VIDEO: Contractor destroys renovated bathroom with sledgehammer after payment dispute |

(Meredith) — A contractor destroyed a bathroom shower he spent hours renovating after the homeowner allegedly refused to pay him — and the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

A viral video shows a contractor for Dream Home Remodels of Colorado demolishing the shower with a sledgehammer on Sept. 11 in Colorado Springs.

“Is someone going to pay me?” the contractor said in the video. “Let me tell you something. No contractor in the state of Colorado will fix that when they find out that I took it back because she refused to pay me.”

The homeowner, Amber Trucke, said she paid $3,330 of the $7,555 bill but wasn’t pleased with the work. She said she wanted to inspect it further before handing over the final payment.

“I wanted to be wowed, and I wasn’t wowed,” Trucke told KRDO-TV. “But I knew he was coming back Friday to clean things up, and I figured maybe I’d be more impressed then. So, I was not going to pay them until I saw the actual finished product.”

Jordan Cazares, co-owner of Dream Home Remodels, released a statement to KRDO-TV saying there was a communication breakdown with the homeowner.

“After several weeks of work for a customer, communication broke down at the end of a project,” the statement read. “There was no displeasure expressed, and we proceeded to ask for payment on the project by the end of the day. Communication broke further after that and resulted in our company repossessing a tile shower. We regret that this contract went sour.”

The company also claims that Trucke did not pay for a vanity, mirror, light fixture, ceiling fans, plumbing work, and an exterior door.

However, Trucke insists she paid for those items and plans to take the company to small claims court, KRDO-TV reported.

Police and the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department are looking into the matter.

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MPs heal in-house football team dispute

While the nation battles the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, some parliamentarians have been preoccupied with a crisis of their own – who runs the MPs’ football team. And, though it might be known as the beautiful game, things have turned ugly.

A row has been brewing for months, with long-serving senior Labour MPs taking the drastic action of calling on their colleagues to boycott involvement in running the group in protest at the behaviour of its new Tory chair.

However, a deal has now been brokered for a Tory-Labour power-sharing agreement so harmony can be restored to the dressing room.

It comes after a hotly contested claim emerged that the Conservative MP Karl McCartney effectively mounted a takeover of the all-party parliamentary football club earlier this year when he became chair with the backing of Tory colleagues.

In a bid to kick McCartney into touch, the Labour MPs Clive Betts (a former chair of the group), Ian Murray and Justin Madders emailed Labour colleagues on Monday saying: “Karl McCartney proposed himself Chair and brought a number of Conservative colleagues to support him without any discussion with Labour colleagues.”

They added: “We have been trying to seek compromise with Karl to continue to ensure the collegiate and consensual way we have always operated but he has refused. Ian Murray and Clive Betts have had Zoom conversation with Karl today and he is unwilling to run the group in the all-party cooperative spirit it has always operated. We would ask that no Labour members agree to be an officer until joint agreement is reached.”

However, after the row emerged on Tuesday – first reported by Politico London Playbook – a deal was reached to resolve the disagreement, with Madders due to be appointed co-chair of the group. “In the end, it was a hard-fought 90 minutes but football has been the winner,” Madders joked to the Guardian.

After reaching the compromise, Madders and McCartney released a joint statement on Tuesday saying: “We have an OGM later today when it is expected that Justin Madders will be joining the Group as Co-Chairman (with Karl McCartney) and his election will provide cross-party management of the Group.

“It is expected at the same time that a number of other Labour Members will be joining as Vice-Chairmen, as well as other Members of both Houses. The UKPFC APPG has always been open to all Members, and is inclusive, and can now move forward and concentrate on what it was meant to do: playing more football, as well as raising the profile of the many good causes and charities the team support.”

McCartney denied claims of a takeover, telling the Guardian: “The minutes of the 2020 AGM show I did not propose myself to be chairman at all; in fact I was nominated and seconded by a number of parliamentary colleagues who were present at the meeting in person, and Clive Betts (who was in the chair in person in the room) did not put himself

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Man killed in dispute over line at Michigan haunted house

PONTIAC, Mich. — A dispute over cutting in line led to a fatal shooting outside a popular haunted house in southeastern Michigan, police said.

Investigators were looking for a suspect Monday after the early Sunday shooting at Erebus in Pontiac. The victim was a 29-year-old man from Detroit.

“The victim and his girlfriend had been waiting in line to enter Erebus Haunted House when a male subject in line ahead of them would not move,” the Oakland County sheriff’s office said.

“The victim and the suspect exchanged words as the suspect thought the victim had cut in line ahead of him,” the sheriff’s office said.

Both men went to their vehicles and shots were heard. The victim was struck in the side, neck and chest, the sheriff’s office said, and a witness reported that a blue sedan fled the scene at high speed.

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