Georgia pastor shocks pregnant Waffle House waitress with $12G tip after learning special detail about baby

What’s in a name?

A Georgia pastor recently gave a Waffle House waitress the surprise of a lifetime after raising a $12,000 tip for the pregnant server, after learning that the woman’s unborn child will have the same name as his late son.

Bishop Eusebio Phelps ordered an All-Star breakfast special from a Stockbridge location of the diner chain last week, and was struck by server Hannah Hill’s kindness, Fox 5 reports.

A Georgia pastor recently gave a Waffle House waitress the surprise of a lifetime after raising a $12,000 tip for the pregnant server.

A Georgia pastor recently gave a Waffle House waitress the surprise of a lifetime after raising a $12,000 tip for the pregnant server.
(New Faith Christian Church)

“She was so nice over the telephone, and when I got there I paid for my food and I told her to keep the change,” Phelps told WXIA-TV. “And then when I looked at her, I asked if she was pregnant — she said yes so at that time I was just really urged to give her the rest of the money that I had in my wallet, which was around $40. And so I gave her the $40 and I told her that I just wanted to be able to bless her so she could buy something for the baby.”


With just a few weeks to go until her due date, Hill revealed that she planned to name her unborn son Samuel.

Phelps, the leader of New Faith Christian Church, felt that it was a divine sign. His son Samuel died in Atlanta seven years ago, and the anniversary is coming up soon.

"We are so appreciative of the kind gesture made by Bishop Phelps and all of the others who contributed on behalf of our Associate, Hannah Hill," a rep for Waffle House told Fox News.

“We are so appreciative of the kind gesture made by Bishop Phelps and all of the others who contributed on behalf of our Associate, Hannah Hill,” a rep for Waffle House told Fox News.

“I went home, I told my wife what happened… I was like, ‘Listen I wanna raise a thousand dollars to give to Hannah so she can buy whatever she needs for the baby,’” the pastor told the outlet.

Moved, Phelps shared Hill’s story on Facebook. Within about a day, supporters raised over $12,000, per WXIA.

Hill, meanwhile, had no idea it was coming.

“I was asleep in the car and my mother-in-law called and said, ‘You’ve got to get down to the Waffle House now,’” Hill told Fox 5.

Arriving at the restaurant, she was surprised to be greeted by cheering customers and a check for the generous gratuity during what Phelps called “a surprise baby shower.”


According to Hill, already a mom of one, the tremendous tip will be life-changing.

“Makes me wanna get back in church," Hill said of the chance encounter, and serious surprise.

“Makes me wanna get back in church,” Hill said of the chance encounter, and serious surprise.
(New Faith Christian Church)

“I had a lot going on, and I don’t really pray that often,” she told WXIA. “I’m not necessarily that religious, I wasn’t really raised in the church, don’t go to church a lot, haven’t cracked open a Bible in forever. But lately I

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Hilary Duff baffles internet with bizarre detail in her bathroom

Hilary Duff has let the cameras into her home to give an epic house tour for the latest issue of Architectural Digest.

However, in the photo promoting the shoot, fans have questioned why on earth the Younger actress has a bathtub sitting in her living room.

“A bathtub in the living room??” one fan asked.

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The photo shows Duff sitting on a plush pink sofa, with a silver bathtub behind her.

While the photo seems like it’s in a living room with a random bathtub sitting in the middle, the star has explained the situation.

She clarified, “A bathtub. In a bathroom. I’d say pretty appropriate.”

It turns out this room is Duff’s personal bathroom, which has a gorgeous vibe to it, with wooden floors and the tub that looks out a window.

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As you can see the shower is right next to the bathtub.

Just look how gorgeous and relaxing this looks.

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In fact people were loving the idea of having a sofa in the bathroom.

“Most of us have never seen a sofa in a bathroom before,” another fan commented. “Would have never thought about having a couch in the bathroom next to tub, but now seeing it I NEED it!” another wrote.

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Duff said the bathroom is her own personal space, where she can enjoy a moment of quiet away from her husband Matthew Koma and her children Luca and Banks.

“I will hide from them in my bathroom,” Duff confessed.

“My husband thinks it’s sad that we don’t share a bathroom. He’s like, ‘We miss so much good hanging out time. I want to get ready with you.’

“I don’t think ‘I always want to get ready with you,’ but when I am putting on my makeup, he will sit on that couch. It’s sweet.”

One other fantastic feature Duff showed off in her house tour … in her son Luca’s bedroom.

Hilary installed the slide in her son’s room as the room had incredibly high ceilings, and she wanted to take advantage of it.

Lucky kid!

