Why Colorful, Chaotic Home Decor Might Actually Bring You Peace

I have a memory from when I was young—five or six—and I asked my mom what her favorite color was. “Green,” she said. “Because I like trees and being outside.” It hadn’t occurred to my baby brain that there had to be any specific reason for something to be your favorite. I suppose it’s not so different when you’re an adult—you learn that there is almost always a why, even if you can’t quite make sense of it in the moment. Why do we gravitate to some bright rooms more than others? Why does that bright pillow make you feel some kind of way?

The “color-in-context theory,” conceived by psychologists Andrew Elliot and Markus Maier in 2012, muses that “the physical and psychological context in which color is perceived is thought to influence its meaning and, accordingly, responses to it.” How we understand color, they argue, is not so much about aesthetics but about the associations we hold—certain colors mean certain things to us, relying on our previous experiences and interpretations to inform how we feel about them in the future. I would argue that this is how design operates as a whole. Good design is all about context.

Bright colors and kooky silhouettes have always sparked design joy for me—and as far as Instagram is concerned, I’m not alone. Brands like Aelfie, Abigail Bell Vintage, Dusen Dusen Home, and Coming Soon are just a few purveyors of the uniquely chaotic feel-good design I’m talking about. Almost the opposite of the “Tyranny of Terrazzo” or millennial minimalism—this wave of furniture that’s somehow graphically retro and bizarrely futuristic, pattern-clashing that would make your grandmother gasp, color combos that force you to wince before you eventually think they’re edgy. It’s as if the inspiring, soul-soothing parts of the internet were a tangible room you could hang out in.

Despite how chaotic it may be to have a rug that clashes with the coffee table that clashes with the art on the walls, decor that is full of life somehow brings me peace. As Color of the Year becomes Colors of the Year, and color-blocked rooms begin popping up in stylish spaces around the world, it is a helpful reminder to choose what moves you. “My color philosophy is extremely personal,” Justina Blakeney told Clever editor Nora Taylor in a recent episode of AD Visits. “For me, it really is about your own connection to that color and your own color associations.” Color helps to create a reality that thrills you and helps remind you who you are at your core, even on the days when it’s hard to remember.

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Colorful Kitchen Inspiration | Markets Insider

MISSION, Kan., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — (Family Features) The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and careful planning is a necessity when it comes to redesigning this essential living space. Picking out cabinetry – and a color for those cabinets, in particular – can be a challenging process.

Photo courtesy of Wellborn Cabinet

Everything from the style of your cabinets to the amount of natural light your space receives are key factors to consider when choosing an updated hue. While white cabinets are an everlasting choice, and wood-stained cabinetry once held 70% of the market, painted cabinets now account for 70% of sales, signaling a significant shift among homeowners and their preferences.

While there are virtually no limitations when it comes to the paint, stain and glaze options available to complement your overall kitchen design, the current stylings reflected in Wellborn Cabinet’s annual color trends provides an opening to a range of impactful colors, such as grays, blues, blacks and wood tones, and a mixture of these on-trend hues.

A Gray for Every Mood

While gray cabinets have been a popular design choice for several years, much like shades of white, no two grays are exactly alike. Cabinet colors live on a color spectrum that ranges from warm to neutral to dark; warm grays have yellow or brown undertones while cool grays have hushed hues of blue.

Neutral gray, or Ash, is a true black and white mixture of colors. However, many homeowners are opting for warmer or cooler shades instead. For example, light gray cabinets can create a chic, modern motif for homeowners looking to liven up their space while avoiding completely white cabinetry. One of the latest gray trends is a warmer gray that can look almost beige, earning the nickname “greige.” Shades of dark gray – whether painted or stained – are also options for making a luxurious, traditional statement that can span ever-changing color trends.

A Sea of Blue

One of today’s hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry is the use of shades of blue, which provide calming and restful effects and the feeling of harmony and serenity. Pops of blue can be used as an accent color on islands or on either upper or base cabinets. To balance out these dramatic darks, many homeowners are opting to pair a bold color choice like a navy hue – such as Bleu – with neutral to warm whites, such as wool and bone white, to create a crisp, clean look. Gold hardware can be used on navy cabinetry for an upscale and regal look while silver-tone hardware provides a contemporary finishing touch.

While lighter shades of blue, like aqua, are perfect for keeping spaces light and airy, one of the latest colors to emerge is a mid-tone classic blue. A balanced option like Sapphire from Wellborn Cabinet, which is a classic, mid-tone royal blue available in the Premier and Estate Series framed cabinetry, as well as the full-access, frameless Aspire Series, can help create energy and inspiration for dining or

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Colorful clothes and home decor

They say money can’t buy you happiness. But money can buy you something that will at least make you feel momentarily happier, which is worth something, right? With so much on our minds right now, our emotions are a little out of whack. Even as we transition into cooler temperatures while trying to stay at home and socially distanced, it’s important to find ways to remind ourselves of everything that’s good.

a person wearing a dress: ModCloth x Collectif Good Golly A-Line Skirt

© ModCloth
ModCloth x Collectif Good Golly A-Line Skirt

a close up of a stuffed animal: Gund Pusheen Snackables Cat Plush Stuffed Animal

© Amazon
Gund Pusheen Snackables Cat Plush Stuffed Animal

If you’re looking for a little bit of joy, we think the items below just might do the trick. Get ready to smile!

a close up of a mirror: Heartbeat Makeup Vanity Mirror

© Urban Outfitters
Heartbeat Makeup Vanity Mirror

Forever Together Photo Coasters (starting at $65; uncommongoods.com)

Immediately dive back into your most precious memories every time you take a drink with these photo coasters, complete with customizable captions.

