Parents chase down and bloody up repeat sex offender accused of peeking under bathroom stall

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A man accused of peering under a bathroom stall at a 15-year-girl was chased down and tackled by angry parents at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in South Carolina.

Duncan police Chief Carl Long told local media that police have arrested Douglas Lane, 53, from neighboring North Carolina, after the girl allegedly spotted him looking underneath into her stall, according to WYFF.

Parents who were in Duncan for a girls softball tournament chased Lane down and tackled him, leaving his face battered and bloodied. The parents then held him until police arrived, Long said.

Long said Lane was charged with voyeurism, simple possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

One witness told the local news outlet that he was in the Cracker Barrel when he heard a disturbance that he believed may have been a fight. At one point, he told WYFF, he heard someone say, “Get him, he’s getting away!”

The witness said he and his son were near the doorway when they saw a man run by bleeding heavily from the nose.

He added that he watched as someone else tackled Lane in the parking lot a few short moments later, then watched with his son as other people struck the suspect.

At that, the witness passed his son off to his wife and then ventured outside to take a video of the confrontation. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterward, he said.

The witness said his son asked many questions about what had taken place and he responded by telling the boy “there was a bad guy and a lot of good guys took down the bad guy.”

On Monday during a court hearing, Lane told authorities he did not realize he was in a woman’s bathroom until after he sat down. But, according to court records, the victim said when she entered her stall and sat down, she saw Lane’s face as he peered up at her.

Following testimony, the court ruled that Lane will be required to remain in South Carolina awaiting further appearances. He was ordered to remain confined to quarters and to wear a GPS monitoring device ahead of a scheduled November court date.

Lane is a registered sex offender in North Carolina, according to the state Bureau of Investigations, which indicated that he has been registered since 2008. Prior to that, he was convicted in 2004 of secretly peering into an occupied room in Mecklenburg County, N.C., according to records which said the victims in that incident were just eight- and nine-year-old children.

Also, records from 2008 indicate Lane was convicted of peering into an occupied room in the same county, though the victim in that case was 18 years old or older.

Meanwhile, the South Carolina sex offender registry shows that Lane was convicted in two earlier instances of peeping, voyeurism, or aggravated voyeurism — once in 1997 and again in 1999 for

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‘Birthday Girl’ Desperate for the Bathroom Leads Police on High Speed Chase

When you gotta go, you gotta go. A woman in Enid, Oklahoma led police on a high speed chase on her 28th birthday, all because she really needed to get home in time to go to the bathroom.

Local outlet KFOR said that Emily Owings was pulled over for a pretty standard traffic stop: she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Unfortunately, the only ID she had on her was her medical marijuana card. When police searched for the driver, they found out that her driver’s license had been suspended. According to an Enid Police Department Facebook post, the whole ordeal began at about 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

In police footage shared by KFOR, an officer informs Owings that her license is suspended. When she asks why, the officer says that he doesn’t know but was “waiting to see if [she] had warrants through Woods County.”

Owings tried to tell the officer exactly why she wanted to go so quickly. “I have to poop so bad,” she said. After the officer dismissed her need to go, she said that it was her birthday. “It’s my birthday,” she said. When the officer asked what she’d say, she reiterated, “It’s my f**king birthday, man.”

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In another clip, Owings starts crying and asking why he won’t let her go. The officer said it wasn’t possible, because her license was supended. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” she said. “I won’t drive no more, but can I please go home and go poop?”

KFOR reported that the woman did have a warrant out for her arrest in Woods County, allegedly for a fight with an officer. Upon telling her that officers were on their way to get her, she responded, “No, they’re not. F**k you guys,” and sped off.

In the police department Facebook post, it wrote that the chase took place at speeds topping 70 miles per hour in a 30 MPH speed zone.

After she was apprehended, the woman was seemingly still more concerned about her bowels than the fact that her charges were going to be upgraded. “Can I poop in your car, man?” She asked as the officers put her in the back of the car.

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Officers found a glass meth pipe with burnt residue during a search of Owings’ vehicle. The police said she was booked with “eluding, reckless driving, driving under suspension, no seat belt, no insurance and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

At the end of its Facebook post, the department said it knows that we all have bathroom emergencies, but it’s still not worth the risks that Owings took. “Everybody poops, we know, but that’s no reason to commit a felony and put in danger the lives of officers, other motorists and pedestrians in the area. Also, be sure to buckle up. Seat belts save lives,” the post said.

The Enid Police Department public information officer did not respond to Newsweek’s emailed request for comment.

Oklahoma police were given a bizarre excuse
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