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Executives seeking Pebble Mine detail their sway over politicians from Alaska to White House

A direct line to the White House, but routed through a third party to hide it from public view. Easy access to Alaska’s governor, as well as the state’s two U.S. senators. A successful push to unseat nine Republican state lawmakers who opposed their plan to build a massive gold and copper mine — the biggest in North America — near Bristol Bay in Alaska.

Those were some of the boasts, made by two top executives of a company trying to build the Pebble Mine, in videotapes secretly recorded by an environmental group and made public this week. It was a rare glimpse into the private discussions surrounding the company’s heated campaign to win federal permits for the project, which environmentalists say will destroy a pristine part of Alaska and devastate its world-famous sockeye salmon fishery.

The conversations were secretly recorded over the past month and a half by the nonprofit Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). Posing as potential investors in the mine, EIA investigators conducted video calls in which the mine’s sponsors detailed how they sought to curry favor with elected politicians from Juneau to Washington, D.C.

The tapes feature separate conversations with two key men behind the project: Roland Thiessen, chief executive of the Canadian-based Northern Dynasty Minerals, and Tom Collier, chief executive of its U.S. subsidiary, Pebble Limited Partnership.

Within a matter of weeks, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could grant a permit for the mine. While the agency found in late July that the project would have “no measurable effect” on the area’s fish populations, last month it informed Pebble Limited Partnership that it had to do more to show how it would offset the damage caused by the operation.

But even as the executives jump through regulatory hoops, they are focused on wooing Republican politicians. In the taped conversations, they detailed their plan to manage all the decision-makers.

Thiessen described both of the state’s Republican U.S. senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, as politicians who might make noises about the project to appear sensitive to environmental concerns but ultimately will not stand in their way. “It’s an age-old practice where when you have constituents, you have important people who support you on two sides of an issue, all right, you try to find a way to satisfy them both,” he said in the recording.

He noted that Murkowski declined to move a bill that would have barred the federal government from permitting the mine. Instead, she included language in a spending bill that raised some questions about Pebble Mine but did not hinder it. “She says things that don’t sound supportive of Pebble, but when it comes time to vote, when it comes time to do something, she never does anything to hurt Pebble, OK?” Thiessen said.

She says things that don’t sound supportive of Pebble, but when it comes time to vote, when it comes time to do something, she never does anything to hurt Pebble, OK?”
— Roland Thiessen, CEO of Northern Dynasty

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Exclusive: White House asks U.S. agencies to detail all China-related funding

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House has asked U.S. government agencies for extensive details of any funding that seeks to counter China’s global influence and business practices, or supports Beijing, amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

FILE PHOTO: Chinese and U.S. flags flutter near The Bund, before U.S. trade delegation meet their Chinese counterparts for talks in Shanghai, China July 30, 2019. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

According to an Aug. 27 White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) document seen by Reuters, the OMB directed U.S. agencies to submit “cross-cutting data on federal funding that aids or supports China, or that directly or indirectly counters China’s unfair competition and malign activities and influence globally.”

China denies it engages in unfair competitive practices.

The document, titled “Strategic Competition with China Crosscut,” does not say how the information will be used other than that it will “inform policymakers” of the myriad ways U.S. government spending involves China.

The United States and China have grown antagonistic toward each other with disagreements that stretch from a two-year-old trade war, to the Trump administration blaming Beijing for a lack of transparency about the spread of COVID-19.

The sweeping budget data request will be used to help policymakers and notes all funding should “reflect strategic priorities” when responding to China.

Some U.S. programs and spending under review dates back a decade or more. The document directs federal agencies to respond by Sept. 21.

A spokesman for OMB confirmed the agency effort, telling Reuters that “to ensure that the United States remains strong and in a position of strength against rival nations like China, OMB has asked federal agencies for all funding meant to counter China, or which could aid China.”

The memo includes instructions on how to submit both classified and unclassified U.S. spending details and seeks details of all U.S. government funding directed for spending inside China.

The White House document asks for data for all U.S. government funding used to “counter malign Chinese influence or behavior incongruent with American interests.”

It cites as examples “funding for programming to counter the One Belt One Road (OBOR) or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI); funding for military operations, equipment and infrastructure, the primary purpose of which is to deter aggressive Chinese behavior.”

It also seeks details of “secondary” U.S. efforts on China like “marginal contributions which were necessary to maintain a U.S. lead over China in terms of voting power within key international organizations” and funding for other U.S. efforts.

The document also seeks data on U.S. government funding for programs whose primary purpose is to counter Chinese technological prowess in key sectors like 5G and wireless communications, semiconductors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing, cyber and system security, advanced manufacturing and robotics, autonomous and electric vehicles, biotechnology, advanced energy, and space technologies.

The White House sought details of spending on technical assistance from U.S. government experts, bilateral funding for the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research center and any other U.S. bilateral economic assistance programs.


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