Dr. Martens 1461 Floral Oxford Shoes ($129.95; zappos.com)

These Doc Martens are called Wanderlust for a reason. This ’90s print will instantly transport you to a floral paradise of your dreams.

Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan ($34.42; amazon.com)

It’s hard to argue with a smiley face pancake.

ModCloth x Collectif Good Golly A-Line Skirt ($59.99, originally $69; modcloth.com)

a cake sitting on top of a table: Kingwork Aigoceer Essential Oil Diffuser

© Amazon
Kingwork Aigoceer Essential Oil Diffuser

How can a bright yellow, polka-dot A-line skirt not cheer you up? Pair this with your favorite accessories and you’ll literally be sunshine on a cloudy day.

FunkyMonkey Double Buckle Comfort Slides (starting at $14.99; amazon.com)

a bowl of fruit: Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl

© Uncommon Goods
Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl

These are the quintessential warm-weather slides, but the colors light up even the brightest summer day. For less than $20, reviewers love them for their supreme comfort and versatility.

a close up of a necklace: Fruit Salad Statement Necklace

© ModCloth
Fruit Salad Statement Necklace

Eyeglasses Holder ($18; uncommongoods.com)

The face of this beautiful eyeglass holder was made by HSSS, a nonprofit in India that supports underprivileged artisans. Now you’re helping a great cause and not desperately searching for your glasses.

Smoko Heated Slipper ($35; urbanoutfitters.com)

Got cold feet about your upcoming big day? Literally heat them up with these cute and cozy heated slippers. They’re even available as narwhals on Amazon.

Gund Pusheen Snackables Cat Plush Stuffed Animal ($4.30, originally $25; amazon.com)

a plate topped with different types of chocolate: Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

© Amazon
Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

How can you not smile when you’re cuddled up next to this adorable stuffed animal? This plush tabby cat was made to be hugged on the worst of days.

1901 Leaf Print Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt ($29.75, originally $59.50; nordstrom.com)

Having a bad day? Wearing this shirt will have you daydreaming of chilling out on a tropical island.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden ($99.95; amazon.com)

Feel the pride of bringing new plant life into the world and watch your (edible) greenery grow with this indoor herb garden.

a bunch of items that are posing for a photo: Forever Together Photo Coasters

© Uncommon Goods
Forever Together Photo Coasters

Kingwork Aigoceer Essential Oil Diffuser ($31.99; amazon.com)

a cup of coffee: Happy Bangle Cuff Bracelet

© Anthropologie
Happy Bangle Cuff Bracelet

Don’t underestimate the power of a mood-uplifting scent. Combine your

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Colorful Key Holders – An Idea For Handmade Home Decor

There exist a number of things in our daily lives that are so ordinary that they often border along the lines of being underestimated. These are things that we can live without from time to time, or consume and breathe regularly. Yet, as soon as one of them goes missing, it has a severe colossal effect on our lives as we are left wondering how we are going to move on without their presence. A keychain holder is a great case in point; after all, keys are an essential part of our daily existence!

Keys hold access to compartments, stockpiling zones, and workplaces-areas where you are likely to find exceptionally ordered data being stored. Nevertheless, some of them are so small that they can easily get lost and you won't even notice until it is too late. In no uncertain terms, a missing key can have severe ramifications not only at a particular level but on general business operations as a whole. The best way to counter this impending mishap would be to have holders in strategic locations so that you never miss one at crucial moments.

Here are some DIY ideas for colorful holders online that will add an element of grace to your home interior and décor.

DIY Vintage Key Frame

A favorite holder for many, this one resembles a picture in many regards with the keys being the stars amidst this wonderful setting. The best way to make it is with a vintage frame that has small hooks to support the keys. With a few minute's time in hand and some nice hooks and frames, you can easily make it. Hang it up on the wall like a picture and have a key holder support at hand every time you come in or leave home.

Car key magnetic switch plate hooks

This cool magnetic plate hooks makes use of magnets since it has been found that most keys are capable sticking to a magnet. This is placed alongside the light switch to make it a whole lot easier for you. Simply enter the house, flick on the lights, and bring your keys close. The powerful magnet will do the rest for you!

Funky DIY Key Holder

Funky DIY key rack idea won't require much effort to complete. This is set on a simple wooden board with decorative paper glued on to it, making for a very colorful appearance. The best part is that the piece of wood allows you to place an image of your choice on it. Simply print it and glue it on, attach the hooks and a hanger, and never again will you miss your keys while heading out for work.

Lanyard Key Holder

With this, you are assured of something that is going to last ages. It is widely used by a number of people for various purposes. This homemade key holder is something very few readymade products can favorably compare to. All you will need is a few strips of colorful and …

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