100 Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Who says your bathroom can’t be the most beautiful room in your home? Yes, it might be short on size, but what bathrooms lack in space, they more than make up for in their ability to be dressed up and reimagined. Here, we’re sharing our very best bathroom décor ideas with you in the hopes that they’ll motivate you to renovate, redecorate, and reinvigorate your bathrooms and washrooms. These fresh ideas, fit for every style and budget, will have you excited to add new finishes, trims, chandeliers, runners, exposed bulbs, and more to your space.

But with so many creative ideas to choose from, where should you even begin? We suggest starting from the ground up. After taking a look at our best bathroom tile ideas, give your space a re-haul with spa-inspired detailing, repurposed vanities made from antique cabinets, new linen draperies, color-coordinated artwork and more. And don’t forget to try one of the year’s hottest bathroom paint colors while you’re at it!

Perhaps you’re looking for a more subtle refresh instead. If that’s the case, we’d recommend perusing the more rustic bathrooms and shabby-chic interiors we’ve compiled here. After all, you don’t need to wait for a large-scale renovation before getting started on revamping your space!

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Why people are decorating early for the holidays

Perhaps because we’re spending more time at home, we’ll take any excuse to brighten things up in this crazy year.

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Getting ready for the holidays is happening earlier this year, perhaps because we’re spending more time at home and we’ll take any excuse to brighten things up in this crazy year.

“Surprisingly, everyone is pretty excited,” said Isaac Beverstock, the lead designer with Christmas Decor by Second Nature Landscapes. 

They tell 13News their business is already getting a lot of calls.

“People are home this year,” said Beverstock. “People got a lot closer to their families this year. People are having a lot of family over this year, hopefully in a safe manner, and they just want to make the most out of this year because it’s kind of been a depressing year for a lot of people.”

So people are already preparing to put up their Christmas lights earlier this year. 

Now, before for all you grinches out there freak out about seeing decorations before Thanksgiving, there are ways to adjust your decorations for different holidays.

“If we’re utilizing light in the decor, there’s a lot of cool products out there now that will help with that transition with different color schemes,” said Beverstock. “Like for Halloween, you can run orange and purple.”

The lights they use can be programmed electronically so this doesn’t mean you have to hang new lights for every holiday.

Second Nature Landscapes, based in Zionsville, is also taking nominations of military families to offer holiday decorating.

“Military personnel who are overseas, they can be nominated,” said owner Cory Owens. “We go out and, as a surprise, decorate for those families. It’s always a very difficult time for those families not having their loved ones at home, so for us to be able to bring them a little cheer, it’s something that we take a lot of pride in.”

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Tips For Decorating a New Apartment

Kate also said color can make a huge impact on a space, as long as it’s introduced thoughtfully. If you’re not sure where to begin, choose one key color to use throughout the room. For instance, Kate recommended Aviel opt for something like a vibrant mustard yellow. You’ll see pops of it everywhere in Kate’s design, from the throw pillows, to the wall art, to the patterned rug. Since Aviel shares her apartment with her dog Chicken, Kate recommended a rug with a somewhat busy print — any stains from muddy paw prints or accidental spills will be easy to camouflage.

The common thread in all of Kate’s decor advice? Keep it cohesive. Sticking to one color palette, decor style, and overall vision will help your home come together. Whether you’re moving into a studio loft or multistory house, that advice will certainly serve you well.

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6 Common Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them, According to Top Interior Designers

From Veranda

Many of us have been spending our spring and summer revamping our gardens, finally building out our dream home offices, and tackling other renovation projects we may have put off if we hadn’t been spending every moment inside these past months. Warren Shoulberg, a retail journalist and columnist for Business Of Home, says he is expecting the home furnishings industry to see a boost in the coming months as companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot did earlier this year.

Shoulberg explained during his panel at BOH‘s Future of Home virtual conference that when the housing market does well, ultimately the home furnishings business follows, and while home improvement stores feel this first, furnishings and decor companies are sure to follow suit in the next six to nine months. And if you spent even a few minutes at your local Home Depot this spring, you know there’s about to be a lot of decorating and redecorating about to be underway!

