‘It was luck’: NWI couple recall truck plowing through cornfield into their kitchen | Latest Headlines

“It was luck,” Eugene said recently.

“Usually most afternoons I’d sit there on that side of the house (outside). Because I was talking to a friend on the phone, I ended up going inside. … I could have been outside.”

The Grothaus’ daughter, Pam Davenport, said before the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the Region, their family would gather on Wednesday or Thursday in the dining room for game night. 

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‘Thick-tongued, slurring words’

When officers arrived to the Grothaus’ home in West Creek Township, they saw a pickup truck with Illinois registration in the east wall of the home, according to a police report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. 

Police said only the rear tires and rear end of the truck were visible outside of the home. 

The truck traveled approximately 300 yards off the road and through a cornfield before crashing into the Grothaus’ light blue home.

The driver, whose identity was not revealed in the police report, was not able to stand on his own free will.

Officers said the man was thick-tongued, slurring words, confused, lethargic and swaying while sitting down. Police also smelled a strong odor of alcohol. 

The man stated he didn’t have a driver’s license and wasn’t carrying his wallet. Police later discovered the man’s Illinois driver’s license was revoked. 

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Condo set among treetops beckoned garden-loving couple

“The Colonnade was built in the 1960s and has Old World construction, including solid plaster walls, wood floors and nine-foot-high ceilings,” says Molinaroli, a designer and museum exhibition consultant. “We wanted to play off the traditional classical elements of the apartment with a contemporary kitchen and modern bathrooms. Plus, as a museum designer, I’m interested in setting up spaces to display art and using lighting to direct people’s attention to different features.”

Molinaroli started the design process with two oak columns with their original finish that he has owned since 1978 when they were salvaged from a building in downtown D.C.

“The columns have been with me in every home, so here we used them to frame the living and dining area, which has a nice flow,” he says.

The renovation included replastering the walls to make them level, adding new wide-plank French oak floors, new custom moldings to complement the columns and new windows with electronic shades. A museum-quality lighting system was installed in the ceiling to showcase the couple’s art collection and the grand piano Carabetta, music director of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown, has recently used to record videos for virtual church services.

The terrace was repaved with bluestone, the kitchen includes European high-glass cabinets and upgraded appliances, and the bathrooms have been renovated with Porcelanosa tile and high-end fixtures such as a soaking tub by Waterworks.

The Colonnade condominium has been famous since it opened in 1966 as home to high-profile Washingtonians, including journalists Rita Braver and Diane Rehm, as well as the late senator Harry F. Byrd Jr. (D-Va.) and descendants of former presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

“Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor lived above us when we first moved into our condo in 2015,” says Carabetta. “The daughter of the former owner of our condo told us that her parents purchased it from senator Edmund Muskie’s daughter.”

While the interesting neighbors add to the charm of living in the Colonnade, the couple were mostly drawn to the building’s setting on the edge of Glover-Archbold Park and the building amenities.

“We loved our house and especially our garden, so our priority was to find a place with a gardenlike view and a terrace,” says Carabetta. “Now we live at tree level with the birds and every view is of a garden or park. The Colonnade has four major gardens that are well cared for, plus a heated swimming pool and terraces where you can grill and eat outside.”

This two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo has 1,600 square feet and is listed at $1.19 million. The monthly condo fee of $2,060 per month covers all utilities including gas, water, electricity, Internet access and cable TV.


Features: Erected in the 1960s, the condo has solid plaster walls, wood floors and nine-foot-high ceilings. The living and dining area are framed by two oak columns that came from a downtown building. The renovation included replastering the walls to make them

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One garden, two party billboards: How a Dunedin couple keep the political peace

Dunedin couple Peter Ashton and Adrien Dever have one rule to keep the peace in their home and marriage: don’t talk about politics.

They let the billboards on their front lawn speak for themselves.

If you take a drive down Macandrew Rd, in the suburb of Forbury, you will come across the unusual sight of Labour Party and National Party billboards sharing the Ashton/Dever garden.

Ashton is a passionate National supporter, while Dever backs Labour.

The Labour sign came first.

A neighbour who works for the Labour Party asked Ashton, while he and Dever were speaking with a friend who was visiting and also worked for the Labour Party, whether they would put a Labour billboard on their lawn.

“I’ve got all these people around me … I thought what hope in hell have I got of doing anything other than saying yes?” Ashton said.

