Decorating a Bathroom and Shower Curtains

By placing inexpensive shower curtains in a bathroom of yours, you are making a very dramatic statement in your bathroom. It doesn’t matter on whether you’re just trying to add some color to your bathroom, or make a small space look a bit larger; the right shower curtain can become the most important object in your bathroom.

Shower curtains have evolved a lot over the years. The plastic rings are gone and have been replaced with the hooks or rings made by top name designers. They now give your bathroom a more professional feel by far.

Showing off your tub can be made easy by surrounding it with tie backs and split panels to create a fine drape impression. If you are looking for a more homemade type of look, go for a quilted shower curtain that will bring county charm to your bathroom.

Thanks to the large, global market of today, you can find curtains made of many different types of textures and materials; metallics, 100% cotton, velvet, etc. Because of an increase in shower curtain appeals, shower doors have slowly been fading away.

When it comes to purchasing shower curtains, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck. That is, you get a lot of impact from your affordable purchase. They’re also very easy to change, depending on the seasons or holidays. Plastic curtains are a great choice is you would like a yellowing-resistant material. Other types of curtains, like cloth for example, can be washed with your regular laundry and tend to evade fading.

A theme for your shower curtain is also quite important. If you enjoy everything and anything about cars, all you need to do is choose a make and model. If you prefer lighthouses, animals, oceans, whales, and anything else, search online for some inexpensive and tasteful curtains that meet your expectations.

So the next time you walk into your bathroom, look around and enjoy the feel your curtain gives your bathroom.…

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Kitchen Curtains Designs

Add a little style to your windows by decorating them with lively kitchen curtains that complement your kitchen furniture and make them look fabulous. While eating dinner or breakfast around a well-decorated kitchen, you feel the impact right away.

There are many ways in which you can decorate your otherwise ordinary, dull kitchen curtains. You can add a little zing to your curtains just by changing small details.

Let's discuss a few kitchen curtain designs that are easy to replicate without spending a lot of money or time.

  1. Banded Curtains

Sew a strip of contrasting color to the edges of the kitchen curtain to add a little color and contrast to the room.

  1. Table Cloth Curtains

Turn your tablecloth into draperies for an easy DIY project that is not only cheap but also easy to make.

  1. Custom Curtains

Add a frill or lace to the bottom of the plain kitchen curtain to give it a nice touch. For a more formal look, try a tassel trim, for a funkier look, add a ball fringe.

  1. Ombre Curtains

Ombre can never go out of style. Try an ombre curtain design for your kitchen drapes to have a chic and lively effect.

  1. Embroidered Curtains

Embroidered kitchen curtains give the entire space a more homely feeling. You can choose any design you want, and your curtains are bound to look elegant.

  1. Block Print Curtains

Block prints are a fun design for a curtain. They not only look good but also create an airy feel to the room.

  1. Playful Funky Colors

If you are looking for a bit of a punch, why not try playful color combinations like lime green borders over white curtains.

  1. Go Bold

A bold colored curtain is like a statement necklace. It becomes the focus point of the room. Go bold with your kitchen drapes to attract more people towards it.

  1. Stripes

Stripes never grow old. Long horizontal or vertical stripes always look great on curtains.

  1. The Darker The Better

If your kitchen is decorated with light colored furniture and counters, choose dark curtains to highlight the surroundings. Darker curtains will not only shut out the light but will also go great with the rest of the room.

  1. Denim Curtains

Denim blue curtains are an excellent way to accentuate the kitchen, especially if contrasted with white walls.

  1. Doily Netting Instead Of Curtains

Use doily-like material as curtains to bring a little change to the room. These will not help keep the sun rays out, but they are sure to look great.

Kitchen curtains can be of all shapes and sizes with many designs and patterns. It is only up to you to decide what kind of curtain suits your needs best. You can choose to make your own curtains, or you can buy them at the market or order them online, but one thing is for certain, you can always get the curtains of your dreams if you are just a little more creative.

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Latest Trends in Bathroom Shower Curtains

When designing a bathroom, many people consider paint, granite and fixture options, but there plenty of other design elements to consider … and this includes your shower curtains! In the last few years, options for bathroom shower curtains have changed a lot. Gone are the days when you picked a curtain by choosing between a few solid colors. Now there are thousands of curtain options that provide the functional design you need with a fresh look and feel.

Selecting a new shower curtain may not seem like a huge deal, but sometimes all the choices can create confusion. Just remember that your new curtain should represent your style while working to compliment your existing bathroom design. It should also be easy to install.

5 Trends in Shower Curtain Design

Are you ready to go shopping for a new bathroom shower curtain for your bathroom? Here is some information to help you shop for 5 trendy curtains:

  1. Prints: Shake up a simple bathroom by adding prints! Sometimes people worry about large, loud prints, but by adding a busy curtain to a plain bathroom will definitely make this space more interesting. Choosing prints includes a wide category of curtains, so you'll still have many options if you decide to go for a printed design.
  2. Fabrics: Nowadays curtains come in many different materials, sometimes paired with a liner to add the waterproof layer. Choosing a cotton or satin curtain could give your bathroom a regal and romantic feeling. Exploring different fabrics is a great way to choose a curtain that compliments your style and space.
  3. Eco-friendly: How about going green in your bathroom? There are many green shower curtain options on the market including ones that help limit your water use or those made of recycled materials. Choosing an eco-friendly curtain is great way to give back to the environment, while also updating your space.
  4. Educational: There are so many ways to keep your mind and body fresh. How about a shower curtain with an educational twist? Your options include curtains with maps or phrases in different languages. Now you can learn something new while you freshen up with an educational curtain.
  5. Personalized: Bathrooms are often the most private places in your home. Try making your space clean and customized with a personalized monogram curtain. Available for special order on multiple websites including Etsy , you'll find lots of custom shower curtain designs to consider.

Whether you go for loud prints, or you are more interested in keeping it green, there are many great curtain options available today. The great thing about these simple design pieces is the fact that they are an affordable way to quickly change the look and feel of your bathroom d├ęcor. Don't get stuck using a shower curtain until it gets grimy and worn out; Swap out your curtains on a regular basis and enjoy a clean, fresh bathroom accessory.

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