Whether you’re upgrading your current home’s furnishings, filling up a brand-new house, or giving a well-loved area a much-needed refresh, decorating a room—let alone a whole home—can be overwhelming. We asked four designers from around the country the top mistakes to keep in mind that people often run into when decorating.

You’re trying to decorate your home as quickly as possible.

“Often, homeowners choose furniture for their home in haste, without longevity in mind,” says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. “I can certainly understand the desire to furnish a home quickly and feel settled, but this hurriedness can lead to costly mistakes. Before purchasing furniture for a room, I recommend measuring and measuring again, and ordering samples to test fabrics in the room where they will reside. Take the time to carefully choose pieces that you will have for years, hopefully generations, to come.”

You’re not expanding your personal style to fit the aesthetic of your home.

“It’s important for homeowners to be mindful of wanting everything that they love to be a part of the design in their home,” says Kesha Halden of Halden Interiors. “Just because you love floral patterns and wear them in your attire or have them on your favorite porcelain dishware doesn’t always mean that it will translate in an impactful way in a larger footprint on a sofa or drapery. Always take into consideration the overall aesthetic of the house and leave room for the design to evolve over the years.”

You’re accidentally disrupting your open floor plan.

“A key decorating mistake that homeowners should avoid is placing multiple area rugs in a home with an open floor plan,” Halden says. “This is a common mistake because the area rug is used to help map out where to group your furnishings. However, carving out these spaces with a rug can easily make the open concept feel choppy and minimize the scale of the room. And in my opinion, nothing beats a big, open, and airy design concept!”

You don’t prioritize

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Decorating a Bathroom and Shower Curtains

By placing inexpensive shower curtains in a bathroom of yours, you are making a very dramatic statement in your bathroom. It doesn’t matter on whether you’re just trying to add some color to your bathroom, or make a small space look a bit larger; the right shower curtain can become the most important object in your bathroom.

Shower curtains have evolved a lot over the years. The plastic rings are gone and have been replaced with the hooks or rings made by top name designers. They now give your bathroom a more professional feel by far.

Showing off your tub can be made easy by surrounding it with tie backs and split panels to create a fine drape impression. If you are looking for a more homemade type of look, go for a quilted shower curtain that will bring county charm to your bathroom.

Thanks to the large, global market of today, you can find curtains made of many different types of textures and materials; metallics, 100% cotton, velvet, etc. Because of an increase in shower curtain appeals, shower doors have slowly been fading away.

When it comes to purchasing shower curtains, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck. That is, you get a lot of impact from your affordable purchase. They’re also very easy to change, depending on the seasons or holidays. Plastic curtains are a great choice is you would like a yellowing-resistant material. Other types of curtains, like cloth for example, can be washed with your regular laundry and tend to evade fading.

A theme for your shower curtain is also quite important. If you enjoy everything and anything about cars, all you need to do is choose a make and model. If you prefer lighthouses, animals, oceans, whales, and anything else, search online for some inexpensive and tasteful curtains that meet your expectations.

So the next time you walk into your bathroom, look around and enjoy the feel your curtain gives your bathroom.…

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7 Simple Interior Decorating Tips and Ideas

Interior decorating for quite some time has been a concept or task left to the interior decorator.

But because people nowadays are becoming more and more aware and involved in the interior decorating aspects of their homes, there are many homeowners that are forced into adopting their own interior decorating techniques and processes.

Home or interior decorating, as wrongly perceived by people ages ago, need not be expensive and need not requiring degrees and diplomas in the discipline.

Overall, the idea behind interior decorating is going for the basic or going for the simple. Being interiorly designed and comfortable, a home does not need to be really equipped with the most expensive devices and equipment.

Remember, the basic idea of interior decorating is functionality and usage. It is to be put above all, above the aesthetic and beauty of the home.

Interior decorating of homes can be as simple as one, two, three. Here are some practical and very simple solution on how the interior design of your home could be improved and boosted.