The couple let the billboards on their front lawn speak for themselves. Photos / ODT
The couple let the billboards on their front lawn speak for themselves. Photos / ODT

Ashton was at an Otago Hockey dinner and was speaking to Mike Kernaghan, the father of the National candidate for Taieri, Liam Kernaghan.

“I made some comment about billboards … I said I’ve got some room at my place.

His wife had no grounds to challenge because the Labour one was already there, he said.

The next morning, the National sign was up, facing Macandrew Rd.

“The funny thing is … the Labour one is at about 45 degrees right at the corner [of Nelson St and Macandrew Rd], so when you come from Forbury Rd towards the harbour, you really can’t see the sign,” he said.

There was nearly another election sign in the mix. An opportunity to put an Act New Zealand billboard in the middle of the Labour and National signs presented itself, he said.

“But my wife said it would look like Steptoe and Son.”

Ashton said when the time of the election results came, there would be no “I told you so” or recrimination because “we don’t really discuss politics between us at all”.

Their political beliefs were not an issue when they first met and had not been since.

“You have your own political ideology and you grow up with it,” Ashton said.

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A Palm Coast couple have the October 2020 Garden of the Month.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli, Special to the News-Tribune
 |  The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Mavilde and Manuel Gomes of Elliot Place have been recognized as October 2020 Garden Yard Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

The couple moved from Connecticut to Palm Coast in 2004 when they retired.

On both sides of their driveway they have a stone area with newly planted orange bird of paradise, a tractor seat plant (Ligularia reniformis), and several colorful crotons, where Mavilde likes to plant two varieties together to add color and texture. Their front door garden area is neatly planted with pink curcuma ginger lilies, amaryllis, ponytail palms, two poinsettias, a plumeria, orange and white bird of paradise, pink caladium, hanging baskets with succulent varieties and two spectacular single-stemmed pom-pom-shaped yucca plants beaked with a stunning spray of bluish-green thin blades that are 2 feet long. Centered in the middle is a tranquil egg-shaped green water fountain that complements this front yard.

There are several varieties of fruit trees throughout the landscape: oranges, tangerines, lemons, bananas, guava, papaya, nespera loquat, fig and olive trees.

The backyard faces a golf course and a fishing pond so they have planted a hedge of Queen palms, bottlebrush, Phoenix roebelenii, river birch tree, fan palms, oleanders, crape myrtles, Schefflera arboricola, several crotons and bird of paradise. On the left side yard are three large staghorn ferns and a starfish cactus (Stapelia gigantea).

Mavilde is known to have a green thumb as she has much success with anything she plants. Her friends and neighbors bring over their sad plants and she always brings them back to life.

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Kitchen of the Week: Couple moving out of carvavan into first home had kitchen budget less than $25k

This kitchen, designed by Melanie John of Cube Dentro for first-home owners moving into a new house, received the NKBA Kitchen Distinction Award for a kitchen under $25,000.


This kitchen, designed by Melanie John of Cube Dentro for first-home owners moving into a new house, received the NKBA Kitchen Distinction Award for a kitchen under $25,000.

The owners of this new house in Glenbrook, Auckland lived in a caravan for two years to save enough money for their first home.

And of course there was a tight budget when it came to the kitchen design, says Melanie John of Cube Dentro in Takanini. “Their budget was around $20,000, but the kitchen came in closer to $22,000. But they were very happy with it.”

And John was happy also to see her project win the NKBA Kitchen Distinction Award 2020 for a kitchen under $25,000.

Melanie John says she "future proofed" the house, providing more storage than the first-homeowners' current requirements.


Melanie John says she “future proofed” the house, providing more storage than the first-homeowners’ current requirements.

“In a simple kitchen, details matter,” the judges said. “This kitchen is the perfect example of why. The attention to detail has lifted the space, from the benchtop with the negative detail, through to the lining up of the fridge with the joinery. This is good value for the budget, with a fantastic execution of pallet and texture.”

* New Zealand’s best kitchen and bathroom celebrated at 2020 NKBA awards
* Kiwi kitchens and bathrooms wow on the world stage in 2020
* Kiwi kitchen designers knock out the competition in London

John says the design brief from the young couple was quite different from the finished kitchen. “One of the owners is a draughtsman for the company that built the house, and he just gave us the standard spec-home plans with a spec kitchen.


“When they came in, I said there’s no way we’re going to give you that. You have come to us to design your kitchen, and we don’t do standard spec kitchens.

“His partner was thrilled to hear that, and they just said, ‘OK, for it’, so I had pretty much free rein. The kitchen did need to reflect the owners’ penchant for clean lines, attention to detail and balance, however.

