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MINSK, September 7. /TASS/. The Belarussian Interior Ministry has no information regarding the detention of a member of the Presidium of the opposition’s Coordination Council, Maria Kolesnikova, and her colleagues, the ministry’s spokeswoman Olga Chemodanova told TASS on Monday.

“The Interior Ministry has no information at its disposal about the detention of Kolesnikova and her colleagues,” she said.

Earlier, Belarusian media said that in the morning of September 7 unidentified persons kidnapped Kolesnikova near the National Arts Museum in Minsk. She was reportedly forced into a minivan bearing a Communications marking.

A member of the Belarusian opposition Coordination Council’s presidium, Maxim Znak, has confirmed to TASS that his attempts to contact Kolesnikova have been unsuccessful. The Council’s press-service said that lawyers were also looking for the Council’s representatives Ivan Kravtsov and Anton Rodnenkov, who remain unavailable.

The Minsk police department has told TASS it is checking the reports of Kolesnikova’s disappearance.

In Belarus’s August 9 presidential election the incumbent, Alexander Lukashenko, emerged the winner with 80.1% of the votes. The runner-up, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who received 10.12%, did not recognize the election returns. Shortly afterwards she moved to neighboring Lithuania, where she has remained since. Right after the election returns were made public several Belarusian cities saw mass protest demonstrations. During the first days there were clashes with police. The opposition’s Coordination Council has been calling for further protests, while the authorities are demanding the illegal demonstrations must be brought to an end. During the election campaign Kolesnikova was a member of the election team of Viktor Babariko, who was eventually denied registration as a presidential candidate. She firmly supported Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as a presidential candidate and jointed the opposition’s Coordination Council.

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The Real House Of Detention (An Allegory)

Can you take life? Can you give life? If you can answer both of these questions, "yes", you are God, Christ and all the illumined clairvoyant prophets and seers combined!

On those two questions, I can honestly say "no cheating"! With that, I begin this article. Who would not love to consciously be more than they are and have the power to do more than they can right down to taking and giving life at will like or better than Darth Plagueis the Wise / Hego Damask the Sith Lord in "Star Wars"?

Indeed, and alas, we have to settle for self-mastery which is still below that kind of power like God creating dirt from scratch with only nature on his side unlike the scientist who needs all kinds of "stuff", machines and complicated processes to create dirt from "nothing". Yes, the real house of detention we all face is the very concepts of limitation, weakness and dependence: Like the politician in power depending on the support of the people to keep power, make laws and do "everything", that is a glaring point of what I essentially mean by genuine weakness, dependence and limitations or compromise.

So, here is the allegorical part of this article now: A politician has a near-death experience. That politician meets the maker they believe in. The maker or God / Deity / Source gives them a choice to go to heaven or hell. First the politician sees heaven, people sitting on clouds bored, strumming harp strings for eternity without having to eat, drink or do anything "interesting". It is "just heaven". Then the politician goes to hell and finds it "better than Earth" like the immoral party he never had with "great sex", wild party deal making, thrills and "wonderful, exciting immoral stuff" like drugs that make you high without the other consequences of them. Things an immoral person would like anyway. So, since he gets all the "party" in hell instead of boredom and eternal, peaceful life and harp strumming in heaven. That politician says and means "send me to hell for eternity, that is real paradise!" and even files papers in that near-death experience with the devil to go there. Then the politician really dies, and there is nothing there but emptiness. Not fire, not brimstone. Just emptiness and absolutely nothing. "God says, I cannot help you, you signed the papers and yourself over to the Devil. The Devil says," that whole compelling, thrilling scene was the campaign, and this nothingness is the real and genuine office you signed for. Read the contract! "Too late and that is how it works. Watch reality, technicality and all that counts for details.

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