Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. Acquires Test Kitchen, Inc.

Denver, CO – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 11, 2020 – Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTC: PHCG), an emerging Cannabis, Health & Wellness and Product Innovation company, is pleased to announce that it acquired Test Kitchen, Inc. in August of 2020 for 50,000 shares of restricted stock. 

Test Kitchen, Inc., a newly formed Colorado-based company specializing in pharmacognosy research, has begun developing and formulating new products using cutting edge technology and proprietary delivery systems.  Test Kitchen was founded on the belief in the power of full engagement of products to be combined with mind-body practices to unlock human potential and create predictable experiences. 

The company’s Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Advisor, Dr. James Rouse, N.M.D., is a co-founder of Test Kitchen and its Chief Formulator.  Dr. Rouse states, “Being able to create the MAP(TM) (Mind Applied Predictability) to direct and augment the performance of everyday life is much needed at this time. Creating the 24 hour directions to optimize gene expression, cognition, hormonal harmony, divergent thinking, creativity and overall emotional resiliency… simply, the experience of our best self-joy, peace of mind, purpose and predictably, is our goal with Test Kitchen.”

Test Kitchen, Inc has future plans to open its living laboratory headquarters for human potential near Golden, Colorado in the fourth quarter of this year.  Dr. James Rouse adds, “We believe that self-care and love are the most powerful and contagious forms of health care, predictable success and performance.  The innovative products we are creating will provide optimization of mind, body and performance and sustain the highest expression of life…our best life.”

About Pure Harvest Corporate Group

The Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PHCG) is a publicly traded holding company operating in various segments of the cannabis and hemp-CBD industries. The PHCG team is committed to formulating, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality cannabis and hemp-CBD consumer products in markets where it is legal to do so. The Company has developed numerous retail brands and product lines that are currently available for purchase in select markets. Pure Harvest intends to grow its cannabis and hemp-CBD operations and expand globally as the laws regarding cannabis and hemp-CBD are reviewed and rewritten to repeal their prohibition.

Forward Looking Statements

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White House moves to curb policing of corporate misbehavior

“We’ve seen regulatory enforcement drop to historic lows across agencies in the Trump administration,” said Amit Narang, regulatory expert at the public interest group Public Citizen. “So, I don’t see it as a shift in priorities, but more as like a codification of what is already the policy.”

The memo applies to a broad swath of enforcement activity, including vehicle safety, fair housing and environmental and labor protections.

It doesn’t address independent agencies like the Federal Reserve, Securities and Exchange Commission or the Federal Communications Commission, which don’t answer to the White House. But it implements a section of an executive order issued by President Donald Trump in May, which seems to cover those agencies as well.

The White House doesn’t have the ability to compel independent agencies to go along with the guidance, but they are run by Trump appointees.

The memo says investigations should take place within a specified timeframe and urges agencies to eliminate “multiple enforcement actions for a single body of operative facts.”

“The initiation of investigations and enforcement actions should carry the structural protection of requiring approval of a [political appointee] or, if necessitated by good cause, his or her designee,” according to the document.

The memo calls on executive agencies to issue any rules updating their enforcement practices by Nov. 26 with a request for public comment.

“President Trump’s executive order upholds the rule of law, presumption of innocence and independent adjudication,” a spokesperson for the White House budget office, which houses the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said in a statement.

“These principles protect both individuals and small businesses while at the same time enforcing the law against wrongdoers. Providing a fair process for all Americans is what’s at the heart of this executive order,” the spokesperson said.

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