1. Free up spaces. Throw away unnecessary items and equipment. Old equipment that already obsolete or useless should already put to retirement.

2. The storage room is the room for decorations that are not in season or timely. Christmas decors should be kept out it is already March.

3. Make the home spacious by freeing it from useless materials and equipment. Huge sofas and tables are also a no-no if the space of your home is already limited.

4. Put out all the small figurines and picture frames that are distracting the atmosphere and scaring them, instead of awing and amusing them. Those are old-styles, the modern interior decoration go for less displays. Less is totally more this time.

5. Consider replacing carpets, or putting one in the living room if there is not already one in place. That would provide for a cozy atmosphere.

6. The kitchen should be clean and well-lighted because it is the most important area in the house. It should be painted with light to even darker colors to make up for a more appetizing atmosphere.

7. The bathroom should still be spacious. Remember functionality, uses are more than aesthetics.

Interior designing a house need not be really tedious. Just follow your instinct and remember, functions come ahead of beauty. Good luck!…

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Decorating With Bathroom Rugs

Maybe there are some of us who don’t think that decorating the bathroom is important. Well, for whatever reason, decorating the bathroom is as important as any other room. There are many items that can be used to achieve this and Bathroom rugs are some of them.

Since this is a room that is constantly wet, the sort of rugs that should be bought for this particular room should be those that are fast to dry. Thanks to the designers for they had this in mind. Bathroom rugs are made specifically for this purpose. Apart from the fact that they’re available in different colors and designs for you to choose from, they’re also absorbent.

Your kind of bathrooms will highly influence you choice of bathroom rug. For instance, does it seem to be Victorian, country style rustic or maybe English garden type. After you’ve decided what you want with your bathroom (hoping you’ll decide to use it for bathing), you can combine functionality with beauty as you nicely place those bathroom rugs at the specific place or places, that you want them.

Some people like placing them right outside the entrance, others slightly inside the entrance others right inside the bathroom but, no mater where you decide to place it, you can be sure that it will give your bathroom a pleasant look.

Since we all want our homes to be beautiful, let’s not forget the bathroom is as important as any other room in the house. Lets add new life to our bathrooms, with Bathroom rugs, and then we can go on and enjoy bathing.…

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Interior Decorating Ideas – Where Do I Begin Deciding on Window Coverings?

Do you have windows that need some type of window covering and do not even know how to get started on the project? You are not alone! Many home owners and apartment dwellers are in the same dilemma. Hear what a professional interior designer that has heard this story many times has to say about the steps that need to be taken to begin a window treatment process.

Window treatments are actually fun. They are not something to be afraid of. They can be costly if you want everything under the sun, but people should be encouraged to use window coverings to accent a room or a view or even use them if you have something that you want to hide. Window treatments can even be used over the closet doors. Panels can hide the closet and it makes it look like another window or another door to make the room look a little bigger.

Window treatments run the gamut in price. So sit down, figure out what your budget is and then decide how much you want to spend. You also need to consider how important window treatments are to your room. Remember that window coverings change your view and they change lives one view at a time!

There are so many aspects to decorating windows that time and effort spent up front is time well spent. You will find ideas by going through model homes, looking at decorating magazines or searching online. It is a good idea to look at fabrics before meeting with a designer which will make the entire decision-making process go more smoothly.

Pre-planning makes it a little easier when a person does hire someone to create custom window treatments for them because they will have somewhat of an idea of what they want. The important part is that it takes some of the guesswork out of the process and you are not spending all your moneymaking the designer guess what you want.

Be open to new ideas. There is so much creativity in window decorating today. Popular trends in window treatments include organic materials that bring nature indoors, luxe fabrics, velvet and grosgrain trim, green design which are both economically and environmentally safe treatments, bold prints, and tech savvy homes where window blinds can be controlled with a remote.

