20

With these items and materials you can build your dog house, now for the total costs.

For a small dog

To make a house that measures about 22 "long X 15" wide X 20 "high with a roof, you will need

1 sheet of plywood $ 30

2 1X2's $ 12

screws, and paint $ 18

For a total cost of around $ 60.

This assumes that it will be used inside.

For a medium size dog

For pets up to about 40 pounds, their house size of 42 "long X 30" wide X 33 "high will require

1 1/2 sheets of plywood $ 45

3 1X2's $ 18

screws and paint $ 18

For a total cost of about $ 80

If you are going to use it outside and want to insulate the house, add about $ 30 more.

For large dogs

Beyond the 40 pounds, for large dogs and considering it will be an outside home. For a structure 70 "long X 46" wide X 60 "high you will need:

6 sheets of plywood $ 180

8 1X2's $ 48

screws $ 12

paint $ 25

4 sheets of insulation board $ 80

total cost of $ 345

Building a great home for your new pet is what every pet owner should strive to do. You want the best home but you also want to keep the cost at a reasonable level. It is always good to have an idea of ​​what type home you want to construct and what the final cost will be. By thinking things through, you will know how much it will cost to build a dog house for your new pet.

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Should I Have Windows In My Dog House I Am Building?

I have to admit I am a do it yourself freak. I like to build just about everything from sheds to dog houses, to platform beds. On my latest project of building a dog house, I had to ask myself the question, should I have windows in the dog house I am building? Sheds have windows, real houses have windows, but do dog houses need windows?

I started to scour the internet looking for some reliable dog house plans. I also did some research to find out why most houses for dogs don't have windows. Here is what I came up with. First off, even dogs like looking out the window when they are inside your house, most of the time, which is because they want to go outside to chase a bird or a squirrel. Or maybe they just want to go outside and sniff around. If they are in a doggy house, they can simply leave the house and enter the yard without you letting them out.

Secondly, if your doggy's house has windows the likelihood of them staying clean is almost none. Your dog's nose will be all over the window and it will be dirty in no time flat, meaning, he will no longer have a window to look out.

Now for the most important reasons reasons dog homes do not have windows. They simply do not do as good of a job keeping heat in as a solid insulated wall. Likewise, during the summer they let too much heat in and the house will no longer stay as cool as you would like. There are some things you can do to help this, particularly the placement of the dog house in your yard. You can place it near a fence, near your house, or under a large tree. This too will help.

Of course you can use your dog door as a window for your dog's home. These plastic, clear doors will help keep the elements out and will give your dog a place to look out if he wants to. If you are building your own house for your dog, I recommend you build an insulated dog house that is easy to clean. I would have either the roof or one of the walls open so you can easily clean your dog's home every so often. You might also want to invest in a burrow bed during the winter months or add a heater to keep your dog plenty warm.

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Wooden Doghouses – Where to Place Your Dog House

Whether dogs in fact prefer wooden dog houses or a different material is unclear, however the most universal dog house is built of wood, the same as our houses!

Most little dogs live inside so a little dog house is not usually an issue. Medium sized and large dogs usually live outside in their own wooden dog houses.

Finding a large dog house or an extra large dog house is what most people have troubles with. You can find plans on the internet for wooden dog houses, as-well-as free plans for wooden dog houses. Acquiring the blueprints insinuates a do-it-yourself approach or obtaining an individual to put it together for you.

You can locate pre-built houses locally sometimes, like people houses. This is the preference of many dog ​​owners, but it may take a little detective work.

The best location for an outdoor dog house is not always the most common location. Most people seem to locate their wooden dog houses toward the rear of their back yards. This is not only inconvenient for you, but it is very undesirable for the dog.

Dogs are extremely social creatures and rather than be placed in the back of your yard, you might consider close to a backdoor, a side yard or the front yard. The dog will mainly want to be anywhere that people often congregate, especially if the dog owners frequent that area of ​​the yard.

The dog house should be raised up off the ground, maybe with bricks near the foundation, thus the wooden dog houses trap airspace below them to aid in insulation.

To keep winter chill off the dog, you should have some sort of wind block in front of the dog house entrance. An "L" formed dog house, or a flap which is minor may work suitably also, whatever thing that will deflect the bitter wind from your dog.

So the dog does not suffer a flea infestation and tick control is required. Consult with your veterinarian about methods to achieve this.

Dogs enjoy the dog house locality to remain orderly so getting rid of dog waste and keeping the locality tidy will leave your dog more contented. Always try to permit dogs to have a good view of the wooden dog houses section. These are many aspects that are essential to have a satisfied dog in a cheerful dog house!

Offering a dog runway is perfect, it allows a dog to run and still be restrained. Similar to two sizeable posts approximately 30 feet away from each other with durable rope extended between them. Fasten the dog harness to the cord so that it slides the whole length between the poles. Dogs love this extra freedom.

Keep wooden dog houses cool in the summer, warm in the winter, clean and dry, and no direct wind blowing in on them. Keep food and especially water near their wooden dog houses. Find a good dog food that keeps your dog nourished and healthy. Never feed him / …

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