Couple transform their ‘dated’ kitchen with genius whiteboard pen hack

This year, Brits have spent more time in their houses than ever before.

And as a result – many have turned their attention to long-overdue DIY projects that have been on top of the to-do list for years.

Transforming an entire room in your home can get pricey, but a savvy Bolton couple managed give their kitchen a contemporary new look while sticking to their budget.

Sean Kay, 30, and his wife Leah, 23, gave their ‘dated’ kitchen an impressive makeover using a lick of paint, budget-friendly accessories, and whiteboard pens to upcycle the kitchen tiles.

Sean said: “As I am a teacher, I had lots of whiteboard markers lying around my house.

“As the black grouting pen wasn’t showing up very well we decided to get colouring in the grout with the whiteboard markers and it looks amazing!

“It wiped off the tiles so easily but stayed in the grout. It was done in two hours.

“We are so proud of ourselves for making our vision a reality on a budget.

“Previously, we didn’t spend much time in our dated kitchen but now we don’t want to leave it!”

Sean posted before and after pictures in the DIY on a Budget Official Facebook and received more than 768 likes and more than 100 comments.

In the post, Sean wrote: “Nearly finished our kitchen transformation using hornblower blue frenchic paint and we love it!

“We’ve just got our new glass top table today and we are waiting for our blue velvet chairs to arrive.

a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets: Before picture of the kitchen

© Sean Kieran Kay
Before picture of the kitchen

“Everything bought has been haggled and searched for until we grabbed bargains.

“We used white dc fix fablon on the worktops. We used white board markers in the grout of the tiles.

“Just awaiting our curtains blinds and other accessories now!

“We now need to change the flooring as the current vinyl has got so many stains, holes and paint on it!

“Thanks for all of your comments. It’s been hard work over the last few weeks but worth it.”

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror: Sean and Leah's stunning kitchen transformation

© Sean Kieran Kay
Sean and Leah’s stunning kitchen transformation

Sean and Leah, a part-time GP receptionist and owner of the Leah Kay The Body Shop at Home Facebook group, began to use social media to boost their DIY skills.

The couple, who also have a two-year-old son called Terry, joined the Frenchic Fan Forum Facebook group for tips and tricks and watched YouTube DIY tutorials in their spare time.

Sean said: “To prime the cupboards we first cleaned them with frenchic sugar soap, wiped them down with water, lightly sanded them by hand and wiped off any dust.

“After that the paint went on like a dream – a little paint goes a long way. You are supposed to use it sparingly and it dries really quickly.

“After the first coat, they looked awful and we were starting to regret it but after the second and third cost they looked great. We applied three coats leaving

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