Happening today at the Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

logo, company name: 2020 Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

2020 Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show


Don’t miss “This Old House” host Kevin O’Connor’s virtual appearance today. He will offer advice and answer questions, plus you can also enter to win a private personal online conversation with him.

Be sure to check out all that this year’s show has to offer.

Location: DispatchHomeAndGardenShow.com

Admission: free

Hours: Show opens at 8 a.m.; chats are open through 8 p.m. Today is the last day for live virtual presentations and to chat with companies. Highlights from the show will remain online through Oct. 31.

Special attractions: The Backyard Garden Award winners will be announced at 4 p.m. 

Today’s workshops

Chat with presenters and get your specific questions answered; check online for additional workshops.

10 a.m.: SimpleBath/SimpleKitchen presentation

11 a.m: Kevin O’Connor, host of “This Old House”

Noon: How do you improve your indoor air quality?; presentation by Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning

4 p.m.: Backyard Garden Awards winners’ announcement

5 p.m.: planting bulbs using the lasagna layering technique

This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Happening today at the Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

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What’s happening today at the online Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show


logo, company name: Then 2020 Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

Then 2020 Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

The fall show is online for everyone’s safety, so here is your chance to leisurely enjoy what the show has to offer. The event re-creates an expo hall with booths and an auditorium, and each participating company has resources and representatives you can talk with online. 

Location: DispatchHomeAndGardenShow.com

Admission: free

Hours: The show opens at 8 a.m.; chats available through 8 p.m.

Special attractions: At noon, Home 214 Design’s Melinda McCoy will present simple autumn decorating tips for any home, any budget and any decorating ability. 

Today’s workshops

Chat with presenters and get your specific questions answered; check online for additional workshops.

4 p.m.: six signs your chimney is fine (or not!), presented by The Chimney Guys

• 5 p.m.: Discover key facts, types, well-known lilacs and even public collections and festivals to visit across the region during this in-depth workshop presented by Dr. Mark DeBard, who is an OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer and an International lilac registrar and board member of the International Lilac Society.  

This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: What’s happening today at the online Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

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Thursday at online Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show

The Columbus Dispatch


For everyone’s safety, the Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show will take place online this year.

That means you can get comfy at home and leisurely peruse the many events the show has to offer. The virtual event re-creates an expo hall with booths and an auditorium, each participating company is offering resources, and representatives will be available to talk with you online. Come and go as often as you like.

Location: DispatchHomeAndGardenShow.com

Admission: free

Hours: show opens today at 8 a.m. and “chats” are available through 8 p.m.

Special attractions: wholesale pricing on spring flowering bulbs, see Dutch Mill Greenhouse and get answers to your gardening questions from master gardeners.

Today’s workshops

Presenters will answer your questions through chat; check online for additional workshops.

11 a.m.: How much does a furnace/air conditioning system cost? Presented by Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning.

Noon: Attracting birds and other wildlife to your backyard, presented by Tisa Watts, founder of the Columbus Garden School.

4: p.m.:Organizing made easy! Kitchen, bathroom and closets presented by ShelfGenie.

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Kevin O’Connor will appear at the Dispatch Home and Garden Show

Steve Stephens
| The Columbus Dispatch

The long-time host of “This Old House,” the ground-breaking home-improvement television show, will appear — virtually — at the Fall Dispatch Home & Garden Show on Saturday.

Kevin O’Connor, who has been host of the PBS show since 2003, last appeared at the Columbus show two years ago. On that occasion he was here in person, of course.

“I do a lot of home shows, but this is my first virtual one,” said O’Connor, 52. 

“But I think people understand why that’s necessary this year, and know exactly what to expect.”

Because of the pandemic, this year’s home and garden show will be online and on demand. The show will be live online Thursday through Saturday and the online exhibit hall will remain open through the end of the month.

Register for the show at DispatchHomeandGardenShow.com. Guests who pre-register by Wednesday will receive one free ticket to attend the Spring Dispatch Home & Garden Show presented by Ohio Mulch.

At this year’s online event, guests can still explore home-improvement ideas, talk in real time with knowledgeable local craftspeople and contractors and check off some of the items on their home-improvement project list. 

And, as in previous years, celebrity guests, including O’Connor, will be making appearances.

O’Connor is scheduled to speak to the online audience at 11 a.m. on Saturday and answer questions beginning at 11:30 a.m.

“This Old House” celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.

“It’s the longest running (home-improvement) show, and, without trying to thump our chest, it’s not just something that’s barely hanging on,” O’Connor said.

“It’s still the most highly watched.”

O’Connor was a corporate banker when he and his wife wrote a letter to This Old House magazine asking for help with wallpaper. The couple appeared in a segment of the first season of “Ask This Old House,” a companion television show. O’Connor made such an impression that he was asked to host “This Old House” when the job came open.

Even though he didn’t know much about home improvement when taking the job, O’Connor said he’s learned a lot.

“I grew up watching the show. And now I’ve been swimming in the deep end of the pool with the best in the business for 17 or 18 years,” he said.

“But just because I know how to do some of the work now, doesn’t mean I could do it as a living. I just replaced some rotted windowsills at my house myself. It took me so long that, if i was working for a guy, I would have cost him a fortune.

“So if you can get home-improvement advice from either Tom Silva (a long-time contractor on the show) or Kevin O’Connor, always take it from Tom Silva.”

Other live events will include sessions on spring bulb planting, victory vegetable gardens, the latest in home design, indoor air quality and much more.

And I’ll help announce the winners of the annual Backyard Garden Awards, which this year had nearly 

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Montgomery column: Designing a garden – Lifestyle – The Columbus Dispatch

“I never before knew the full value of trees. My house is entirely embosomed in high plane-trees, with good grass below; and under them I breakfast, dine, write, read, and receive my company”
– Thomas Jefferson, 1793

Due to staying home with the pandemic the past six months, I have done some major work in the garden. I had not realized how some plants needed a good pruning and a few plants had even outgrown their space and needed to be moved. I had shrubs with a lot of dead wood that needed to be taken out and I could not believe I did not notice this before. I got out old photos of areas in the garden and was amazed at how the garden had slowly changed.

As I have been working, I would have to remind myself to follow some basic principles of design that have helped me over the years. I started out as a collector and realized years ago, I needed order to my garden and to have some “bones” or structure in some places where things were lacking.

Some of the things I try to remember are not to make it too much of a “hodge-podge” of plant material. Variety is important, but do not overdo it. Balance, proportion and unity are important. You need to think about a garden as an extension of your home and think about how you decorate a room. You use some of these same ideas when making a room in the garden.

You need different shapes, sizes, texture and form. If the entire yard were all the same, it would not be very interesting. It is good to balance things in the garden. If you have something on one side of a path, repeat it to give some balance on the other side.

If you are starting from scratch to landscape an area or just making some little changes, you start with trees. This could be trees that are in place now or the trees that you want to consider adding. They could also be borrowed trees that overhang your property from a neighbor’s garden. Trees are the main landscaping feature. Start with letting the trees you have or are considering planting be the first thing to guide your landscape.

Trees set the stage and give you different options when planning. You can use them to have dappled shade, woodland shade or have deep shade if you want to create a woodland garden. Trees can help you divide areas into rooms.

The second thing to consider is the “bones” of the garden. Good gardens have good bones and winter is a good time to see this. The greenery that catches your eye or architectural elements like walls, fences, patios, pathways or arbors are the solid elements of a garden. Make sure you have enough greenery to give your garden an attractive look in the winter months.

The third thing is to make sure your garden has some unity, consistency

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