7 Conservatory Decor Ideas To Keep Room Warm And Cosy In Winter

Conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries are often beautiful, light-filled living spaces but they can feel pretty cold and unenjoyable as soon as the temperature plummets.

In order to continue using these rooms during autumn and winter, we’ve compiled some practical conservatory decor ideas full of smart tweaks (which can also be applied to an orangery and garden room) to help create a warm and cosy space.

‘Cold weather needn’t mean these rooms should be abandoned. Instead, we update them to make them extra cosy and comfortable to relax in whatever the weather,’ says Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura.

‘Garden rooms and conservatories are a connection between our indoor living space and the outdoors, which is so beneficial for our wellbeing, but these rooms can get chilly, dark and damp as the weather cools down.’

From using a wood burner to styling your room with decorative rugs, there are plenty of ways you can keep your space cosy throughout the colder months. Get some inspiration with these conservatory decor ideas below…

1. Hang curtains or blinds

As well as adding character, curtains and blinds will help your conservatory or garden room to retain heat in the cooler months.

If you’re not sure which style to go for, Catharina suggests: ‘It’s tempting to choose heavy, dark winter curtains, but for longevity, choose a neutral colour that will work all year round. Soft greys, warm yellows or soothing greys all work well. If possible, choose floor-to-ceiling options to retain the most heat, these can be tied back in summer as well.’

pleated blinds, house beautiful range at hillarys

2. Warm lighting

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with beautiful lights. Harsh lighting can be abrasive in the darker months, so opt for floor lamps, hanging fairy lights or table lamps instead.

lighting from garden trading hanging in a conservatory

‘You could add coloured lantern style lighting (red or amber look really inviting) combined with tea lights for a warm, cosy glow,’ adds Catharina. ‘Strings of fairy lights hung strategically can enhance a cosy look. Alternatively, look for lights with a dimmer option so you can adjust the light brightness to suit the required cosy factor.’

3. Decorative rugs

Most garden rooms and conservatories have wooden or tiled flooring, so warm rugs are brilliant for adding warmth underfoot. As well as helping to retain room temperature, they can also help to bring the overall room style together.

shaggy rug, £275, cox  cox

When it comes to pattern, Catharina explains: ‘A bold print rug, such as decorative Indian style, can look great combined with more laid-back interiors, but play around with shape, colour, texture and size to find the right look for the space. Rug wall hangings can also look stylish and help prevent heat loss through the walls.’

4. Cosy textures

Add an extra of layer of warmth with cosy blankets, cushions and throws — perfect for curling up with.

Catharina adds: ‘Choose warm colours and earthy tones that work well for autumn/winter, such as burnt orange, moss greens and warming terracotta. Go for textures that are soft and woolly for the

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