Engineered stone benchtops wrap over the sides of the island, but don't extend far down.


Engineered stone benchtops wrap over the sides of the island, but don’t extend far down.

“It also needed to remain a practical space to work in as the clients start their journey on the property ladder. Because they had been living in the caravan, they didn’t have many items to bring into the kitchen, so we ‘future proofed’ it, providing plenty storage appropriate for the three-bedroom house – there’s a pantry with a benchtop on the right side for small appliances, and another large one next to the fridge.”

As the house is in a new coastal subdivision, the concept needed to reflect the light, bright, beachy surroundings.

“The challenge was to incorporate all of these requirements while delivering a space that conveyed a designer feel over “first home spec build”.

There is a large pantry at one end of the ktichen, plus further cupboard space next to the refrigerator.


There is a large pantry at one end of the ktichen, plus further cupboard space next to

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Vancouver Island couple triumphs over ‘garden-variety bully’ in battle for renowned hotel

a large brick building with grass in front of a house: The founders of the internationally renowned Sooke Harbour House resort hotel have been vindicated after a tangled ownership battle. The inn has hosted dignitaries and Hollywood actors.

© Michael McArthur/CBC
The founders of the internationally renowned Sooke Harbour House resort hotel have been vindicated after a tangled ownership battle. The inn has hosted dignitaries and Hollywood actors.

The Vancouver Island couple who built Sooke Harbour House into one of Canada’s most renowned tourist destinations has won a resounding victory in their battle to wrest control of their beloved hotel away from a pair of purported financiers. 

In a blistering decision Tuesday, a B.C. Supreme Court judge awarded Frederique and Sinclair Philip — now in their 70s — more than $4 million for the “six-year odyssey of lies, excuses, threats, intimidation and bullying” they suffered at the hands of Timothy Durkin and his partner Roger Gregory.

In a 94-page ruling, Justice Bill Basran concluded the Philips’ “reasonable expectation of a comfortable and well-deserved retirement has been effectively stolen from them because they unknowingly put their future in the hands of these two fundamentally dishonest individuals.”


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The judge reserved especially harsh words for Durkin, who — according to the judgment — swore a false affidavit in order to obtain an injunction that kept the Philips away from the hotel while he fought them in court.

“His view of the truth is whatever will serve his interests in the moment. He is entirely unencumbered by ordinary norms of morality, integrity and decency. He is a garden-variety bully who preys upon those whom he perceives to be weaker than himself and vulnerable to his mistruths and manipulation,” Basran wrote.

“Unfortunately for the Philips, they were victims of Mr. Durkin’s countless lies and deceptions.”

The toast of the culinary world

The decision marks the latest turn in a saga that has been ongoing since 2014, when the Philips — burdened by debt that started with the global financial crisis — first met Durkin and Gregory.

In the 35 years prior, they had turned the six-room bed and breakfast they purchased in 1979 into a culinary sensation beloved by wine and food critics, frequented by celebrities and world leaders and honoured by Canada’s Governor General.

The Philips reached a share purchase agreement in 2014 that would have seen Durkin and Gregory purchase their interest in the hotel for $6 million. 

The Philips believed they were going to get $2 million, and according to the judgment, Durkin assured them that his company — SHH Holdings — had the resources to cover the existing mortgage and interest owed to the Business Development Bank of Canada.

In fact, Basran found that despite Durkin and Gregory’s grand promises of a “syndicate” or “posse” of investors from Tehran to Zurich — SHH Holdings never raised more than $54,000.

‘Lies, excuses and misrepresentations’

The judge said Durkin took control of hotel operations and kept stringing the Philips along, until they ultimately signed a settlement agreement in which Durkin promised his company would pay off the mortgage and give the Phillips $1.5 million.

But that never happened, and the Phillips attempted to take control of the hotel in

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Couple have wedding at hospice so terminally ill grandma can attend

The couple with Luke’s grandma (Picture: Luke Hinojosa / SWNS)

A couple who were due to have a traditional wedding decided to get married in a garden so the groom’s dying grandma could attend.

Luke Hinojosa, 24, and Abi Morgan, 27, tied the knot after organising it within a week so gran Vera Robertson could be there.

The couple had planned to marry in June but were forced to cancel their nuptials due to coronavirus lockdown rules.

They rearranged the wedding for next May but Luke was concerned his beloved nan might not live long enough.

Vera, 72, was diagnosed with myeloma cancer in 2017 and defied the odds after being given just 12 months to live.

She moved into St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln where she has been cared for ever since.

