Cat defends itself after dog enters garden in Roosevelt Avenue, Chatham

An injured cat called Oscar gave the performance of a lifetime when he fought off a dog running amok on his home turf.

CCTV footage shows the feline defending himself while sitting atop a water butt after a dog came charging into the garden Oscar had been lounging in, which is next door to his Roosevelt Avenue home in Chatham .

Watch: Oscar rushing to safety as the dog enters the garden

Neighbour Sue Cooper, whose cameras captured the skuffle on Monday, said: “He usually comes up here, he spends a lot of time in my garden. Dogs can kill cats and this dog was after this cat.”

Oscar was hit by a car two years ago, leaving one of his legs badly injured.

Mrs Cooper has herself lost two cats in road accidents in the area, and used to foster for charity Cats Protection.

The footage shows the dog, which resembles a black Labrador, jumping over a small fence into Mrs Cooper’s garden, splashing about in her pond and barking at the cats, before Oscar defends himself.

Th canine also goes into another garden and runs in the road.

Watch: Oscar continues to fight off the persistent canine

The dog was in and out of Mrs Cooper’s land for about three minutes. She believes it was being taken for a walk but was not on the lead.

She said: “It is in and out of the pond and wrecks plants. I find it extremely distressing to watch. It could have been run over, it could have caused an accident.”

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Chilled-Out Cat Takes a Nap in the Middle of a Japanese Zen Garden

Zen Garden Cat

Japanese zen gardens are designed to help people relax and meditate on the meaning of life. And apparently, the traditional tranquil spaces aren’t only beneficial to humans. Twitter user kmt (@syu9ji2) recently shared photos online, revealing how a cat decided to take a nap, right in the middle of the raked gravel ripples at the Kuhonbutsu Jōshinji Jōdo Buddhist temple garden in Tokyo.

Cats don’t usually need much convincing when it comes to taking a time out, but the zen garden’s peaceful atmosphere may have had some influence on this particular feline. Kmt’s photos show how the ginger tom is completely “at one” with the zen garden. Traditionally, only the garden caretakers are allowed to step foot on the gravel to create the beautiful patterns. However, this cat doesn’t care for the rules, and took it upon himself to stretch out on the sacred ground.

Later, Kmt snapped more photos of the sleepy kitty lounging around the garden, after he had woken up. This furry little guy is clearly a zen master!

Twitter user kmt (@syu9ji2) recently shared photos online, revealing how a cat decided to take a nap, right in the middle of a zen garden in Tokyo.

Zen Garden Cat

This furry little guy is clearly a zen master!

Zen Garden CatZen Garden Catkmt / @syu9ji2: Twitter

All images via kmt / @syu9ji2.

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