The key to the whole project is to talk to the person that is designing your window treatments and be open and honest with them because that is what they want and over time is going to help build a good relationship with them.…

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How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Mistakes in Interior Design and Decorating

We all reside in houses of one kind or another. When furnished, whether well done or not, they constitute the environment in which we spend the great part of our lives. These environments influence us continually and profoundly.

To the degree that your home is beautiful and comfortable affects us favorably and provides a wonderful haven for recuperation of mind and body. It also facilitates a richer and more satisfying life. To the degree that it is uncomfortable and lacking in beauty, it provides the exact opposite. This can develop into a potentially devastating degree.

As you can see, a properly furnished home is a very significant matter. It affects your life, as well as your attitude and ambitions. Your home should be an environment that is as supportive of your life as possible. Therefore, knowledge of how to furnish a house properly is very meaningful.

Beauty and comfort in a home do not result from chance or happen by accident. They result from the proper application of a reasoned process. Two quotes on the back of my business card illustrate this perfectly. They are the foundations of my business philosophy. Firstly, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” Secondly, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Transforming a blank canvas into a picture or carving a block of stone into a beautiful sculpture is comparatively less creative of an endeavor than transforming an empty house into a place of beauty and comfort. The major distinction between the painting or sculpture and a house is that you are looking at the artwork. In the home you are not only looking at the interiors, but you’re also enveloped in them. Therefore, interior design and decoration is also an art of selection and arrangement in a three-dimensional environment. This will require knowledge, appreciation, discrimination, and good judgment. Since interior design is a part of architecture, like a hand in a glove, it differs from painting and sculpture in that it has a very practical aim. Your home must not only look good, but function well. Being supportive of your lifestyle is the end goal.

When you set out to furnish your home, you face a threefold problem.

  1. You must select and arrange items that suit the age, sex, and temperament of the individuals; whether one or many, as well as meet the needs, express the tastes and aspirations, and fit the budget.
  2. You must see to it that the furniture and accessories are selected and arranged to suit the home in terms of scale, proportion, coloring, and style. It may be eclectic, transitional, traditional, or contemporary.
  3. Finally, you must see to it that these things are not only suitable, but also good-looking and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they must all combine to form a harmonious and beautiful whole.

The treatment of your house and each room within it involves the interplay of three factors, which I differentiate as the personal, the architectural, …

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Interior Decorating Ideas For a Small Living Room

Are you looking for interior decorating ideas to use in a small living room? Small living rooms can look just as attractive as large living rooms. Small living rooms can be unique as well as have a certain character that is sometimes missing in a larger room.

How do you decorate a small living room? I would suggest that you buy a large mirror which becomes the focal point in the room. Mirrors reflect light and add interest to the room.

The next way to decorate a small living room is to change the furniture arrangement. You can move the furniture away from the wall, which is actually recommended for small rooms, or at least slant a couple of pieces of the furniture just to add personality to the room.

Take a look at the accessories that you have in your small living room. If you have too many home décor accessories in a small room, they actually break up the space–so less is better. Look for quality accessories that you just love and want to display. Putting accessories in a grouping rather than scattering them throughout the room will make the room seem less cluttered.

Another way to decorate a small living space and give the illusion of height and space in the room is to use crown molding. Crown molding is a wonderful way to make a room more attractive. The eye goes up to the top of the ceiling and gives the illusion of height. Crown molding can be painted the same color as the décor in the room, or you can use a regular wood grain molding which is wonderful addition to any room.

A way to lighten a small living room and also give the feeling of spaciousness is to add sconce light fixtures, which bounce light off of the ceiling. The light goes up toward the ceiling. It gives a wonderful atmosphere in the room, and since the eye goes upward, the room seems taller and it adds ambiance to the room.

Area rugs add interest and personality to a small room because of their pattern, texture and color. They also add a sense of depth to the room without taking space away from furniture and accessories.

A very simple way to make a small living room sparkle is to simply wash the windows. Keep them sparkling clean, and make sure that all the shiny surfaces, such as mirrors, television screens and glass top tables are also shined and polished. This simple reminder gives any room in your home a neat, clean look.

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