Luke and Abi from Lincoln decided to hold a special wedding ceremony at the hospice to ensure Vera could watch them walk down the aisle.

In a touching gesture, Vera was also given the role of ringbearer for the happy couple.

Luke and Abi wed at the hospice garden so Vera could attend (Picture: Luke Hinojosa / SWNS)

Bricklayer Luke, who has been with Abi, a retail worker, since 2014, said: ‘Getting married in front of my nan really made my year.

‘She was delighted and loved every moment. We had hoped to have a big family wedding in June but obviously coronavirus stopped all of that.

‘We got a new date for next May but we didn’t want to risk nan not being there.’

More: Families

Luke and his mum decided to do something that would ensure Vera could attend.

‘It went from there, this crazy idea that we had three days to prepare for what was a wedding,’ added Luke.

‘It was absolutely fantastic. It’s been the best thing to come out of 2020 as a family.’

The staff at the hospice helped arrange the courtyard into a wedding venue.

They put balloons up and and sorted Vera’s bed so she would have the best spot at the wedding.

The happy couple (Picture: SWNS)

Luke continued: ‘It meant the absolute world to us and my nan wouldn’t stop saying how honoured she felt that we’d all thought of her.

‘We couldn’t stop smiling and just couldn’t be happier that she had a little ray of sunshine out of what has been a really awful year.

‘As a family, it brought us so much closer and made us realise not to take anything for granted.’

Due to the new coronavirus rules, just six people attended the ceremony before the hospice held a drinks reception outside.

Writing on their Facebook page, a spokesperson for the hospice said: ‘A hospice truly is so much more than “a place you go to die”.

‘Countless families have made lasting memories in our hospice, which is so humbling to see. We help people to live as best they can for the time they have left.’

Do you have a story you

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Couple give ‘scabby’ bathroom a DIY makeover ‘saving thousands’

A couple have given their ‘scabby’ bathroom a modern makeover – and saved themselves ‘thousands of pounds’ in the process.

It’s their third transformation project during lockdown, having created a cosy garden hangout for £200, a country-style kitchen, and now a bathroom fit for a stylish hotel – which they say was their ‘toughest project yet’.

Ben Wright, 36, and his wife, 37, spent just £600 on completely overhauling their old and tired bathroom using bargain finds from Amazon, The Range, and B&M.

The multimedia designer, who taught himself how to tile on YouTube, said: “Bathrooms are no mean feat. I have a newfound respect for plumbers and tilers after doing the whole thing myself.

“It was arguably the toughest project yet.”

Ben installed a brand new waterfall shower, toilet, and vanity unit, completing the ambitious renovation in less than four weeks.

Posting the impressive results in the DIYOnABudget Facebook group, he added: “Turned my dingy, scabby, little bathroom into a hotel inspired bathroom. I reckon we’ve still saved thousands by shopping around and doing it ourselves!”

a sink and a bath tub: The Wright's family bathroom before the renovation

© Ben Wright
The Wright’s family bathroom before the renovation

a close up of a sink: The process during - which Ben describes as 'no mean feat'

© Ben Wright
The process during – which Ben describes as ‘no mean feat’

“At times, we doubted the decision to do it ourselves. There were hurdles, many of them along the way! Leak after leak!

“The plumbing work hadn’t been touched in over 40 years which meant every time I so much as breathed in the direction of some of the old joins, they’d happily just start leaking! At one point the ceiling collapsed in the room below!

“I’ve picked up many skills in the last six months so it wasn’t a huge deal and wasn’t long before it was patched up. Hugely stressful though!”

a glass shower door: The project took less than four weeks

© Ben Wright
The project took less than four weeks

Ben, who shares his renovations on his dedicated DIY Instagram page, managed to build the vanity unit by sourcing old scrap wood from Facebook Marketplace for free.

The DIY-lover told the M.E.N.: “It feels beyond amazing to have a bathroom we can be proud of and somewhere we can enjoy and relax in.”

He’s written a rough cost breakdown of everything that was bought, as well as where it was purchased from.

Shopping list

Tiles, adhesive, grout, backing boards, edging = £310. Tiles are from Wickes: City Stone, Grey.

Bath taps = £45 – Amazon

Rainfall shower = £26 – Amazon

Bath screen = £10 – Facebook Marketplace

Vanity unit = Free. Built from scrap wood – Facebook Marketplace

Vanity unit handle = £2 – Toolstation

Vanity basin and tap = £15 – Facebook Marketplace

a sink and a white tub sitting next to a window: Ben built the vanity unit with old scraps of wood for free from Marketplace

© Ben Wright
Ben built the vanity unit with old scraps of wood for free from Marketplace

Toilet = £50 – Screwfix

Radiator paint = £8 – Screwfix

Kitchen ceiling = Free. Left over from a previous job

Caddy and hook = £13 – The Range

Toilet roll holder + towel ring = £15 – The Range

Mirror = £20 – Dunelm

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Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s daughter born in bathroom, second time for couple

They could get used to this.

For the second time, also by surprise, R&B star Teyana Taylor delivered a baby in the bathroom at her home with husband Iman Shumpert, a longtime NBA player.

“At 3:28 am on Sept 6th 2020 Rue Rose decided that the baby shower thrown for her and mommy was too lit,” the proud papa wrote on Instagram Monday. “She didn’t make the party but she managed to make the next day her birthdate!!!”

Fittingly it was Labor Day weekend when Taylor went into labor, as unexpectedly as the first time, when she gave birth to daughter Tayla Shumpert Jr., nicknamed “Junie,” in 2015.

Back then Shumpert was caught off guard, and the 911 dispatcher talked the emotional father through the delivery. This time he was an old hand of sorts. He also has a new respect for what may just be the most important room in the house.

“Now…when we buy homes, we always find a bathroom with great energy,” Shumpert wrote on Instagram. “But not in a million years would you be able to tell me we’d deliver both of our daughters in a bathroom without the assistance of a hospital!”

Taylor had announced her pregnancy in her “Wake Up Love” video, featuring Shumpert and Junie, in June, reported CNN.

Shumpert, who once played for the Knicks and last year was with the Nets, was ebullient and not a little bemused by the second bathroom miracle.

“Our newest edition entered the world in the water and came out looking around and ready to explore!” he wrote. “A healthy child. A little sister. Another daughter. Black love wins….again. Welcome babygirl…we love you!”


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Couple transform their ‘dated’ kitchen with genius whiteboard pen hack

This year, Brits have spent more time in their houses than ever before.

And as a result – many have turned their attention to long-overdue DIY projects that have been on top of the to-do list for years.

Transforming an entire room in your home can get pricey, but a savvy Bolton couple managed give their kitchen a contemporary new look while sticking to their budget.

Sean Kay, 30, and his wife Leah, 23, gave their ‘dated’ kitchen an impressive makeover using a lick of paint, budget-friendly accessories, and whiteboard pens to upcycle the kitchen tiles.

Sean said: “As I am a teacher, I had lots of whiteboard markers lying around my house.

“As the black grouting pen wasn’t showing up very well we decided to get colouring in the grout with the whiteboard markers and it looks amazing!

“It wiped off the tiles so easily but stayed in the grout. It was done in two hours.

“We are so proud of ourselves for making our vision a reality on a budget.

“Previously, we didn’t spend much time in our dated kitchen but now we don’t want to leave it!”

Sean posted before and after pictures in the DIY on a Budget Official Facebook and received more than 768 likes and more than 100 comments.

In the post, Sean wrote: “Nearly finished our kitchen transformation using hornblower blue frenchic paint and we love it!

“We’ve just got our new glass top table today and we are waiting for our blue velvet chairs to arrive.

a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets: Before picture of the kitchen

© Sean Kieran Kay
Before picture of the kitchen

“Everything bought has been haggled and searched for until we grabbed bargains.

“We used white dc fix fablon on the worktops. We used white board markers in the grout of the tiles.

“Just awaiting our curtains blinds and other accessories now!

“We now need to change the flooring as the current vinyl has got so many stains, holes and paint on it!

“Thanks for all of your comments. It’s been hard work over the last few weeks but worth it.”

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror: Sean and Leah's stunning kitchen transformation

© Sean Kieran Kay
Sean and Leah’s stunning kitchen transformation

Sean and Leah, a part-time GP receptionist and owner of the Leah Kay The Body Shop at Home Facebook group, began to use social media to boost their DIY skills.

The couple, who also have a two-year-old son called Terry, joined the Frenchic Fan Forum Facebook group for tips and tricks and watched YouTube DIY tutorials in their spare time.

Sean said: “To prime the cupboards we first cleaned them with frenchic sugar soap, wiped them down with water, lightly sanded them by hand and wiped off any dust.

“After that the paint went on like a dream – a little paint goes a long way. You are supposed to use it sparingly and it dries really quickly.

“After the first coat, they looked awful and we were starting to regret it but after the second and third cost they looked great. We applied three coats leaving

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